Mother’s Day Ban A Globalist Attack On Traditional Family Unit

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An early childhood centre has decided to scrap Mother’s Day celebrations so kids from single-parent families don’t feel excluded. An Australian primary school will host an Appreciation Stall in place of traditional Mother’s Day celebrations in the name of inclusivity and diversity.

Another school down-under, the  Learn and Laugh early childhood centre in Drummoyne, has told parents that Mother’s Day won’t be celebrated because there could be children in single-parent families, gay families, or raised by guardians.

What an alarming trend. In Canada, Justin Trudeau has banned the words “Mother” and “Father” from use within Service Canada departments. Canadian Government employees tasked with connecting citizens to government services can no longer refer to those citizens as “sir,” “madam,” or any other gender-specific term while doing so, according to a new report.

Within western democracies,  extreme liberalism today functions as a nascent form of fascism. Terms such as “Mother” and “Father have been with us for a millenia. Now, globalists like ex-drama teacher Justin Trudeau want these words stricken from the record.

In typical, tedious fashion western media obscure the deeper implications of these decisions. The true goal is the weakening of the traditional family unit. This is a component of a globalist attack upon western societies. Transgenderism is another form of weaponry to loosen traditional family identity. The Pride movement is another.

Marxists theory argues that the family unit performs ideological functions that REINFORCE INEQUALITY between the classes and persuades people that the capitalist system is a fair one.

No wonder Trudeau and his backers are on board with the dissolution of the family unit. Whether consciously or otherwise, Justin Trudeau is a globalist poster-boy advancing the tenets of communist theory. A fascist-like attack on traditional families. Forced acceptance of mass fetus destruction within government. Punitive measures against pro-life churches and non-profit organizations. Getting the picture?

Unfortunately, those who understand these dynamics are few and far between. Under the guise of “inclusiveness”( a sad joke really), the LGBT brigade are chipping away at the foundation of the family unit. The main recipients, of course, are traditional Canadian families. The fact is, Third World, Sikh, Chinese and Muslim families do not buy into this tosh to nearly the same extent as the Canadian-born. Same situation regarding sex change propaganda. 

If only media would present THE BIG PICTURE in this regard, but they will not. Their methodology is to keep individual issues in silos, thereby preventing full understanding of government behaviour. An attack on Mother’s Day is rooted in Marxist theory, and a piece of a general plan to TRANS-form western nations into non-democratic replications of governments most admired by the Trudeau political dynasty.

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6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Ban A Globalist Attack On Traditional Family Unit”

  1. We can & should acknowledge that everyone in the World had to come from a Mother in order to exist. So Celebrate the fact that your Mother allowed you to be born ! Be thankful for that 🙂

  2. Globalist agenda 2021 and agenda 2030. It specifically calls for the end of the family and the death of the majority of people on earth. The remaining slaves will be herded like sheep under the control of inbred trash rats, bankers and socialist-communist pukes. It is all written down. It is a slave system for garbage bags to try and take over the world.


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