“Morally Depraved” Say Religious Leaders Of Trudeau’s Euthanasia Laws

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“Next March[2023], unless the government is forced to change its mind, persons suffering solely from mental illness will become eligible for Euthanasia,” Vancouver Archbishop J. Michael Miller said during a homily last month.”

Forced to change their minds? Please– don’t make CAP cough into our Tim Horton’s coffee cup. On how many occasions has society witnessed Justin Trudeau change his mind based on public opinion. Begin with never, and don’t stop till you get enough.

It won’t happen, because in truth, Mr. Trudeau has transitioned our nation into neo-dictatorship status.

Archbishop Miller, who “called the law morally depraved, argues that Canada has moved too quickly to expand access to MAID in recent years.”

Those with even a modicum of religious understanding should expect a comment such as this from a Christian community leader. Interesting to note what Canadian media has perpetually eschewed: just about every element of Justin Trudeau’s social policy is underpinned with an animus toward Christian principles.

Euthanasia, Abortion, LGBT, Transgender. All are anti-Christian to the max. Which should be no surprise for thinking Canadians. Simply put, communism is anti-Christian. Justin Trudeau is a communist; his policies are infused with malevolency toward the Christian faith.

“The Islamic code of law discusses many issues regarding life and death, as it considers any act of taking one’s life to be forbidden. Islam sanctifies life and depicts it as a gift from God (Allah).”

“Therefore Muslims, the followers of Islam, have no right to end their life. All Islamic doctrines consider PAS and euthanasia to be forbidden.”

What a revelation we have here. Turns out that the tenets of the Islamic faith also oppose Euthanasia. Why aren’t the leaders of Canada’s so-very-vocal Muslim communities speaking out against the most extreme assisted dying policy on the planet

It’s an interesting question– one which media in Canada will never address. CAP offer some thoughts:

This is why Justin Trudeau so loves 3rd World immigrants. As new arrivals, they don’t understand the nuances involved in situations like this. The trend is to accept government policy at face value. Criticism of the PM who priorities their communities is just about nil.

In 2022, there are literally thousands of Muslim community organizations and non-profits in existence. That not one has called out PM Trudeau on euthanasia delivers a concrete message. Justin Trudeau is Islamic Canada’s man. And why wouldn’t he be?

For the past seven years, Trudeau has venerated Sikh, Muslim,Chinese and 3rd world communities, while at the same time vilifying Canadian Christians as racist, bigoted and genocidal.

We come to understand the fine art of favouritism. A symbiotic relationship is established. Trudeau pleases his “special interest” communities, and they fall in line with his policies–regardless of whether they breach the oh-so-holy word of the Koran.

“The law is now presenting death as a medical response to suffering in a wide range of cases — not just when somebody is already dying but at potentially any stage of their adult life.”states Derek Ross, the executive director of Christian Legal Fellowship.

What a wicked game they play. When government rules over the laws of life and death. it may be deja vu, but CAP recall an historical government who behaved in the same manner. That this ruling government was the Nazi Party in 20th century Europe should ring an alarm for all Canadians.

It won’t. In 2022, it is the “way of the woke.”

“There was denying that assisted suicide would lead to Euthanasia, but in Canada it happened all together … then you extend the definition of who is eligible, and then it’ll go to the disabled, and then we’ll go to older children, and that will go to younger children.”

Exactly. The methodology is incremental in application, beginning with the most benign, and progressing toward a factory-line assembly style. The Nazis handled it in the same way.

At the top of the “progressive’ heap, Justin Trudeau decides who is designated for instant death. Not exactly the “sunny ways” our pseudo-dictator promised Canadians in 2015, is it?

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