Monkey Business: Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam And The New Viral Order

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What do Frank Plummer, David Butler-Jones and Gregory Taylor have in common? Each of them has served as Chief Health Officer of Canada. All three men were born and educated in our country.

Then came Dr. Teresa Tam. Appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Dr. Tam is everything our PM could want when selecting an individual to serve as Canada’s ersatz medical dictator. Born in Hong Kong, educated in Europe, gender ambiguous, non-Caucasian– Theresa Tam is a model of woke perfection.

Not that she doesn’t have experience for the role. Dr. Tam is an expert in virology. Schooled in SARS and Covid from China, expert in Ebola and Monkeypox from Africa, Tam is a snug fit for Justin Trudeau.

Move over Queen Elizabeth, and tell Kim Kardashian the news: there’s a new queen in town. A non-elected one at that. Since the advent of Covid 19, Theresa Tam has risen in the ranks to become queen of Canada’s medical ball. If Tam says its disease-time, Canadians are to follow all orders.

It is under these circumstances that CBC News are presently ramping up the Monkeypox Wars. Whether the nouveau virus will scale the heights of Covid remains to be seen. What doesn’t, however, is the shaping of society into its post-modern condition:

Anxiety-ridden, controlled by fear of illness, government hold our body politic by the short hairs. Theresa Tam– never elected, never requested, and annoying to boot– has been placed in full control by Mr. Trudeau.

“Canada’s entire population is susceptible,” say the CBC. Worn out from Covid, nerves frazzled from pandemics, the people of our country are now subjected to media’s monkey business on Monkeypox.

“There are now confirmed cases of monkeypox in eight countries outside of Africa, including the U.S., Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Sweden.” Every one of them a Western democracy. What a coincidence it is.

Witness as the new world order stares 38 million Canadians in the face. Then again, perhaps it is not so much an NWO offering, but a variation on the theme.

The New Viral Order. Guaranteed to control a western democracy in perpetuity.

“Called monkeypox because researchers first detected it in laboratory monkeys in 1958, the virus is thought instead to transmit from wild animals such as rodents to people— or from infected people. In an average year, a few thousand cases occur in Africa, typically in the western and central parts of the continent.”

Ringing any bells, fellow patriots? Here’s a hint: SARS, Ebola, Covid. On this basis, an astute observer would believe at least one media genius would put forth a viable proposition:

Immigration policy to Canada makes our country more susceptible to virus dissemination. The number one source of Monkeypox is the African nation of Nigeria.

“Nigerians began immigrating to Canada during the 1967–1970 Biafra War and increasingly became a popular pathway. So popular, Nigerians coming to Canada became the fourth-leading group to bring immigrants to Canada after India, China, and the Philippines.”

Nigeria currently sits at the number four position for immigrant intake to Canada. Funny, CAP haven’t heard a word of complaint from Multicultural Minister MP Ahmed Hussen. Proof positive– neither wind, rain, hail or fatal viruses shall stop Justin Trudeau’s mighty wave of demographic transformation.

“Five cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Quebec and Canada’s chief public health officer said Friday provinces are continuing to investigate “a couple dozen” possible cases throughout Canada — with more likely to be confirmed in the days and weeks ahead.”

Is Canada standing on the verge of a new Hollywood production? “Covid 19– The Sequel” has a nice ring to it. Stand back as Canadians worry themselves to death over a potential never-ending production.

Virusmania— the biggest show since Trudeaumania— takes over our nation. Government take absolute control of Canada. Unelected Theresa Tam— a model of anti-democratic power accumulation, transitions to Chief Commanding Officer.

All the while,  PM Justin Trudeau continues to fulfill the role he was originally hired for– to transfer Canada from democracy to dictatorship.

9 thoughts on “Monkey Business: Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam And The New Viral Order”

  1. “Nigerians began immigrating to Canada during the 1967–1970 Biafra War and increasingly became a popular pathway. So popular, Nigerians coming to Canada became the fourth-leading group to bring immigrants to Canada after India, China, and the Philippines.”

    Pierre Eliot Trudeau became prime minister in 1968.

  2. I Haven’t Trusted Trudeau ever since he took over the Leadership and created His DICTATORSHIP! He appointed Theresa Tam, appointed the Governor General, Broken 5 Laws with NO Accountability, because he Rules ALL under his Dictatorship! Dismisses ANYONE like Jody Wilson Raybolt, who has him figured out! Pays off the Media with BILLIONS of our Taxpayers Dollars. And NOW he is about to SELL us Out to The WEF and the WHO! Do I need to go on? I will let J.E. Menzel, ADD to my list! =
    What’s unacceptable is our Prime Minister. Let’s take a walk down memory lane shall we…
    * Endless Scandals.
    *False promises and unmet goals
    * Endless Holidays/Trips on the tax payers dime (160k bar tab was nice)
    *Tax increases
    * Shutting down Parliament to avoid responsibility and/or scandles
    *Lack of finacial accountability
    *Publicly admitting control over media by funding
    *Unrealistic environmental stance
    *Trying to kill the oil and gas sector
    *Demeaning Canada and/or it’s citizens on the world stage
    * Praising “admiring” China’s dictatorship publicly
    *Donating billions of our dollars elsewhere on a self promotion campaign vying for a UN position.
    *AND NOW ! Tyrannical style leadership and/or views.
    The list goes on and on…
    So this rally in Ottawa isn’t just about mandates, We need FREEDOM from HIM !!! And I’d happily accept his resignation.

  3. Guess what the new variant after MONEYPOX is going to be called, ” ANOTHERCON ”

    Wake up Canadians. Defend your rights and freedoms before it is to late.

    People power does work. Just look what the folks accomplished back in 2011 about the HST.

    The people decided en masse. We defeated it. The first law in history to be overturned in the British Common Wealth True Democratic System. Uniting the people is the only way and for the love of God. Let’s take back our country and throw the perpetrators to the lions.


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