Minority Report: Anglophones Account For 17% Of Population Growth, 83% From Immigration

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“Canada’s population is expected to grow as a result of high immigration levels, while the natural increase is expected to maintain a downward trend due to an aging population and low birth rate.”

There you have it–straight from the “horse’s mouth”– the Liberal government of Canada. Talk about an issue reduced to a piece of insignificance. Government  describe the deterioration of Canada’s “traditional” communities as nothing more than a downward trend due to an aging population.”

Talk about underplaying the most significant demographic transformation in Canadian history.  What percentage of population growth in Canada is today attributed to immigration? Try a hot 83%. And the percentage by way of “Old Stock” Canada? A frigid 17%.

“Both permanent and temporary international migrants accounted for 83.4 per cent of the total Canadian population growth in the third quarter of 2019.”

As it happens, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have increased every immigrant-absorbing intake program in existence.  The annual federal intake number, quotas for refugees, family reunification all of it.

Conversely, “Old Stock Canadian”populations are rapidly shrinking. To add salt to the wound, CBC and corporate media are burying our downward demographic trajectory.

 Pourquoi? Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie– the powers that be want to hide this from society. Why? Obviously, government do not want us to comprehend the future of Canadian demographics. What “food for thought” this provides to those who transcend this media block.

So the reality within Justin Trudeau’s “Great Reset” Canada is that Anglophones are headed for minority community status. Should this not be a concern? After all, for the past forty years Canadians have been hearing from immigration and multicultural organizations how AWFUL it is to be a minority community member in Canada.

So why should Old Stock folks “walk gently into that good night” of minority status? What is in the “pipeline” regarding our future? Try this on for size:

“Being the second-largest landmass in the world, Canada’s population has recently passed the 37.5 million mark only. Of course, this falls short of other large countries such as Russia with 144 million, the US with 326 million, China with 1.4 billion, India with 1.3 billion, and Brazil with 210 million. Consequently, Canada is eager to bring in new immigrants as much as possible.”

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As it happens, Justin Trudeau has established the highest immigration quotas in Canadian history. The target for the year 2022 is 411,000 new arrivals to Canada. 

Here’s what CAP has to say about this: “up, up, up can only go up from here.” Mr. Trudeau has a vision for the future of Canada– one presently being held back from the knowledge of our 38 Million citizens.  It goes like this:

Away from the media spotlight, we discover: “The Century Initiative”–

“We advocate for policies to increase Canada’s population to 100 million by 2100. 

Herein lies the destiny of Canadian demography. Upon Anglophone arrival at minority status, will they suddenly be accorded all the minority rights currently directed toward Canada’s 3rd world communities?

Naturally, this will remain a mystery along with the rest of the covert agenda for the future of Canada.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)







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