Minorities, Women Signing Up For “Far-Right Extremism” In Canada

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According to Canada’s leading weekly news magazine Maclean’s, “the world needs to brace itself for the next chapter of far-right extremism.”

Yet, what follows is anything but a typical leftist media proclamation:

Young white men have traditionally held the reins of these movements. But it would be a mistake to see this problem as exclusively white and male. White nationalist movements have successfully recruited racialized folks as active contributors.

For what appears to be the first time in history, Canadian media suggest that what has previously been positioned as the “exclusive property” of white Canadians may be a falsehood.

Now this is what Cultural Action Party see as “progressive” journalism. For the record, CAP has never promoted the idea that patriotism must be exclusive to caucasians. Rather, nationalism is a state-of-mind that transcends skin colour.

Any Canadian can adhere to a nationalist ethos. In fact, we advocate that citizens of all backgrounds “rally around the flag” of patriotism.

What should unite us in this capacity is absolute opposition to the political will of PM Justin Trudeau. CAP believe this is nothing short of a “battle for the ages.”

PM Trudeau is working to decimate national identity. The goal is to transition Canada away from its status as a free and democratic society–  as exemplified by the ramifications of the Covid pandemic. CAP respect  all Canadians who oppose our Liberal government’s nefarious, communist-derived agenda.

The battle lines have been drawn. On a basic level, it is “the people” versus government, media and our race-baiting diversity industry. This includes the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, who function as no less than a “witch hunt” organization of behalf of government.

Myriad players in this collective purport that racism is a one-way street of white on non-white oppression. It is, according to Canada-bashing Justin Trudeau, rooted in “systemic racism”– a malevolent social force ingrained into the psyches of all “Old Stock” citizens.

“The director of Canada’s Centre on Hate, Bias and Extremism, Barbara Perry, says the face of hate in Canada and around the world is changing. More minorities are joining up and so are more women.”

What a fascinating paradox. For over a decade, racism “expert” Barbara Perry has advanced the white supremacy ticket. Suddenly, it’s become a multicultural family affair.

Is the Great Reset industry abandoning its white privilege ethos in favour of promoting “diversity” among racists?

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Here’s a thought no Canuck will hear from state-controlled CBC: if Sikh, Muslim and Chinese-Canadians are gravitating toward nationalist sentiments, does this not negate the theory of so-called white supremacy?

As far as patriotism and Canadian women are concerned, our female citizens recognize the globalist lunacy of Justin Trudeau and his Bollywood outfits every much as our male contingent.

What are informed Canadians to conclude from this post-modern messaging? Can it be that race, racism and bigotry are not the bottom line within this social dynamic?

Could it be that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest of establishment media have been erroneous in their positioning on racism within society?  Perhaps it is not “state of skin colour” that serves as the bottom line after all.

Canadians of any personal heritage or background can qualify as patriots. In fact, pluralism within the spectrum of nationalism is the very best thing.

Perhaps this can inject a degree of light in the darkness for citizens who are helplessly standing by while Justin Trudeau carves a pseudo-dictatorship out of Canadian soil.

Seems fair to conclude that no citizen want to exist as a slave to government–regardless of whether they have light or dark skin.

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(est. 2016)

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