Minister of Justice Arif Virani Refuses To Get Tough On Crime

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Freshly-minted Justice Minister Arif Virani has informed Canadians their concerns about crime in our country is all in their heads. Mr. Virani recently told Reuters that he believes it’s  “empirically unlikely” that Canada is becoming less safe. ​​

According to the National Post, PM Justin Trudeau’s recent choice for Attorney General and Federal Minister of Justice is way off-base.

“The facts disagree with him. According to a report by Statistics Canada last week, Police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by the Crime Severity Index (CSI), increased for the second consecutive year, up four per cent in 2022. The Violent CSI rose in 2022, reaching its highest point since 2007.”

Such is the illusion that PM Trudeau is praying Canadian voters will buy into: the idea that a 7-person shift in Liberal Cabinet members will make a difference in how government manage our society.

The changes won’t amount to a hill-of-beans. Pourquoi? Because from an ideological perspective, the Liberal Party never change. Certainly not since Mr. Trudeau was installed to work the will of a trans-national movement to morph our country into an entity no Canadian has ever asked for.

Take immigration as an example. First came Liberal MP John McCallum, followed by Ahmed Hussen, Sean Fraser and now, Marc Miller.

It would take one heck of a powerful microscope to delineate the differences between these politicians in terms of variations on migration theme. Simply put, McCallum is Hussen, who is Fraser, and has become Miller. Cast-in-concrete, their assigned role should be transitioned to a new title:

“Minister of Maximizing Immigration Intake To Canada”

Moving to the Justice file finds the same pattern. Arif Virani replaces former Minister of Justice, David Lametti. Obviously, anyone who takes on this file must adhere to the woke globalist ethos,or get outta Dodge right quick.

‘Architect Of Toronto 18 Terror Plot Granted Full Parole’

“Shareef Abdelhaleem, dubbed a ‘principal architect’ of a terror plot to blow up several Greater Toronto Area landmarks in 2006, has been granted full parole as is no longer considered an unacceptable risk to society.”

For a guy who once plotted to blow up multiple buildings on Parliament Hill, life isn’t too bad at all.

As it occurred on David Lametti’s watch as Attorney General. His successor,  Ismaili Muslim immigrant Arif Virani, is cut from the same globalist cloth.

Justin Trudeau loves to go light on criminals in Canada. As published this week in the National Post, the latest Statistics Canada figures support “the growing feeling among Canadians that our cities are no longer safe.”

As if it will make a difference. Media won’t tell you, but in Trudeau’s post-modern society, the Liberal’s social policy decisions are separate and apart from the desires of Canadians.

While pledging to address the growing sense of insecurity among our citizenship, Liberal Minister of Justice Arif Virani downplays the issue, saying that it’s “unlikely that crime is becoming a bigger problem than it used to be.”

Virani may have been part of a wave of Muslim immigration to Canada, yet based on his statements, it sounds as if he had previously been living on planet Mars.

The most recent data drop from StatsCan reveals a number of haunting statistics:

“The homicide rate has risen for the fourth consecutive year and is now at its highest level since 1992, largely due to more gang violence.”

“The rate of violent gun crime has risen for the eighth consecutive year; per capita victims of violent crimes involving firearms has increased 60 per cent since 2013; fraud is roughly twice as prevalent as it was 10 years ago, and extortion is five times higher.”

Why is Virani playing “Holly Go-Lightly” on a giant increase in crime occurring on Canadian soil? Can it be that he is reluctant to open the door to a significant fact? A great deal of this crime is being committed by new arrivals to Canada from Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Virani was once one of them, so perhaps he can relate. In case readers think Cultural Action Party are simply picking on Trudeau’s preferred class of Canadians, here’s a link to an RCMP’s “Most Wanted” list from 2020.

A light-bulb moment occurs. Perhaps, just maybe, the Fed’s goal is not prevention of crime in Canada, but rather a preservation of government’s precious immigration intake program.

CAP believe the Liberals have no greater priority than the maintenance and advancement of immigration policy, along with yearly quota increases in “new arrival” intake. Obscured by media, all other elements of our social condition have transitioned to secondary status.

This we see in mainstream media’s perpetual downplaying of the “immigrant vs. crime” dynamic.

“The key event that occurred around the time that violent crime began to rise was the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who promised a soft-on-crime approach and leniency toward offenders.”

Why would a prime minister take this approach, antithetical to the job description laid out before any politician who rises to prominence as Canadian prime minister?

Because it fits the larger globalist narrative, that’s why. This way, Justin Trudeau can run around the world stating that he and his government are on the side of the downtrodden, refugees and migrants from 3rd World countries.

From day one, Justin Trudeau has been working to advance– or better stated– to entrench, Islamic political representation within the Liberal government.

Last month’s Cabinet shake-up saw a drop in his Muslim headcount. MP Omar Alghabra, half-citizen of either Saudi Arabia or Syria, has been pulled from the Minister of Transportation file.

In order to maintain his ‘”ethnic quota” approach, PM Trudeau brings in Arif Virani as Attorney General/Minister of Justice. Media refuse to point to a significant development.

Transportation is a far-cry from Justice.  Arif Virani’s roots are in AhmedabadGujarat. Mr. Virani is a multilingual Ismaili Muslim who originally arrived in Canada as a refugee from Uganda.

You tell CAP— do you think this fellow will not tow the Liberal line of going light on 3rd World refugees, when he is, in fact, one of them?

Do Canadians comprehend what Justin Trudeau has done? He has gone and appointed a Muslim immigrant from Uganda to the most powerful legal position in our country.

Who is the most coveted international figure in our country as advocated by PM Trudeau? A reasonable choice would be the Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the international Ismaili-Muslim community.

Should Canadians believe that a multi-person meeting between Trudeau, Virani and Khan will never occur on Canadian soil, or anywhere else? You can bet it will happen, though media may be loathe to let Canadians in on the details.

CAP has never trusted Justin Trudeau for even one micro-second. We have yet to change our tune. Once again, our PM has used his position to empower his preferred form of Canadian.

For as long as he is in office, woke warrior Trudeau will continue leading our nation down a globalist path no Canadian ever voted for.

5 thoughts on “Minister of Justice Arif Virani Refuses To Get Tough On Crime”

  1. ” A great deal of this crime is being committed by new arrivals to Canada from Asia, Middle East and Africa ”

    People in Canada need to wake up to that fact. Problem is, most people I speak with, can tell you all about Donald Trump, but very little about what is really happening with crime and immigration in this once beautiful Country.
    Statistics need to be made public about the number of recent immigrants involved in crime. These numbers need to be posted quarterly and individuals must be returned to home Countries. At the same time, new immigrants should not be permitted to form ” non profit ” groups to fight our laws, and hold demonstrations about the so-called ” way they are treated here “.
    Stop allowing new immigrants from labelling ” old stock ” Canadians as racist.
    This is our Country. Don’t come here to make it more like where you came from. Have you ever heard an immigrant say ” I wish our Country was more like Canada ” ?

  2. “The rate of violent gun crime has risen for the eighth consecutive year; per capita victims of violent crimes involving [farmers] has increased 60 per cent since 2013….” Confiscate those farms. Get rid of all the cattle. Violent gun crime involving farmers, and growing food; are strongly correlated. Welcome to Upside-Down World; brought to you by Trudeau; Virani et al. The Canadian version(s) of ex-Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot. Answering to the same Globalist masters.

  3. Just go to the RCMP Canada’s most wanted list. 9 out of 10 so called hyphenated Canadians of Asian, Indian, South Asian, Eastern European descent are the stellar ‘Canadians’ that commit the majority of crimes in Trudorks Canada. After all ‘Diversity is our strength.’


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