Millions Of Old Stock Canadians AWAIT Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Appointment, Media SILENT

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There is, most obviously, a giant chasm between the interests  of Justin Trudeau, and those of “Old Stock” Canadians--the tens of millions of Canadians of Anglophone, Francophone and Christian heritage.

Consider this idea: In terms of the  cultural identity of Canada– as well as the maintenance of traditional Canadian heritage– what is the singular most impactful government policy in existence?

Why, it is immigration policy--in tandem with multiculturalism( a 1-2 punch if there ever was one).

Degree of media focus on the immigration minister portfolio– minor, at best. This can be witnessed in Canadian media’s approach to the pending choice for immigration minister by way of PM Trudeau.

What has been the approach? Simple–nothing at all. It has been 21 days since King Justin re-claimed his crown. During this time, several articles have appeared which speculate on Trudeau’s upcoming Cabinet choices.

Yet, not a single word has appeared in the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star or National Post on who is rumoured to be Trudeau’s choice for immigration minister.

Salient Question Of The Day: Why would media overlook this most critical appointment–a decision of primary importance for millions of Old Stock Canadians, and others?

Answer: Because the Trudeau government tells them to do so. Why? Because the Trudeau government want as little focus on the choice–particularly after Justin Trudeau made the Anglo-bashing decision of appointing a refugee from Africa as IM–MP Ahmed Hussen, half-citizen from Somalia.

What an incredibly odd-ball choice! Media say nothing. What does this tell CAP? “Meet the new immigration minister, same as the old immigration minister.”

Is King Justin lining up Canada for four additional years of snarling refugee pit-bull, MP Ahmed Hussen. Why do we refer to this man as a “snarling pit-bull?”

Because whenever Canadians criticize–or even question– this political prince from the backwash nation of Somalia, he snarls at them while branding these Canadians racists, bigots and xenophobes.

Yes, this is the personality of the man Trudeau selected for Canadian immigration minister, and CAP expect he will repeat this performance come Cabinet appointment time on November 20th, 2019.

Welcome to post-modern Canada–where every decision the prime minister of our country makes damagesOld School” Canada, while benefitting Third World Canada. Our media–ostensibly Old School Canucks themselves, utter not a word about this situation.

What does this tell our people? Why would Old Stock Canadian publishers, editors and journalists be perfectly comfortable with the degeneration of Old Stock Canada?

CAP shall inform: Because they work out of the same ideological box as PM Trudeau–they work not for Canadians, but against Canadians. Now, why would both institutions be so closely aligned in this fashion?

Why, within contemporary Canada, would government and media function as a singular, cohesive unit? The answer is found by way of a quick analysis of the Trudeau Dynasty’s preferred nationsCuba, China, former U.S.S.R. , as well as theocratic Islamic nations.

Has Justin Trudeau emulated this form of totalitarian methodology? Not quite. Frankly, the man lacks the brain-power to do so. Rather, this comes from his old school buddy, commie-in-the -shadows, advisor Gerald Butts.

This is his territory, for certain. Scheming up myriad methods to deceive the good people of Canada is his speciality. Carbon Taxes, Media propaganda, socialist-infused refugee programs, and so much more.

It takes a certain type of cognition to seduce 37.5 million Canadians in this fashion. Frankly, Trudeau lacks this cognitive ability. Rather, the true power players are Gerald Butts, and his globalist connections– international banking(George Soros), flooding Canada with fake refugees, the dreaded Carbon Tax( globalism as taxation), as well as serious media manipulation to cover-up the entire agenda.

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Is CAP wrong in this summation? Where are the articles not only on the choice of immigration minister, but also on the entire sordid phenomenon? Why did Canada trans-sition to  a  “Point System” for immigration in 1967?

What is the impact of mass entry of Third World migrants to Canada? How do “native” Canadians actually feel about Canada maintaining the largest per-capita immigration quotas on planet earth?  How has multiculturalism impacted society over the past 40 years?

CAP Response: “Nothing from nothing means nothing”   A total blank from CBC, Globe & Mail and the rest? Coincidence? NEVER. Pre-meditated globalist agenda? Only 100%!

See how government and media together drain the relevance out of the entire immigration/multiculturalism dynamic in Canada? Is the current  media down-play of this Ahmed Hussen character as immigration minister not a quintessential example? Of course it is.

Canada–you have been seduced. This began in 1968 when Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau gained his political crown–and it continues as we speak under the iron-clad rule of Canada’s pseudo-dictator, son Justin Trudeau.

Millions upon millions of Canadians care deeply about immigration policy in Canada. In particular, those who share socially conservative values. Again, there are millions of us.

Degree to which the Trudeau government cares about these Canadians and their opinions Nothing, zero, nada. Shades of communism rising? For certain–no question about it.

CAP Prediction: The Somalian Refugee is re-appointed as immigration minister. It is done in a low-key manner. Furthermore, even if Trudeau refrains from appointing Hussen the Anglo-basher, the announcement will be low-key regardless.

“Listen up Canadian media…don’t do anything to over-play the appointment,” says Gerald Butts. Then media dummy-up big time. Besides, what choice do they really have? If they do not adhere to government media standards, they do not receive the hundreds of millions King Trudeau has earmarked for media organizations who fully cooperate with government will.

Democracy in action? Not on your life— Canada has a Trudeau as prime minister.






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