Migrant Crisis Fueled By Gas Pipelines: Global Research

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The heart-wrenching refugee crisis unfolding across the Middle East and at European borders has ignited a much needed conversation on the ongoing strife and instability that’s driving people from their homes in countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq. It’s brought international attention to the inhumane treatment these refugees are receiving if — and it is a major “if” — they arrive at Europe’s door.

In Syria, for example, foreign powers have sunk the nation into a nightmare combination of civil war, foreign invasion and terrorism. Syrians are in the impossible position of having to choose between living in a warzone, being targeted by groups like ISIS and the Syrian government’s brutal crackdown, or faring dangerous waters with minimal safety equipment only to be denied food, water and safety by European governments if they reach shore.


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1 thought on “Migrant Crisis Fueled By Gas Pipelines: Global Research”

  1. The major issue here is that to today’s reality we the people don’t really know who is behind what. Therefore the only political agenda is what is presented to the public. There is little doubt that Russia intends to be a major player in this theater. Putin will do anything at this time to punish the US, at the same time he will hide behind Syria an hope that the west,US, fails to eradicate ISIS and Putin will go in and save the day. Putin hopes that the public will forget about this take over of the Ukraine and be back at the UN table to expand his control over Europe by controlling the price of oil. I think that it’s time that Canada develop creditable relationships with Europe and build a refinery in Canada…..but as usual we always come to the table too late…..My short view…..What do you think?


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