Middle Eastern Refugee Complicit In ISIS Crimes Says Canadian Tribunal

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A mechanic who came to Canada in 2015 has been found complicit in crimes against humanity. Before arriving  and claiming refugee status, the Lebanese national made several trips to Syria to work on ISIS military vehicles. As such, he made a “knowing and significant contribution to ISIS,” the Refugee Appeal Division ruled.

The year of 2015 is  when Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada, and  the year he announced his Syrian Refugee Intake Program to the world. Since that time, Canada has witnessed TWO OF THESE REFUGEES murder teenage girls. In both cases, Trudeau said little about the deaths, shrugged off responsibility, and made no reference to the refugee program in regard to the murders.

Now, Canadians find out that another refugee from the program has supported ISIS in its war against the west. What has Trudeau said about this? Nothing at all. Nor has sidekick Somalian immigration minister Ahmed Hussen. These people simply DO NOT condemn anyone or anything associated with the Nation of Islam. Yet both are fast on the draw when it comes to accusing  Anglophone Canadians of so-called “white supremacy.”

Why the EXCLUSIVE NATURE of their condemnations? For these two–and for just about all in the Liberal socialist justice warrior camp–racism in Canada exists ONLY in terms of white people disparaging non-whites. Sensible Canadians understand racism and bigotry do not work this way. Any person within any ethnic group can believe themselves superior. Certainly Christians are not exempt from persecution, as witnessed in Pakistan, Nigeria and a host of other Third World nations.

Yet, for some unknown reason all this ESCAPES the minds of Trudeau, Hussen, and others who think like them. Until it is understood within society that ANY IDENTIFIABLE Canadian community is capable is behaving in a racist manner, and that bigotry can be directed toward any ethnic community REGARDLESS OF COLOUR, this form of social discord will continue unabated.



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