Middle Eastern Nations Branded Most Racist, Homophobic On Earth

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A new study conducted by the Policy Institute of King’s College London has investigated levels of racism within countries of the world.

“The 2023 report, which forms a section of the World Values Survey (WVS) compared 24 countries’ global standards of trust and acceptance towards people from other backgrounds.”

Number one on the list is Iran. Out of 24 nations included, Canada came in at #18. Placing these statistics within the context of government and media positioning in our country elicits a number of curiosities.

For example, why is it that Canadian media never reference studies of this nature? A report from the Washington Post says that the most racists countries in the world are:

  1. India, 2. Lebanon, 3. Bahrain, 4. Libya, 5. Egypt.

A 2021 Open Doors report on the most anti-Christian nations in the world says that after North Korea, the most bigoted countries in this category are:

Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Eritrea, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria.

Mainstream media in Canada say nothing of the sort. Meanwhile, our press hurl slings and arrows of racist accusations toward Canadians on a daily basis.

According to World Population Review, the most homophobic nations on the planet are, in order:

Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Qatar, Nigeria.

Yet, by way of our press, it’s Canada that is systemically homophobic.

Fascinating to note a commonality among nations pegged as persecutory toward minorities,homosexuals and Christians. Consistently, Muslim nations of the world come out at the top of the totem pole.

CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail publish nothing. All the while, Canada is branded a racist, bigoted, homophobic and genocidal country– by our own media.

What does this say about our country? For what purpose does “institutional” Canada– government, media, academia– consistently brand Canadians racist, when in relative terms, Iran, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan are far worse?

There has to be a reason, right? Has Canada been systemically transitioned to a self-hating society? For what purpose would an absurdity of this nature occur?

Within a stable, healthy democracy it would not be the case. To what extent do we see Islamic societies beating the crap out of themselves for their racist transgressions? In terms of racism, Iran is number one with a bullet, yet not a peep of self-abnegation flows from the pens of their media.

Nor does PM Trudeau and his preferred crew of half-citizen MPs– Alghabra, Hussen, Zahid, Khalid-– ever reference these facts in any form. But give a Hijab-wearer the stink-eye on the streets of Toronto, and these current citizens of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Somalia are all over it in a micro-second.

Cultural Action Party has a theory on the phenomenon. With full intention, Justin Trudeau has run down Canadian identity and pride in country. He does this because unbeknownst to our citizenship, he is tasked with revolutionizing Canada.

Transitioning us away from traditional identity, Trudeau’s post-modern society is set to become a 3rd World dominated, quasi-communist nation. The branding of “traditional” Canada as bigoted racists– Anglophones, Christians, Conservatives, Heterosexuals— is integral to the success of the project.

The Liberal government’s influence on media by way of billions in funding means that CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the rest reflect the will of government.

Hence, a systemic agenda of Canadian self-hatred, preparing a path for our country’s conversion to an authoritarian state. On this basis, let us consider the word “Pride” as it applies within contemporary Canadian society.

The first thing to recognize is that pride is exclusive. Government endorses its use among our homosexual communities, as in “Pride Parade.” A green light goes off regarding 3rd World community pride: Sikh, Chinese, Muslim, et al.

But never, ever is any element of pride to be associated with Anglophone-Canadians. After nearly eight years in office,  Justin Trudeau has not once uttered the word “Anglophone,” or “English Canada” for that matter.

But break out the Ramadan celebration, and Canada’s King of Wokism is all over it. Not suspicious, eh? But not to worry, oh ye gods of globalism. The entire situation is being kept under-wraps. Toronto Star to speak of this hypocrisy? Not for all the farms in Cuba.

What we have here is a pre-meditated attack on our country, as perpetrated from within. You will never read about this in the pages of the Canadian press.

Meanwhile, Iran and the rest of the Middle East will continue with the same patterns that have existed for centuries. Justin Trudeau, prince of progressive politics, has not a word to say against it.

But Canada? Well, we are the worst, right Justin? Downright despicable, right Jagmeet Singh?

Insightful Canadians are on to the ploy. Perhaps all Canadians would be– if our PM didn’t purchase the press to ensure a burial of the agenda in a dying Great White North.

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