Middle Eastern Migrants Sexually ASSAULT 15-Year Old Canadian Girl, MEDIA BURY

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According to Post Millennial News, three Middle Eastern Ottawa men have been charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm after an incident with a 15-year-old girl.

According to 1310 News, the teen was assaulted in the evening of October 23, 2019 in the apartment of a man she says she met at an East Ottawa shopping mall.

The men, all from Ottawa, are Bile Mohamed, 27, Yusuf Yusuf, 30, Ismail Moallim, 21. They are facing the following charges: sexual assault with a weapon, sexual assault cause bodily harm, sexual assault as party to the offence, sexual interference, invitation to sexual touching, forcible confinement, and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

Moment Of Truth: CAP are  reporting not only on the attack and alleged statutory rape of a 15-year old Canadian girl.  What we are also reporting on is this: Mainstream Canadian mediaCBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest have thus far BURIED this story. This is the main point of this article.

In yesterday’s CAP reporting, we exposed the story of an alleged Middle Eastern migrant murderer who escaped to Ethiopia after being charged for the killing of another Middle Eastern migrant.

“Homicide Investigators say they have learned that Ibrahim Issak-Hussen, 26, of Hamilton took a flight from Toronto to Ethiopia on Sunday morning, less than 36 hours after police allege he shot and killed 29-year-old Obsa Junedi-Mohamed outside Boulevard Billiards.”

Today, another case along these lines pops up. What–Is this to be a daily occurrence within Canadian society from this point on? One of Trudeau and Immigration Minister’s chosen commits a heinous crime today, and establishment media bury the story tomorrow.

Then, the very same media repeats the ubiquitous lie that Old Stock Canadians benefit from so-called “white supremacy.”

How so? Are the crimes of white Canadians being sublimated by our “ene-media?” Not in the least–but for Trudeau’s chosen, either the stories are covered-up, or spun to minimize the crimes of Canada’s post-modern “chosen” communities.

What a full-scale benefit for one specific ethnic/religious Canadian community. As CAP previously stated, one of the top priorities for a prime minister–arguably the number one priority– is the health, safety and security of our citizenship.

Simply put, Justin Trudeau does not do it. Instead, King Justin prefers to protect terrorists, killers, sexual predators–as long as they come from a specific identifiable Canadian community.

CAP also recently wrote on how a fundamental of democracy– the  “rule-of-law”— has been undermined by Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, and the rest of the Liberal-Globalist cultural assassins.

We pointed out that in communist nations like China and Cuba, the desires of government supersede rule of law. Is this not exactly what is occurring in Canada under Comrade Trudeau?

Of course it is–and of course, media bury the entire affair. Shades of Communism rising? CAP say yes–emphatically. These endless cases of Middle Eastern criminal coddling exist as a microcosm for Trudeau’s anti-Anglophone Canada.

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Why is it that Cultural Action Party are the sole political/media organization who have dedicated themselves to the exposure of this form of social hypocrisy? Why is CAP the singular organization which stands up for Anglophone and Christian Canada?

No one actually does this– not The Rebel, Post Millennial News, or True North News. Why?

Are the rights, freedoms and identity of Old Stock Canada so inconsequential that just one player exists in this regard? You know who is happy that this is the case?

Justin Trudeau. National Council of Canadian Muslims. Senator Ratna Omidvar. Anti-Hate Network. Canadian Academia. Media. MP Ahmed Hussen. M103 Founder, MP Iqra Khalid.

All these political players are thrilled that no major pro-Anglophone and/or pro-Christian political players are having success within the political arena.

For example, the Director of Canadian Council of Muslims, Mustafa Farook, just published a piece in the Globe & Mail laughing in PPC leader Maxime Bernier’s face about how his party got wiped out in the recent federal election.

The man got all smug and superior as he trashed the Canadian populist movement based on the PPC’s lack of success. Seems only his personal form of supremacy has a right to exist in Canada–and PM Justin Trudeau agrees.

Yet, our movement is not done–not by a long shot. Anglophone community rights will become more and more critical as the globalist assault upon our people continues for an additional four-year term.

Perhaps Trudeau’s victory will result in a comprehensive program to bury populism for all-time. Maybe Justin’s entrenched Islamic powerhouse in cabinet and caucus will get this done.

Will Trudeau string-pulling architect of doom, advisor Gerald Butts,  succeed with his covert trans-sition of Canada from democracy to dictatorship. Who really knows?

Yet, for as long as we can, CAP will continue to fight for the purpose of preventing and/or minimizing the decimation of Conservative, Anglophone and Christian Canada. This we fully commit to for as long as we are not banished from Trudeau’s media kingdom.

Seems the Migrant-Refugee crime business is a growing industry, so perhaps CAP will be around for a while yet.






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    • White supremacist news you really do have rocks in your head don’t you ?
      that sound like white supremacy I haven’t read a single thing or anyone is claimed to be superior to another?
      You just think the word so stupid that we actually buy into your communist agenda backed language and your racial terms that you cast on to good people to try to silence them!
      You can suck it ignorant communist

  1. You might want to check a new political party out for a future article . It’s The Ontario Guardian Party. We’re in prices signing people u to get certified. Thanks.

  2. I’m probably more old stock Canadian as my ancestors came here in late 1700, was a Factor for Hudson Bay in Moose Creek. Lots of Métis in our blood line. Your piece of trash publication certainly doesn’t reflect this old stock Canadian!


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