Professor From Middle East Brands Canadians “Uneducated”

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“Conservatives have a strong lead among those who have not attended college or university, while the Liberals have a lead among those with university education.”

Conservatives are the]“the party of the uneducated.” Okay, so Amir Attaran, an activist, lawyer and professor at the University of Ottawa, likes to use generalizations. CAP can do this too–it’s really very easy.

How about this…The desert religion folk vote Liberal. Many desert religion people support Sharia Law, female genital mutilation, and child marriage. Somalia, a nation which is 98% Islamic, stands as number one on the list of nations with the most cases of FGM in the world.

Conclusion? Liberals are uneducated. They support–or at least remain SILENT about– an archaic 7th century religious law calling for the mutilation of teenage girls. They sit back while illegal and immoral child marriage occurs within so-called “enlightened” nations. How BACKWARD and uneducated these people must be.

Anyone can play this game. Yet, no one should be surprised by the arrogance of the globalist academic supremacist. Canada’s university system has morphed into bastions of Anti-white, anti-Christian, pro-Marxist institutions. Ryerson. York. McGill, and most others.

How did this occur? The catalyst, no surprise, is former PM Pierre Trudeau. It is his Charter of Rights and Freedoms which established the education model of the past four decades.

The model is decidedly globalist. Their enemy is Anglophone and Christian Canada. These schools have ENTIRE social sciences departments dedicated to the DISPARAGEMENT of Anglophone Canada. These departments are jam-packed with imported globalist Third World anti- Anglophone academics. This Amir Attaran fellow is one of them.

These types believe it to be perfectly legitimate to WALTZ INTO Canada, and proceed to run down our national heritage and identity. People like half citizen drop-in Somalian refugee, MP Ahmed Hussen feel it perfectly fine to take refuge in Canada, and then proceed to brand those who permitted his entry into Canada racists, bigots and xenophobes.

Senators such as Trudeau-appointed  Professional Refugee Ratna Omidvar believe it perfectly acceptable to enter the board rooms of Canadian corporations to complain that too many white people are sitting around the table. All of this goes on without the blink of an eyelash.

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The truth is, common sense Canadians are SICK TO DEATH of the whole affair. We get the point: Islam believes itself to be a persecuted “minority.” Therefore, all non-Muslims must feel sorry for these people and therefore accommodate their every wish without complaint, push-back or questioning.

Only problem is, we are not doing it. Therefore, the dosage had to be INCREASED.  This is MP Iqra Khalid’s M103.

So “Professor” Amir Attaran thinks Canadians are stupid and uneducated. He is not the first, nor will he be the last. In fact, within the absurdity of Justin’s “no core identity” Canada– plenty of Anglophones AGREE with him. These snowflake types love to HATE their own nation. This cognitive inversion is the result of forty years of globalist BRAIN-WASHING within Canadian educational institutions.

It began with “multiculturalism” founder Pierre Trudeau, and under “no core identity” Justin, it has now reached its apotheosis.


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