Middle Eastern Man Sets Canadian Wife On Fire, No Hate Crime Charge

A 39-year-old man has been charged after a woman was set on fire in Quebec City on Friday night.

Quebec City police said Frej Haj Messaoud appeared in court via telephone Sunday morning following his arrest in Drummondville, about 150 kilometres west of Quebec City, on Saturday morning.

Upon researching the etymology of the surname “Messaoud” we find that the name means “to make others happy” in Arabic-Persian. Seems this fellow has not quite lived up to these standards.

Messaoud was charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault in connection to a Friday night incident. Police were called to Arago Street West after a woman in her 20’s was set on fire. Her name is Etienne Doyon. A quick scan of the heritage of this name reveals it is of French extraction. 

CAP Conclusion: A Middle Eastern man set his non-Muslim Canadian wife on fire. Now, let’s contrast this with establishment media presentation. Checking CBC, Global News et al, we find no reference to any of this pertinent information. Is the accused a recent migrant or refugee? Unknown.

Now, according to the standards set by “anti-racism” advocates in Canada–thinking in particular of the National Council of Muslim Canadians, the act would more than likely constitute a hate crime. As in, “Muslim man lights non-Muslim wife on fire while children watch.”

It will never play out this way. Why? Because the alleged crime occurred in Canada. Our nation is one in which government and media collude to obscure the truth regarding fundamentalist desert religion behaviour.

Let’s us flip to the b-side of this event. Imagine this hypothetical– Old Stock Canadian mans lights his newly arrived Islamic bride on fire in front of their two children.

Islamophobia! cry NCCM. Despicable racism perpetrated by whitey. National Council of Muslims want answers. Will this man be charged with a hate crime? 

Yet, when the tables are turned–complete SILENCE. Is this not emblematic of the hypocrisy of organizations such as NCCM? Of course, this group and hundreds of other “multicult” non-profits would never have accumulated the power NCCM has if it were not for one individual– former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau

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It was Trudeau Sr. who set up the entire “multicultural” social structure within Canadian society. Over the decades since this time(1971), the power structure within society has shifted over to special interest groups and so-called “minorities.”

Thus, we arrive at the state-of-the-nation under Justin Trudeau. Under his tenure, Islam has been elevated to a special, privileged condition within Canada. This we see in myriad examples reported by CAP previously.

During the transfer of the accused, the police officers in detention noticed people outside grids [they could not] identify , says one. The place is usually used by various Quebec media to photograph the suspects. It appears there were some folks who wanted to light the accused on fire in retaliation,therefore Mr. Messaoud had to be protected with a fire extinguisher.

Then, Justin Trudeau announced that “diversity is our strength.” CAP response, however caustic it is: “Come on baby, light my fire.” The young lady survived, fyi.

The point being made is that burning your inter-married spouse is not an example of inter-ethnic harmony. Rather, it is a sign of a bitter, angry individual with no respect for the female species. Trudeau says nothing.

Let’s see Justin Trudeau SPEAK OUT regarding this case. How long should we wait for this to occur? Try the 12th of never The perpetrator is one of Justin’s chosen, so it is no-go in this regard.

Frej Haj Messaoud was arrested Saturday morning in Drummondville. He had been wanted since Friday night for presumably burning the 27-year-old woman before fleeing into a taxi car that did not belong to him. The two young children of the victim as well as her mother witnessed this aggression.

Not heinous  enough for King Justin and his Somalian side-kick, Immigration Minister MP Ahmed Hussen? Of course not–like Mr. Hussen, the alleged perpetrator is a Middle Eastern Islamic, so he gets a pass. Anything to protect the chosen ones, right Mr. Ahmed?

Canada sure has changed since Justin Trudeau became prime minister. Previous to this, law was meaningful,  media retained some objectivity, and most relevant, there was no such thing as one specific religion/creed maintaining privilege beyond other major religions in Canada.

This was all trans-formed the day King Trudeau seized control of the destiny of Canada. The media presentation regarding this despicable crime is emblematic of everything the Trudeau government stand for regarding race relations in Canada.


9 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Man Sets Canadian Wife On Fire, No Hate Crime Charge

  1. we need more news man like you Sir ,to have courage to speak the truth that these government dont want us to know

  2. This Has Undoubtedly Become The Norm In Canada….It IS Still Called “Canada” I Think, And I’m A Firm Believer That We Are On The Verge Of A Civil War… Maybe If Trudeau’s Wife Was Such A Victim He’d Change His Tune??… No, I Really Doubt It, He’d Go Hide In A Mosque or A Hole Somewhere Like Hussein Did….

    1. Only white stock Canadians know this, I am a proud one! There is NO more of a formidable opponent than someone that is prepared. Prepare yourself.

  3. I can guarantee that most canadians want real justice so the choices are 1. keep the man in jail for commiting a crime under canadian law 2. send him back to his country and near return to canada 3. a bunch of canadians will enforce their own justice

  4. When are WE, the natives of the West, whose forbears fought for our freedoms, going to get off our asses and DO SOMETHING about these acts of barbarism? It’s all well and good to type out our outrage on blogs, but it achieves NOTHING. IT’S TIME FOR ALL OUT PROTESTING!

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