Middle Eastern Canadian Guilty Of Stabbing Pregnant Wife, Murdering Unborn Child

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The etymology of the surname “Ghazi” informs us it is based on the Arabic ghazi — a ‘conqueror’, ‘fighter for the faith’.

If stabbing your 7-month pregnant wife in the stomach to murder your unborn child is “fighting for his faith,” then Sofiane Ghazi, 39, is the Mohammed Ali of Islam.

Ghazi pleaded not guilty to the original charges. Then, he changed his mind. Ghazi pleaded guilty to the lesser charges before Quebec Superior Court Justice Jean-François Buffoni at the Montreal courthouse.

Buffoni told the court he believed Ghazi’s pleas were “appropriate and acceptable.”Wonderful, eh? How can anyone–even a defence lawyer– make any positive statement about this murdering migrant?

Ghazi stabbed his wife, who was 33 at the time, with a carving fork. She had 19 wounds, mainly in her stomach area but also to her left thigh. She was taken to hospital, and the baby, known to the court only as “Baby Ghazi,” was born via caesarean section but died shortly after.

It was later determined the baby died as a result of the wounds inflicted on the mother.

Life in prison with no parole for 25 years--right? Don’t count on it. We live in Justin Trudeau’s Canada now, a land where the rule-of-law plays second fiddle to political correctness, terrorists, and murderers. That is, when Trudeau and MP Ahmed Hussen’s “chosen” are involved.

The Syrian Refugee Danforth Killer of two Canadian teenage girls was treated to myriad rationalizations from establishment media. We should forget about all the references to Islamic terrorism, and instead feel sorry for his family. Please do tell– if this guy was Mike Smith, wasp from Orilla, Ontario, would he receive similar treatment?

How about poor, dead 13-year old, Marrisa Shen of Burnaby B.C. Another chosen Syrian is the suspect. He has not been convicted, or set free. Canadians do not know of his fate, because media have buried the story.

How much slack would this person have received if he was Bill McDonald of Coquitlam, B.C. None at all. Yet, when questioned by CBC on the murder, Justin Trudeau brushed off as if it was so-much-lint on his custom-made $5000.00 suit.

And yet–miraculously– these people are the “oppressed” in Canada. Not three teenage girls, and their families. The parents issued not a single public statement on the murders and subsequent trials.

Why? CAP do not know, and nor do 99.9% of Canadians, so we will speculate. The Trudeau government instructed them to keep their mouths shut. The parents, presumably in a typical passive Canadian manner, complied

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Fact: Justin Trudeau and Ahmed Hussen are importing dangerous, violent and murderous Third World and Islamic migrants to Canada. Then, they inform our nation these people are the future of our country. They are “worth their weight in gold”— or some other globalist tripe.

Then, when the chosen ones murders teenage girls, it is an incident so benign it is not even worth a passing mention by the Liberal government. Conversely, watch the Liberal-Third World Government of Canada spring to action when a young Muslima’s hijab is torn off.

What kind of message does this deliver to our nation? That our government play favourites while informing us all Canadians are equal. Another lie. Within a true liberal-democracy, equality among all citizens is axiomatic.

Within a sham, fraudulent government such as that of Justin Trudeau, equality has nothing to with political ideology. The only important thing which exists is victory. Victory equals power–now here is what Trudeau, Hussen, Morneau, Khalid, Alghabra and the rest are really after.

In the meantime, CAP will continue to monitor this case. If we don’t who will? National Post? Don’t hold your breath. As with the Marrisa Shen case, the whole thing will be dragged out in the courts, and hidden from the public eye.

This is the true post-modern Canada–the one where nothing comes before ideology. Globalism, Liberalism, Islam, LGBT, Transgenderism. These are the forces Justin Trudeau cares about. The rest is merely rot–English Canada, Anglophone and Christian Canada.

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MP Ahmed Hussen is here to trans-ition these communities into national relics. But not to worry–perhaps a few statues will be erected in our memory. This is what happened to Canada’s founding father, Sir John A. Macdonald.

Then, a century later, his effigies were torn down as he was relegated to villain status within society. Will this become English Canada’s fate within the next 100 years?





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