Meet Jean Charest, World Economic Forum Candidate For Conservative Leader

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No shortage of absurdities exist in federal politics in Canada– least of all within the Liberal Party. With the recent launch of their leadership race, it appears the Conservatives are gunning to achieve a state of equilibrium.

This comes in the form of Jean Charest, a political dinosaur of the highest order. A recent headline from the National Post highlights the circumstances:

“Raymond J. de Souza: Jean Charest was the future of the Tories in 1984 — and he could be again.”

Quite. In 2021, the year 1984 suggests a candidate has risen from the dead to join Canada’s post-modern political landscape. Mr. de Souza proceeds to name check cutting-edge political players like  Brian Mulroney, Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, John Turner and Stephane Dion. Meanwhile, media portray the Liberals as Canada’s “progressive” party. Obviously, they want the Conservatives to lose.

The National Post believe Canadian voters are ready to do the time-warp. What qualifies Jean Charest to run as CPC leader? Perhaps it is based on his three terms as Liberal Premier of Quebec. In 2001, an investigation targeted Charest to determine whether criminal offences were committed in connection with Liberal fundraising activities. Coincidentally, the case closed this month–  March 2022– at the when Charest announced his candidacy for Conservative Party leader.

Writing in the Washington Post, Canadian pundit J.J. McCullough describes Charest’s bid as “preposterous” and “elitist.” McCullough states that Mr. Charest is an “increasingly obscure character who apparently thinks he can become prime minister on the back of a bunch of political war stories from the 1990s.”

The scenario smacks of absurdities normally associated with Justin Trudeau and his globalist-fuelled Liberal government. It’s an odd-ball situation in search of sketchy justification. Cultural Action Party offer some thoughts on the matter:

Jean Charest is not here to win the Conservative Party leadership based on legitimate voting patterns. More than likely he has arrived to ruin things for the other candidates.

The candidate card is just a little too “neat” for the Liberal competition. The front-runner is Pierre Poilievre, currently considered a shoe-in for the job. Fearing that Mr. Poilievre has what it takes to defeat a Liberal PM candidate, the powers that be are circumventing his success right out of the gate.

Twice thus far we allude to the “powers that be.” It’s a reference to what CAP describe as the Liberal-Globalist political cabal. Justin Trudeau, advisor Gerald Butts, the Liberal Cabinet, and their deep-state connection to global power players.

United Nations. World Health Organization. George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. And most crucially, Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. Guess who turns out to be a member of WEF. None other than candidate for Conservative Party leader, Jean Charest.

Is this the reason why a dinosaur has been dredged up from the political tar pits? Jean Charest as CPC leader makes as much sense as Justin Trudeau as Liberal leader, or Jagmeet Singh as New Democratic Party leader.

In fact, it makes the exact same sense– none at all. Unless a search was on for who will best play puppet for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Foundation. Suddenly, everything transitions to a bastion of globalist logic.

Call CAP skeptical, but we doubt the authenticity of Trudeau, Singh, and Jean Charest. The social experiment that is “no core identity” Canada reeks of manipulation of chosen candidates into leadership positions. If the 1% elite find a way to manoeuvre Jean Charest into a leadership position, the ultimate globalist goal will have been accomplished.

Under that scenario, all three main federal party leaders would be disciples of the World Economic Forum. At this stage, Pierre Poilievre is the run-away leading candidate. Thus it is that a political litmus test emerges from which to monitor the degree of manipulation.

If the election process is fair and legitimate, Pierre Poilievre will win. If the process is tainted with the fingerprints of the Liberal-Globalist cabal, Jean Charest will win. Canada’s political fate hangs in the balance.

14 thoughts on “Meet Jean Charest, World Economic Forum Candidate For Conservative Leader”

  1. First he’s a conservative, then he’s a liberal and now, he wants to be a conservative again.

    At what point do we admit , despite what you call it, we have a one party system in this country, designed not to provide a choice but rather the illusion there of?

    Politicians do not align themselves with a party because they believe in its principles, that is a very old fashioned (naive) view of how the world works. The politician of today is a representative of the money that puts them in power, period.

    Dispite how sincere politicians may appear, irregardless of how committed to a certain cause they seem to be, no matter how many superficial changes they work towards, at the end of the day, they all serve the same master, money and those who dispense it…

  2. Hold onto your seats–Back to Jurassic Park. Don’t the Cons ever learn? Charest??? Seriously???? Dead out of the gate. Better to hire a medium, and channel John Diefenbaker. He’d do more for Canada from the grave. No disrespect intended to one of Canada’s more capable; patriotic leaders; the cancellation of the Avro Arrow notwithstanding.

  3. My Diefenbaker comment was too shallow. Indeed; I also strongly suspect that Genevieve Char-ay (sic) is a WEF plant. An ill wind blew him into the Cons campaign. Charest?? That strange sound is Turdo flicking his satanic tongue in delight. Nevertheless–Unless the Conservative power brokers are also on the Klaus Schwab page–Pierre Poilievre should win comfortably. Pierre; or someone in his league. However–Given the current crop of leadership candidates; no one comes close. Bergen? She carries a feather; not a sword. She gave a tepid performance in the House during the Freedom Convoy. Leslyn Lewis? Not ready for the big leagues. She gave a decent speech to Rebel News; on-the-street at the Freedom Convoy; but it was infused with political campaigning. So: If the Cons want to actually win the next election; they will get serious. If not….Gene Chardonnay is their man. Curly is yesterday’s story, and he’d quite likely lose to the Tyrant. Is the fix already in? Time will tell. Canada is desperately ill. It needs oxygen; not stale; poison gas.

    • Sadly PPC will not reach the limelight we believe MAXIME should, however, don’t forget about his liberal connections…


  5. Let’s be honest people the only choice us commoners have is Pierre Poilievre and I really hope he restores our faith in a politician to lead our country going forward. I truly hope if he is elected prime minister and that he will do what he says he’s going to do. I truly believe if he carries through what he says he going to do it will change the way people think of Canadians around the world. My only fear is that he will be dragged into the same cesspool that some of the past prime ministers we have had.

  6. Don’t forget that of course Canada’s Marxist MSM is pushing for Jean Charest too. Even at that, Pierre has a much larger media footprint.

  7. Candidate Brown was absent from the debate. Brown has campaigned almost exclusively within visible minority communities. I see Brown as a spoiler and with draw from the race soon and then direct his supporters to vote for Charest.


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