Media’s Contribution To Decline Of Democracy In Canada A Disgrace

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While fear of going hungry may persist, in many respects Canadian media are on the receiving end of what can be considered a “free lunch.”

CBC, Globe & Mail, Toronto Star, CTV and other key players. While part of their function is criticism of government policy, who’s there to critique mainstream media output?

After nearly nine years of the current incarnation of our Liberal government, this question should be front-and-centre in the minds of freedom-loving Canadians.

Much of media motivation can be found in the financial. Early in his tenure, PM Justin Trudeau signed off on funding for–get this– over 1000 media outlets from coast-to-coast.

A ubiquitous piece of financial support it is. Everything from Alaska Highway News to Cape Breton Star. From major players like the CBC($1.3 billion and rising) to woke Liberal-lovers Toronto Star, and on and on.

“Trudeau Is Utterly Determined To Control The Media: Peter Menzies”

“The government has broken new ground by involving itself in the business of judging the journalistic bona fides of news organizations,” states the former Chairman/President of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission[CRTC.]

The inevitable result? Media bias, obfuscation, all the way through to communist-style propaganda. But again, who is there to point out the illicit behaviour, other than a handful of independent conservative media groups and internet bloggers?

On this basis, let us present a few hypothetical major media headlines:

“Jagmeet Singh, Whose Party Holds 7% Of Seats In Parliament, Holds Democracy Hostage”

There is nothing counter to the Federal Elections Act in this move. Technically, it can and has been done in the past. What differentiates the current prop-up is the fact that Canadians from coast-to-coast vehemently desire a federal election to take place immediately.

Circumventing the will of the people– at present a Liberal government standard– media refuse to articulate the extremity of the New Democratic Party’s impediment upon democratic governance.

“Justin Trudeau Imports Militant Protesting From 3rd World Nations To Canada”

Trudeau can run around Canada denouncing Sikh and Muslim-oriented terror activities all he wants, but at the baseline, no one is more responsible for the phenomenon occurring on Canadian soil than our prime minister.

“Canadian police have arrested members of an alleged hit squad investigators believe was tasked by the government of India with killing prominent Sikh separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Surrey, B.C., last June,” CBC News reported.

“Sources close to the investigation also told CBC News that police are actively investigating possible links to three additional murders in Canada, including the shooting death of an 11-year-old boy in Edmonton.”

And by what immigration stream did the three accused enter our country? That would be under the Liberal’s foreign student intake policy. Degree to which the press allude to the fact? Try nothing at all.

The same can be said for the Palestinian cause. Throwing a wrench into maintenance of social equilibrium in Canada, PM Trudeau continues to tamper with Canada’s delicate social condition through importation of Middle Eastern radicals. Extent to which legacy media point to the fact Again, nothing at all.

We come to recognize one of our societies fundamental problems in the form of Liberal government- establishment media collusion. Citizens across the country continue to fume over democratic circumvention emanating from Ottawa. All the while, the press continue to eat their free lunch as funded by the Feds.

“What Do You Call It When Government And Media Collude In Acts of Public Deception?”

A nasty hypothetical question this one is. Cultural Action Party [est.2016] has picked apart this one on countless occasions. “Neo-communism” is a term we often throw around. Another is Justin Trudeau’s “Woke Revolution,” in the spirit of Mao Tse Tung of China’s “Silent Revolution.”

We break the situation down to its bottom-line:

Canadian media, in cahoots with government, contribute to the deterioration of democracy in our country, in additional to propagation of social discord at the hands of government.

Who makes the call on what constitutes “disinformation” in Canada? Why, that would be globalist cabal who currently control our country? Who decides what constitutes “hate speech?” The Liberals.

In consideration of the circumstances, CAP reference another thorn-in-our-democratic-side that we often refer to. It relates to an unspoken-of phenomenon one might call the “after the fact” media dynamic.

Take the Covid plague from China as an example. Perusing current media coverage brings about rampant poking-of-holes in the extremity of the world-wide pandemic.

“The CDC’s Long-Covid Deception”– Wall Street Journal, February 19th, 2023

“A recent study exaggerates the incidence of post-viral symptoms among young adults and deflects attention from misconceived pandemic policies.”

Media in Canada wouldn’t indulge in this for all the farms in Cuba. What it suggests can be applied to a number of critical social issues within Canadian society.

Chinese election interference? After the fact. The investigation dragged out for months on end. The farce that was the David Johnson-led inquiry.

“Foreign interference is a stain on Canada’s electoral process and undermined the right to a system free from coercion or covert influence, a public inquiry has found.”

In May, 2024, the BBC inform the world of an undermining of democracy in Canada which at minimum began in 2019.

How about that nasty invocation of the Emergencies Act?

“Parliamentary Report On Emergencies Act Decision Is 18 months Past Due — And Counting”

“For a committee struck to review an emergency, the approach to reporting back to Canadians has been less than urgent. ‘I don’t think people are waiting with bated breath for our work,’  says Justin Trudeau-appointed Senator Peter Harder, former executive with the Canada-China Business Council.

To be reasonable, media are not responsible in full for impediments in timing. That’s down to government, who understand a fundamental element of government-media interaction. The more  time that passes, the greater the degree of emotion is extracted from the situation.

What would throw Canadians into a rage(if anything can) would be to comprehend the fallibility at the time the situation takes place, or reasonably there-after.

Nothing happening there, fellow patriots. And it’s been this way for how long? Call it half a century, since the days when media began to morph into an instrument of government.

Going back further while broadening the horizon, CAP apply the dynamic to socio-political game-changers such as immigration policy, refugee intake, not to mention multiculturalism and its negative repercussions for our Anglophone communities.

In this we come to understand a fundamental of Canadian society. In a general sense, mainstream media work for the Liberal Party. In 2024, so does Jagmeet Singh and the New Democratic Party.

Keep on with this for another 50-years, and democracy in Canada will be dead-as-a-doornail– something Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh would dearly love to see transpire.

3 thoughts on “Media’s Contribution To Decline Of Democracy In Canada A Disgrace”

  1. All the media have to say to justin Trudeau is “you dont pay our salary..the public do. Our job is to report to them not to you. My own family pay my salary to tell them the truth not lie or mislead them just so you can look. You are not my boss.. the public are.”

    The sooner the media realizes this; the better off they be.

  2. Nice summary, Brad. Thanks for that. You are being generous by predicting the loss of ‘democracy’ might take another fifty years; we’ve never really had it, at least not in the truest sense of the word.

    When you get right down to the legal aspect of how Canada is run, we are a Crown corporation with less than 10% of our landmass NOT owned by the Crown. Hard to have a democracy and a king at the same time.


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