Media Trashing Of Pierre Poilievre A Trudeau-Funded Disgrace

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Ottawa Citizen: “Pierre Poilievre Needs To Choose His Words Much More Carefully”

Peterborough Examiner: Pierre Poilievre’s Bad Week.”

Globe & Mail: “Pierre Poilievre’s Lousy Week Of Leadership”

Welcome, patriot friends, to the media show that never ends. No thinking Canadian should be expecting anything less. While mainstream media speak of a “confidence and supply” agreement between PM Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, a second partnership– equally damaging in intent– lingers in the political shadows.

Over the course of eight years in office, Trudeau has led the Liberals toward a covert partnership with legacy media in Canada. In a recent move, the Feds announced a funding of 35% of establishment media salaries.

In return, they receive the benefit of articles referenced above: a thorough thrashing of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre. With rumours of a future federal election, political pundits shouldn’t expect anything less.

Between the lines, pathos drips from the pages of the Globe & Mail, Toronto Star and the rest. It’s not just that media are being paid to run-down the Conservative party leader. More telling is that the press cannot find one positive comment to make regarding Mr. Poilievre.

For example, CBC might suggest that this man is highly skilled in economics. On this basis, he could serve as a positive antidote to current PM Justin Trudeau, who knows little-to-nothing about practical elements of economic management.

As a second-year student, in 1999, Poilievre submitted an essay to Magna International‘s  “As Prime Minister,  I Would…” essay contest. 

His essay, titled “Building Canada Through Freedom”, focused on the subject of individual freedom and argued for a two-term limit for all members of Parliament.

As a finalist, Poilievre won $10,000.

As opposed to Justin Trudeau, who along with brother Alexandre and mother Margaret, got paid $10,000 for pumping up WE Charity, who on September, 2020, announced that they were closing their Canadian division.

In truth, Trudeau couldn’t hold a candle to Poilievre’s understanding of finance, economics and other related elements of prime ministerial potential.

Media have no interest. Instead, they back the biggest deficit-creating PM in history. It’s pathetic, yet one must understand the way political power rolls in Trudeau’s post-modern Canada.

Pragmatism be damned. What matters to the current Liberal-NDP Socialist Coalition is found outside the spectrum of rational approach to political leadership.

What counts for Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and the globalist forces backing them is a form of “soft revolution” they have advanced since the day the Liberals took office in October, 2015.

What is it which supersedes all aspects of quality fiscal management? Strike up the fundamentals of woke liberalism: disingenuous attempts at “social equity.” Trudeau’s “diversity is our strength” deception. The super-charged “Islamophobia” ticket, inclusive of government branding of multi-generational citizens as bigoted haters.

Racism, xenophobia, homophobia, abortion, euthanasia. Billions of dollars in foreign aid to anti-democratic Middle Eastern and African governments. Carbon taxation in a country that produced just 1.6% of worldwide carbon emissions.

Anti-Anglophone multicultural policy. The vote-grabbing agenda of mass immigration from the 3rd World, to the point that Canada’s housing and healthcare industries have been severely compromised.

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] has referenced the madness on many occasion. What we have here is a comprehensive inversion of everything good about Canada, in addition to an antithesis of what the majority of  citizens want for our country.

Otherwise known as “neo-communism.” This is what Trudeau’s paid-off press are promoting, and for any common sense Canadians, it’s a downright disgrace.

The nature of warfare in contemporary society is not what it used to be. Advances in technology play a significant role in the transformation. What used to be fought with guns and tanks is today advanced through media manipulation. What was once an “us versus them” structure has transitioned to battles fought from within a nation.

It’s the essence of liberal globalism, as well as the essence of Trudeau’s political career. For eight years running, this man has served as a conduit for what CAP call the Canadian “woke revolution.”

It’s not as if the CBC is going to announce the fact to 40 million Canadians. Their funding comes from the Liberals. Pierre Poilievre, in contrast, says he will cancel government funding to the CBC.

How much more obvious does it have to be that media will support the Liberals, and trash the Conservatives? Much of the balance is found in the ability to which Canadian voters see through the Liberal-Media post-modern partnership.

Polls indicate that awareness is ramping up at a rapid pace. Panicking as a result, Trudeau’s backroom and international schemers are desperate to thwart what amounts to an anti-Liberal revolution. Unfortunately for them, it’s not the form of revolution that Trudeau and back-up partner Jagmeet Singh are working toward.

Pierre Poilievre will not make a perfect prime minister. If he wins, it validates a vital fact: Canada’s federal political dynamic is cyclical in nature. From Liberals to Conservatives, and back to Liberals again; repeat for 156 years.

It’s far from perfection, but it is better than the dissolution of everything Canada has meant since its founding in 1867.

If the Liberals do happen to swindle voters into a 4th term victory, you can bet your bottom dollar that media will be playing a critical role in their success.

3 thoughts on “Media Trashing Of Pierre Poilievre A Trudeau-Funded Disgrace”

  1. If the Liberal party will except the responsibility for the state of the economy that they have produced, all of the destruction of the Canadian laws of this country, as well as the discreditation of the global pride Canada has suffered under this administration.

    The election results are under no threat from Liberals. The province of Quebec will always support the Liberal Government. Why wouldn’t they. They have always garnered special status when it comes to the Liberal party. It is the provinces in the east coast that play a big part in the final results of this election. Our children, our grandchildren, our great grandchildren will pay over and over for this. I feel sorry for whoever has to clean up this mess.

    God bless you, and I pray for your wisdom to lead us out of this mess.

  2. An excellent commentary on the demise of Canada’s profile, way of life and standard of living. Our once proud some what unbiased MSM has debased themselves to the Federal Government’s propaganda machine. Should Canadians re elect the inept and corrupt current government it would suggest Canadians at best, are ill informed, at worst that stupid but probably somewhere in between.


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