Media Silent On Solution For Convoy Chaos: Trudeau Should Quit

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How often it is that Canadian media eschew obvious solutions to social problems. It doesn’t take Prof. Stephen Hawking to figure this one out:

A cure for the social chaos emanating from the Truckers Convoy is as obvious as snow on the Rocky Mountains. All that has to happen is for Justin Trudeau to quit.

Notice how not a single mainstream media organization offer this simple suggestion? There’s a darn good reason why. How many readers think it is a good idea to tell your boss to quit their job? There’s the answer. The reason for this current structure comes in a form media choose not to reveal. Why would they, when it would be a case of biting the hand that feeds them?

In 2021, a report was issued that included undisclosed information regarding the relationship between the Liberal government and Canadian media organizations. The names of the news media who took part in a $61 million dollar pre-election pay-off have been published as a .pdf document.

As reported by, publications such as Maclean’s, Postmedia, Black Press and hundreds more receive huge taxpayer dollars from the Trudeau government.

According to Marc Edge, Canadian journalism historian, “hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding for Canadian journalism compromises independence in covering government.”

Exactly what the woke doctor ordered. As a result, the most obvious solution in the world for the present chaos in Canada is set aside. Bringing up several pertinent questions:

Does Justin Trudeau want the best for Canada, or for himself? Are legacy media in favour of a peaceful society, or social chaos? Does any controlling institution give a fig about the well-being of our country?

The latter may seem trite, but a world can be discovered within. Cultural Action Party speak of the topic of sickness. After two years of Covid calamity, we can be sure all Canadians are aware of the concept.

Is what Canadians have on our hands a sick society? No one should be surprised that CAP believe so. And we are not even referring to Covid. Rather, the malady we speak of is what one might call a “soul sickness.” The heart of our nation is ill.

Is it hyperbole to state that the lifeblood of democracy has been removed from the body politic? Our controlling institutions used to work for the benefit of citizens. Was it ever a perfect scenario? Of course not. Have users and abusers been working in the shadows? Of course they have.

But it was never like it is at present. The root of our angst being found in social division. CAP made the call the moment that Trudeau became prime minister. We stated flat-out at the time that the end result would be a breakdown in society.

The magic mountain of questions comes in the following form: was it intended to be this way, or is Justin Trudeau simply incompetent? Even at this stage, it’s difficult to say for sure.

Then again, how much does it matter? Whether through stealth and subterfuge, or organic development, the song remains the same.

To clear away the chaos, Justin Trudeau could chose to go gentle into that globalist night. Perhaps, in the end, this is the true test of whether this man has ever cared about the country he was elected to lead.

7 thoughts on “Media Silent On Solution For Convoy Chaos: Trudeau Should Quit”

  1. If Justin Trudeau had even an smidgen of Honour he would have resigned long ago . When all the corruption first started he lied to all of Canada right in TV The list is a long one He does not like Canadian unless we are of French descent or we are new immigrants. He does not care about this once great country I sincerely believe he wants to destroy Canada or take this country to a very dark place . Yes he is very untrustworthy , very very immature and most assuredly incompetent .

    • Yes you are right he is incompetent to lead this country he needs to step down . Steve Harper ward us of This up coming leader. And he wasn’t wrong he’s thoughts of this country are not the one’s that we Invision for the rest of us he is a communist in every way .

      And he needs to be removed from he’s leadership I call on the goverGeneral of canada to remove this socialist dictator because that’s what trudeau is he is a dictator. He would love nothing more to take everything we worked for away from us . And steel your money take away your homes and business from you . And make you bag steel and borrow from him . And he would live off of your miss fortunes .

      He what’s to be very super rich with you having nothing in return . Think about it he’s not running on a full beck he’s crazy . And not going to go down easily because he has no morals and doesn’t care plane and simple and doesn’t care about your religious status either that’s been proven all ready anyway.

      are in for some hard times unless we can get ride of this threat justin Trudeau the evil with in .

  2. Perhaps “Go gentle into the Globalist night” will have to be whispered into Trudope’s ears by the macabre Klaus Schwab. BTW–Did you know? Schwab is on video rhapsodizing about how “Prime Minister ‘Tloodough’ ” is one of his graduates–And “At least half of his cabinet” are also Schwab’s globalist graduates. Talk about infiltration. If interested; please click the video link–Time stamp 22:30. The video is from an American website. An enjoyable; well presented half hour; w/ the Canadian trucker’s convoy as the central theme. And–The “little ferret” Trudeau.

  3. It won’t matter. He is nothing but exactly what he is. A drama teacher, an actor. Nothing more other than his family history. Mr George Soros and friends have mentored and are behind everything he says. It’s sad, and when they are finished with him they will just give him his dream and send him too an island with six year old young boys. He is a fucking petifile

  4. Justin has a very big mouth yet hides like a coward. A real leader would talk to the Truckers and discuss their ‘beef’ so to speak. Yet he hides.

    He needs to step down or the Liberals need to boot him like the ‘conservatives’ did to O’Toole.. I honestly doubt either will happen.

  5. Time to all start phoning and emailing the GG for Trudeau’s removal. They are now getting 50 calls a day, time to dial it up everyone.


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