Media Silent As Sharia Law-Based Islamic Party Emerges In Canada

Parties with religious undertones are not unheard of in Canada, but this is the FIRST TIME an Islamist party hopes to enter the Canadian political scene.

82 thoughts on “Media Silent As Sharia Law-Based Islamic Party Emerges In Canada

  1. Words fail me, how stupid are the Canadians, real stupid and moronic to allow this to happen, turkeys celebrating Christmas.

    1. Meh, just because they exist, doesn’t mean they’ll be in power. Nobody here wants Sharia law. It’s a belief system for egotistical shithead extremists and most Canadians know that.

        1. People with refugee status are citizens but cannot vote, atleast that was my understanding when working worh the IRCC / red cross

          1. Justin Trudeau sent 57,500 voter registration cards to NON-citizen refugee so unfortunately your statement is false.

          2. With libtard Trudeau in power already allowing ex pays and new comers to vote with recently changed laws and buying the media with .6 billion to try to stay in power, the liberals will continue to change the rules and make it much easier for an Islamic party and their fellow religious immigrant brothers to vote in real numbers….that’s the scary part. Most Canadians don’t even understand what doors Trudeau has been throwing open and even if they don’t accept Shari law, when we get out voted one day, watch out!

          3. Trudeau changed the rules. Now anyone who can get somebody to vouch for them can vote. Supposedly, that someone must be a Canadian citizen, but how to prove that? Probably by getting somebody else to vouch for them. See where this is going? Get you Canadian ass out there, drag your Canadian friends/neighbours/relatives and VOTE to kick the Islamic Liberals out of office. Do nationally what Ontario did to Wynne (or Canadians did to Kiim Campbell in 1993).

      1. Nah, no one thought the Nazi would take control of Germany. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing. This party will become dangerous. It needs to be dissolved and never be allowed to see the light of day again.

        1. I agree Ken. It took Spain 700 years to get Islam out of the country. The problem is you either allow Islam in your country, which will ultimately result in that country becoming and Islamic country, or outlaw it and not allow a single Muslim to live here. According to Dr. Bill Warner, there has never been a country that has been infiltrated by Islam, either willingly or by force, that within 100 years was not an Islamic country. It saddens me for future generations.

          1. outlaw it then round up every single one that is being investigated for being radicalized and kick them all back out. not racism just trying to correct the canadian ideals

      2. Should see the last poll for Muslims that live in the UK 70% of musouM that live there believe in sharia law

      3. Canadians are also very apathetic Joseph, their tolerance toward differences in people, is what make them so likeable around the world. Unfortunately, with this group, their removal at a later date might prove insurmountable.

      4. I hope you’re right. We now have laws making it illegal to criticize Islam. Does this not mean that we already live in an Islamic country?

      5. If they get enough of their people into our country they will get voted in. Domination by volume. And they reproduce children 3x what we do. They are fully capable of over running a country

        1. This is why 3rd world immigration and multiculturalism go hand in hand. This is what Pierre Trudeau gave to Canada.

      6. Oh don’t ignore it what the considered felony and in accordance to Sharia it is not you set the petson free. They will start opening a Mosque in your neigborhood or block an avenue by the hundred and pray , it is a show of force

      7. well they may not be in right away but if Trudeau allows 700 thousand to cross our borders in the next 5 to 10 yrs, who do you think they are gonna vote for.

      Please please please Keep posting this information!! We have a total media blackout here and this is trying to be forced upon us! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!

      1. trudeau bought the media. i seems that liberals in any country destroy any semblance of living a normal life.

    3. I so agree….pretty son we shall be afraid to sign in because they will come after us….call me paranoid but just wait.

    4. Was talking to a friend in London, England the other day who said the initial sympathetic views on Trudeau have long since faded. In fact, in the country’s tabloids he is frequently referred to as Jihad Justin, particularly after reports of a proposed criminalization of criticism of Islam in Canada made the British news headlines.

      1. You are right we don’t like Trudeau! But our Leftist Liberals might !! Its obvious he cares more for the Muslims than the Canadian people ! He makes my skin crawl! I believe he has converted, is this true??

    5. It’s not the Canadians that are stupid…. it is a Prime Minister that has gone off the rails.. and we can’t get rid of him fast enough.. before he causes more harm..

      1. I sincerely hope you do get rid of him, otherwise your women will be wearing Burqas, and all Canadians forced to convert to Islam. It will happen, not a legacy you want to leave to your children!!

    6. So you tell us how the hell are we going to stop this besides voting him out , it’s not like we can just walk up to these waist of skins and tell then no ,

    7. Canadians themselves are not stupid. However Trudesu and his puppets have their own agenda, and do not give one whit, what the citizens of Canada think.

    8. I don’t believe the Canadian people are the stupid ones. It’s our prime minister who is completely out of touch with reality. THIS IS NOT WHAT THE CANADIAN PEOPLE WANT!!!

    9. How stupid are the Canadians? REally? You tell me how we are suppose to fix this? He is the PM and we can’t vote till October.

  2. this Islamic party that has registered should be outright stopped and their application withdrawn on criminal grounds for this reason. Since they are advocating their religious name Islam and therefore are taking their ideology from the Koran which advocates honor killings, mutiliation and also this important criminal offense under the criminal code of Canada, uttering death threats to infidels. We are under constant threat by there utterances of death to those who do not agree with their ideology. Since this country has tolerated this ideology/religion, what ever you want to label it, it is one thing to tolerate and another thing to legitimize to the point of a political party. What they base the foundation of their beliefs is AGAINST THE CANADIAN LAW and therefore must be denied on criminal grounds.

      1. china has impounded a million plus islam believers and sharia law. they are trying to have them believe in chinas law or toss them out. a lesson canada should take. this is so hard because there are some reasonable and good people in the islam mix. but how do you know which ones you are talking to.

    1. I think your arguments are based on what you heard from media. I challenge you to point out any islamic teaching that promotes killing as you stated above. Otherwise islam is areligion of peace.

      1. your name here is mohamed yet it seems you have never read the koran. Just open it up and start from the beginning.
        Farthest thing from a “religion of peace” but without doubt a religion of peaces (OS).

      2. mohammed– please put a post of muslim law on facebook, especially the part where they can have sex with nine year old daughters. and how islam wants to kill all the infidels please.

        1. Bruce McKenn , Mohammed won’t do that, they never do! I know what you have said is TRUE!! People need to speak to Apostates, they will confirm what you are saying and more!!

    2. I am against Islam in every way, but I do not believe in censoring speech. We need to attack the laws that make it illegal to question the ideology of Islam and then make plain and factual statements about what this organization is all about (Education is the best defence against any ideology). Right now, doing this is against the law, which means we are already living in an Islamic country.

    3. Yes, it’s against Canadian law – but those laws will be changed and then we’re all screwed. It has already started with laws making it impossible to even speak about Islam.

  3. If it did happen and they try to take over I could see an uprising of canadians band together to eliminate these pests!!

  4. Keith Riches…Not all Canadians or NON that I am aware of are supporting this. Our PM has backed us into a corner and pretty much does what he wants regardless of how US Canadians feel. This will be taken apart before it gains any momentum here. Thats my hope anyways.

  5. My answer to that is simply this::If anyone joins then deport them ALL back to a Sharia run country, Canada is for freedom and Sharia is for oppression.

    1. They want to dominate. They don’t want to go to a sharia ran country. They want to make EVERYWHERE sharia law. You should hear how quietly they’re working allll around us getting educated, learning the Quran, all in mosques around us. Teaching even young kids to hate us, kill us, oppose us. It won’t stop until they’re all deported and no Muslim’s are allowed in, or war.

  6. This is a bad mistake. If we want to Muslim we would be but this Canada and we respect other people but the laws of India are not and should not be our las we would move to India if we wanted it but these people chose to come live in Canada. Accept Canadian law or go back to India where you can practice your Indian Sharia law freely.

  7. We need a fricken miracle right now is what we need. I have kids and to know there is a huge possibility that they are going to be in harms way 24/7 by our government terrifies me. Canadians are being put on the back burner yet again and now were apparently being sacrificed by our government to this sharia law bullshit. Am i the only one scared for my kids and their kids after them and theirs after them? After all is sakd and done were going to wish that we went face to face with the apocalypse.

  8. Canada is just being a door mat to this kind of garbage especially with a PM who wants attention & funds from anyone who will praise & vote for liberals. Just seeing the kind of people he’s allowed selfies with & allowed to meet with him in his office makes me so disgusted. Maybe we need to have some people join this party to see exactly what they’re doing!

  9. This is fucked up.. really fucked up. I will never vote liberal again in my life. I’m ashamed that I had hopes for Trudeau. The US becomes a joke and now we have to follow suit come on Trudeau

  10. They will win eventually by shear numbers. The average Canadian family are having 1.1 children and the Islamics are having 5-6. Eventually with larger immigration and bigger families they will out vote everyone else.

    1. Hopefully if my fellow Canadians are smart they will vote to get the extrrme left pretty much socialist Liberals out of power come November. We already did it in Ontario.

  11. Trudeau is doing nothing but selling out OUR country. He needs to be held accountable and charged with High Treason!!!

  12. Connie, where do you get the idea that Sharia Law comes from India? Please educate yourself. India is a democracy with a large Hindu population. Muslims are not the majority, I do not know of any state in India that allows Sharia Law.

  13. I don’t think many people understand Islam judging from the comments here. It is the extremist that is using Islam as an excuse to cause disruption in our system. There are many good Muslims in Canada. Those that uses religion as an excuse to justify their ends and means are the culprits that we should ban from Canada and all these discord started when Syrian refugee’s were allowed in. Again, there are genuine refugees hoping to start a new life but our screening process also has admitted the bad ones. Blame not the religion but the people who uses it to justify their cause.

  14. I guess he must be against the LGBT community then. I find that strange since he’s given his support openly! He supports killing gay people.

  15. The government of Canada is a joke! The media is a joke! I should start a new political party with a base line to eradicate moslem political parties! It will look good on you in Ontario if they win! Does no one in Ontario care? Seems to me that everyone should be making more noise about this!

  16. Sharia Party of Ontario -On their website they declare Islam is the natural religion of Ontario! Muslim Brotherhood’s goal is to make Islam worldwide! Which means TAKING OVER countries! They will not leave! Already fifth column muslims-Fifth column, clandestine group or faction of subversive agents who attempt to undermine a nation’s solidarity by any means at their disposal,are already in Trudeau’s government! They support Muslim Brotherhood ,this is next stage in taking over Canada.

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