Media Silent As BLM, 3rd World Forces Unite In “Anglo-Hating” Political Agenda In Canada

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“For the Sikh community, the Black Lives Matter protests happening  across North America come at a time when emotions are high .”

 “Unlike 36 years ago, the action doesn’t exist in the silo of one community.”

Truer words never spoken–truer reality never more buried in an attempt to cover-up an agenda Cultural Action Party believe to be fundamental to Justin Trudeau’s anti-Anglophone agenda.

CAP call it like this: What we have hear is a “coming-together” of what were once disparate social groups. This was back in the “old days”— when individual “multicult” organizations largely functioned independently of each other.

SUCCESS Immigration Services focused exclusively on importing migrants from China. National Council of Canadian Muslims remained holistic in promoting Islam within Canadian society. World Sikh Organization focused on promoting Sikhism within all western nations who would put up with it.

As Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau once stated, this is all so “2014.”

Just as the Liberal-3rd World cultural assassins have accomplished by trans-itioning the term “racism” to a far more potent “systemic racism,” an additional ramp-up of attack is taking place within Justin Trudeau’s 2020 Canada:

A merging of formerly disparate anti-Anglophone political organizations into one cohesive unit. Fellow patriots, Anglophones and Conservatives would be wise to wake up and “smell the coffee.”

This is reverse-racism ON STEROIDS. Think about it–how much more powerful will the white-bashing political movement advanced by PM Trudeau and CBC News become after the Sikhs unite with BLM, the BLM unite with geo-political Islam, and upward and onward.

End Game? What CAP guarantee CTV, Global News, Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star will never speak of– a forthcoming unity of anti-Anglophone agendas into a single political POWERHOUSE:

“We, the undersigned American Muslim civil rights, advocacy, community and faith organizations, echo the calls being made nationwide for meaningful reforms to discriminatory law enforcement practices and violence against Black people in the United States.”

End quote. Why? Because this is all the evidence required to validate what Cultural Action Party of Canada has advocates “all along”– the merging of Black America with the Nation of Islam.

Think this to be irrelevant and benign? If a Canadian does, then they are a victim of Liberal-Globalist Media Propaganda.

CAP Conclusion: Okay, folks–this is not a pretty picture in the least. What we observe after meticulously following Canadian politics every day for the past five years is the following:

Post-modern Liberal “warfare” has come to Canada. This battle is not fought with guns and tanks–that’s all so “2014” after all. No, this war is an entirely unprecedented affair. It is difficult to discern– as Trudeau wants this to be.

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Notice how media in Canada never project into the future of Canadian society? Want to know why? Because Canada’s future looks like this:

A battle between Trudeau’s Liberal-Third World political cabal, and Anglo-European Canada. Then again, there may not be a battle at all— exactly why CBC cover-up this reality.

A fight involves two parties–and thus far, our side are not fighting back in any capacity. Trudeau and his media partners are successfully keeping us down by way of one specific weapon–an accusation of racism–and thus far, we are buying it hook, line and sinker.

Justin Trudeau, CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail have buried what CAP feel is a calculated war upon the dignity of Canadian Of European Heritage. Slowly but surely–as in incrementally, Black Lives Matter is merging with Islam, who are merging with political Sikhism, and on and on.

The goal is a successful marginalization of white Canada. The intention is to trans-fer all power maintained by Old Stock Canadians into the hands of 3rd World Canada.

Founder, Pierre Trudeau. Executor, Justin Trudeau. Spiritual Advisor, Alexandre Trudeau.







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  1. I believe Justin Trudeau along with BLM will abruptly come to a conclusion once justice has been done and IT WILL BE DONE. Week 10 coming up then Q


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