Post-Modern Nation: Law Suit Launched Against Covid-19 CHARTER RIGHTS Violation

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Vaccine Choice Canada is launching legal action against the Government of Canada and others for violating our rights and freedoms during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The mass and indiscriminate containment of citizens and the restriction of access to our economy, courts, parliament, and livelihoods are extraordinary measures that have never before been considered, much less implemented.”

“The impact of these measures on our physical, emotional, psychological, and economic well-being is profoundly destructive, unwarranted, and clearly not sustainable.”

So says those who created the petition. What is Canada’s collective media response to this push-back against what CAP consider a totalitarian, KGB-like government demand?

Nothing—because CBC, National Post and the rest have not “covered” this story at all.

CAP Trans-lation: Canadian media fully support the government initiative—just as they do within communist societies. Reason the Canadian public has trouble recognizing the post-modern “trend?”

Simple as Nova Scotia apple pie: because the Trudeau government control media in a communist style.

“Vaccine Choice Canada has made numerous formal requests of the Government of Canada and the provincial governments to provide evidence that justifies the violations of our Constitutional rights, to no avail.”

And to think this government had the gumption to inform the people of Canada that the “Sunny Ways” government of Comrade Trudeau would be “transparent” as all get-up.

Shades of communism rising? For certain, says Cultural Action Party of Canada.

CAP a racist, bigoted, xenophobic political party?

For certain, says Vancouver City Council, Brampton City Council, Halifax City Council, Senator Larry Campbell, China-centric writer Ian Young, anti-Anglo journalist Shree Paradkar, and a host of others who prefer accusations rather than debate and discussion.

Anyway, the point here is that believe that within 2020 Canada— our nation is “at war.”

Hyperbole? Rampant Paranoia? Perhaps—and perhaps not. Here are the battle lines:

On The Attack Against Old Stock Canadians:

Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, Liberal Party of Canada, Immigration Minister MP Marco Mendicino, Canadian media, Canadian academia, communist China, geo-political Islam, Sikh Nationalism, United Nations, American environmental groups, international money men bankers, as well as George Soros’ Open Border Society Foundation.

Those Being Attacked:

“Old Stock” Canadians, the Canadian-born, Anglophones, Christian-Canadians,  tax-paying Canadians, Albertans, and anyone else who would DARE to question the pseudo- socialist assault upon society.]

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And now—introducing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms: This piece of human and civil rights legislation was forced upon Canada with zero buy-in from the people of Canada.

Ostensibly a measure to create social equality in Canada, the Charter has served as nothing short of a social weapon to “chip away” at democracy for the past 38 years.

Degree to which CBC exposed this in the past 38 years? You know it, fellow patriots—absolutely NOTHING(say it again).

Result in 2020 Canada: 38 years of the disempowerment of Anglophone Canada, and 38 years of empowerment of Chinese, Sikh and Muslim Canada.

Now for the bad news: this is Justin Trudeau. It is brother-in-the-shadows, Alexandre Trudeau, as well as Papa Pierre Trudeau before them.

Media day nothing. Are media largely Chinese, Sikh and Muslim Canadians? No they are not—they are basically “white Canada.”

So why are they working to “destroy their own?”

What a strange, destructive journey this has been for our people. So various levels of government– province of New Brunswick in particular–  attempt to force Canadians to be “shot up” with a so-called antidote to Covid-19.

Will a list of everything contained within the “remedy” be delivered up to the innocculated? Will any extra-Covid materials be included in the “mainlining” of our people?

CBC say nothing. CAP bet “dollars-to-Tim Horton’s donuts” that CTV, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail and the rest of the liberal rot never ONCE allude to any concept put forth within this article.

CAP Conclusion: Canadian media are not to be trusted—and neither is Trudeau’s communist-saturated federal government.

Of course, provincial level government bodies and Municipal leadership teams are 100% on board.

Wanna know yet another curious phenomenon CAP is witnessing at present?

Here it is: the ideological “coming together” of the federal and municipal governments. Suddenly these two appear ubiquitously aligned. The provincial level—certainly in the area of “health care”— appear to follow suit.

Government versus “the people”— the exact scenario which always unfold within socialist societies. Why is this permeating Canada in 2020?

Because Canada in 2020 is a pseudo-socialist nation. Mandatory injections of Covid-19 remedies? The root of all this is China. Do you as a thinking Canadian trust this sad and sordid affair?

Please—let us think for ourselves in this regard. If we do not—and rather let Jusitin Trudeau & Co. think for us instead— our future as an identifiable Anglophone community looks mighty grim.


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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth , Trudeau needs to be stopped ,he is a traitor to the Canadian people .I would like to know where all the money is coming from .I think this government needs to be reminded that we are not there slaves we voted them in we pay there wages so they work for us .How do you stop them.


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