MEDIA PRAISE NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh After His “Race-Baiting” Incident In Parliament

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It is with extreme mystification that Cultural Action Party of Canada witness media musings on social issues related to race, racism, bigotry and xenophobia in Canada.

Leader of Canada’s federal NDP Party, Jagmeet Singh got himself ejected from the House of Commons for calling Bloc MP Alain Therrien  a “racist.”

Indeed, there was a time when this behaviour would be called out by Canadian media in no-uncertain terms. Those days are gone–as are the days of objective news reporting within society.

As far as CAP is concerned, current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the “figure-head” responsible for a trans-ition of mainstream media into a communist-style instrument of government.

Upon this accomplishment, news delivery began to morph into something “completely different.”

Let us offer an example, taken from leading weekly news magazine, Maclean’s:

“In this woebegotten year of 2020, blessed is the politician who can stumble into a scandal perfectly tailored to the tyranny of Twitter.”

What does this even mean? Talk about an ambiguous piece of media tosh. Let us move on.

“It was an act of civil disobedience, well suited to the passions of the moment, that generated overwhelming support for Singh.”

So can you hear it, fellow Canadian patriots! “Praise be” the Sikh-Canadian who broke the rules of conduct within the House of Commons. Turns out that according to establishment media, this action by Singh has been interpreted as positively HEROIC.

How insane this is–unless you reside in politically correct Canada, a country turned inside-out and upside-down by way of a Liberal-3rd World-Globalist assault upon our society.

Check it out–within the very same article we read the following:

In keeping with the long-standing “tradition of respect for the integrity of all Members,” elected officials are barred from using personal attacks, obscenities and insults while in the House of Commons.

Yet, within the same article, the liberal-pandering journalist praises Mr. Singh. Why the hypocrisy? Simple as apple pie– because the degree of political correctness within government, media, academia– as well as our corporate and business communities is so extreme, our country has lost the original “moral compass” which existed for the first 100 years of national existence.

Any CAP reader will know what we attribute this degeneration to– the Liberal Party of Canada, Pierre Trudeau, Justin Trudeau, as well as a  combined domestic/global influence of the United Nations, Communist China, Geo-Political Islam, and Sikh Nationalism.

Within 2020 Canada, all major media outlets perpetuate Canada’s pre-meditated path toward an anti-Anglophone and anti-European Canadian society.

Think on this a while– any and every time a white Canadian commits an act of so-called racism, it is the “crime of the century.” Consider for a moment the repercussions of the George Floyd murder in America.

One dead black man murdered in cold blood- a nasty, macabre event if there ever was one. Result within Canadian society? All Canadians of European heritage are immediately branded racist.

Yet regarding Jagmeet Singh, hero of 3rd World Canada? When he commits an act of racism in the House of Commons, media brand the man’s behaviour as fair and justified.

Witness the hypocrisy! Yet, in truth, this kind of thing is never-ending within Trudeau’s “no core identity” Canada. Would you like CAP’s interpretation of what our ruling government have now replaced our “missing core” with?

Try an anti-Canadians of European Heritage society. Is not the Singh-MacLean’s situation emblematic of this state of hypocrisy?  Forgive and forget–and then praise the man for his heroic behaviour.

Bloc MP Claude DeBellefeuille objects on a point of order: “The NDP leader shamelessly called the member for La Prairie racist. That is unacceptable in the House.”

Jagmeet Singh responded: “Yes, I did call him a racist, and I do believe he is.”

Wanna know who is a racist within Trudeau’s Canada? Very simple–anyone who differs in opinion from Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Singh, Somalian citizen Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen, and Pakistani citizen Liberal MP Iqra Khalid.

Turns out all is forgiven by way of media. Check this “gem” out:

“In the meantime, through his act of well-timed civil disobedience, Singh won the day’s news cycle.”

Winner–Jagmeet Singh. What a tragic disgrace this is. The degree of sorrow and pity CAP has for Anglophone/European Canadian communities knows no bounds. Media are perpetuating racism in Canada–which makes perfect sense–as the truth behind combined socialist-infused government and media deception ramps up to its highest level in Canadian history.

What will it take to break the grip Canada’s “multicultural” lobby have over general society? Is there some form of “golden key” to release Anglo-European Canadian from the political prison that government and their media partners have placed our people in?

While CAP may not have a definitive answer, one truism remains: as long as our country has Justin Trudeau as a so-called “national leader,” freedom and democracy will continue to erode within a post-modern Canada not a single citizen requested, or approved.







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