Media Message: Canada Is “Built Upon Foundation Of Racism” Says Faheed Khan

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“The reality that Canada is built on a foundation of racism and Indigenous genocide is not a new revelation.”

So says a card-carrying member of Canadian society’s trend toward publishing the writing of 3rd World ingrates who enjoy moving to Canada to enjoy what we offer, and then turning around and stabbing our nation in the back.

Such is the “creative style” of one named Fareed Khan. This fellow is not alone. Within Justin Trudeau’s anti-Anglophone society, each major media outlet has one of these Canada-hating 3rd World ingrate journalist.

Sheema Khan at Globe & Mail. Valma Subriannam from National Post. Shanifa Nasser over at the CBC, and Shree Paradkar from Toronto Star.

CAP wonder which country this Khan person’s family derives from. How about Saudi Arabia— the nation which maintains religious supremacy as mandated by the state. Perhaps we should try Pakistan and their law which makes all Christians pay an extra tax.

Speaking of Christianity, in Somalia a person will be thrown in  jail for being a Christian. In response,the Trudeau government give $30 Million Canadian tax dollars each year.

Speaking of tax-dollars, Mr. Trudeau hands Islamic nation Burkina Faso a cool $63 Million Dollars annually. Did you know that this backwash nation has indulges in mass murder–like this:

READ MORE: 4000 Christians MURDERED In Burkina Faso, Trudeau Provides $63 Million Per Year

Chance that Faheed Khan is the author of the above article? ZERO PERCENT.

It is at this point that the blood really begins to percolate. In a “nut-shell” Cultural Action Party of Canada HATE this kind of thing.

Is this Khan character not aware of some fundamentals of Canadian governance and jurisprudence?

Tell us, Ms. Faheed— where can one locate the source of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Are the roots of this civil and human rights legislation found in Burkina Faso?

Not quite, buddy-boy. How about the right to a fair trial, as well as the right to legal representation. Does this come from Saudi Arabia? The most impactful human rights ideology on planet earth is known to be something called the Magna Carta.

This comes from Britain, as in–“white man’s land”— not the historical communities of Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

Fact: Human rights ideology is a western phenomenon. The roots lie in European governance and legal jurisprudence. This is what has made Canada a nation so popular among immigrants–particularly those like Mr. Khan–the type who enjoy all the benefits of equal rights legislation while bashing our country to a pulp.

Be off with you and your type–true Canadians are sick and tired of this incessant  whining. Yes, it appears in our dying democracy that a talent for bitching and complaining is a sure-fire weapon to consolidate ethnic political power within Canadian society.

Yet, realize that as you do so, you are angering, insulting and provoking racism against Canadians Of European Heritage.

CAP represent this community, and for as long as trouble-making Canada haters such as Faheed Khan are still spouting globalist venom at Anglophone Canadians, we will be here to refute their propaganda.

That is, unless Faheed Khan instructs the Trudeau government to shut us down.

– BRAD SALZBERG, Founder of CAP( est. 2016)

5 thoughts on “Media Message: Canada Is “Built Upon Foundation Of Racism” Says Faheed Khan”

  1. 🇨🇦 When we talk about racism in North America there is a possibility that we have all been tainted by this phenomenon throughout our history. Destroying one or all statues or reminders of our past is counterproductive to learning lessons from history. Here is what one Chief had to say with respect to racism…
    The left wing liberal redneck uneducated spoiled racists brats want to erase history without knowing the true history of our province/country poisoned by liberal professors and the misinformation from the uneducated teachers in our school systems.
    Cornwallis retaliated against my people because my people were being paid by the country of France to scalpe all settlers years before Cornwallis gave the order to prevent settlers coming to our land.
    The British hired the Gorham Rangers to attack and scalpe my people who were made up of 52 Wampanoag Indians from Massachusetts.
    The Irish in Newfoundland hired the Mi’kmaq to kill and wipe out the Beothuk Indians, should we destroy everything related to my people, the Métis and the Mi’kmaq who scalped settlers for coin ??? Mi’kmaq are not native to Newfoundland, Should Newfoundland destroy everything related to the Mi’kmaq including their rights????
    Leave history alone, let the truth be known to all. Swallow the harshness of history. That was then this is now.

  2. Justin Trudeau is a French supremacist. If you dig into his video past you’ll find him saying that Quebec is the true Canada. Systemic racism is being judiciously installed right now by delusional politicians that are repeating the same humanitarian crimes that have been committed numerous times in the past.

    • Actually I’m wrong about the install of systemic racism. The issue is the install of systemic discrimination. Those that agree and go with the flow and those that say no, this is not right.


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