Media Infiltrated By “Foreign Actors” Says Foreign Interference Chairman

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Lest Canadians believe that interference from foreign governments is limited to members of Parliament, a new revelation from intelligence oversight committee Chairman David McGuinty has added additional fuel to the file:

“All forms of media, including mainstream media, are being subjected to interference by bad actors,” stated Liberal MP David McGuinty this week.

“Foreign interference is definitely in the media, and it is singled out in the review, not only in our most immediate review but in our past review,” McGuinty told reporters Wednesday.

“You should read it and take it to your owners and editors.”

And if they did, what would transpire? A shocking reversal of media positioning on federal politics in Canada? Highly unlikely it is. As in the case of accusations of potentially “treasonous” behaviour from Canadian MPs, the phenomena have long-term history.

It’s an element of the picture mainstream media have transitioned to static. How did Canada get to the condition it now finds itself in? The roots of the phenomena are decidedly Liberal, and in particular, steeped in the neo-communist stew advocated by Prime Ministers Pierre Trudeau and Justin Trudeau, respectively.

“The media was singled out in a recent review by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians, which McGuinty chairs.”

“It highlights how China and India are interfering with Canadian media content through direct engagement with journalists and media executives.”

In terms of Chinese infiltration of society, CAP bet the beef farm that very few Canadians know of the following:

BMO Financial Group has been building relationships in China, almost as long as the bank has been in business. Three months after its opening in 1817, the bank undertook its first foreign exchange transaction in support of trade with China in 1818.”

Skip ahead a century and a half to discover a related development:

It was in the year 1971 that ex-Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau became the first western leader visit China, meeting with various government officials, including Chairman Mao Tse Tung.

Less than one year later, in what may or may not be a coincidence, Trudeau forced Multiculturalism onto Canadian society.

Fast forward to 1978 to discover the establishment of the Canada-China Business Council.  It was at this point that powerful business figures in Canada began to push for economic integration between the two nations.

Reviewing the history of CCBC exposes a tangible connection between the Trudeau family and the billionaire Demarais family, founders of Quebec-based Power Corporation. In addition to Demarais family members, the board of directors has over the decades included a number of Bank Of Montreal[BMO] executives.

Thus, the birth of a covert economic partnership between the Liberal Party-oriented  “Laurentian Mountain Elite” and the government of China.

Soon after becoming prime minister in 2015, PM Justin Trudeau made a number of curious appointments to the Canadian Senate. Branded “Independent Senators,” this batch are arguably “more Liberal than the Liberal Senators.”

Peter Harder entered the Upper Chamber in April 2016, as the first Independent Senator appointed under a new non-partisan selection process. Harder formerly served as president of the Canada China Business Council.

We come to recognize the game-plan at hand. The Liberal Party’s tight connection with communist China is seen for what it is. From this time forward, the behemoth nation of the Far East began to get its tentacles wrapped around key industries and institutions in Canada.

One of them, as David McGuinty now states, is Canadian media:

“The latest report said there are examples of China paying to publish media articles without attribution, sponsoring media travel to China, pressuring journalists to withdraw articles and creating false accounts on social media to spread disinformation.”

That includes manipulating the media, which the 2019 report said poses a significant risk to the rights and freedoms of Canadians and the country’s sovereignty.”

Cultural Action Party [est. 2016] want to be clear as crystal. The nature of governmental-media relations means that propaganda spins can be applied to all situations detrimental to our Liberal government. Heck, if they can spin the NSICOP report findings, they can spin most anything.

But can they spin the following?

“All forms of media, including mainstream media, are being subjected to interference by bad actors,” Liberal MP David McGuinty said.

Guaranteed they will simply omit it. For readers who care about maintenance of national sovereignty– also known as “patriots”– these findings come as a critical warning sign.

For those who don’t– Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Chrystia Freeland– it’s just another day at the neo-communist office.

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