Media In Canada Obscure Assassination Attempt on PM Justin Trudeau

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“Court documents outlining allegations against Corey Barclay Hurren, arrested after a truck was crashed through the gates of Rideau Hall, suggest the attack may well have been an assassination attempt, featuring a direct threat against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and four loaded guns — a handgun, a semi-automatic rifle and two shotguns.”

When it comes to PM Trudeau, there seems to be no shortage of scandal, as well as no shortage of corresponding cover-ups. Fact is, media in Canada have in  no manner given the Rideau Hall incident the exposure it deserves.

Within the spectrum of  gossip-hungry, sensationalist media messaging, an alleged–or more likely confirmedassassination attempt on Mr. Trudeau should be making international headlines.

CAP maintain that our PM is one like no other. As it happens, no other media outlet dare utter the truth regarding Trudeau— he is a propped up pseudo-dictator who working the will United Nations, and not the nation of Canada.

China, Islam, Sikhism, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran–good to go with Trudeau. But Canada? Why, that’s a systemically racist nation populated with nasty white bigots. Forget Somalia and its archaic, tribal society– all good by way of King Justin.

From the CAP perspective, no Canadian should be surprised that this Curran fellow attempted to “make a move” on  PM Trudeau. The man is/was a  member of the Canadian Armed Forces–in other words, one might guess he is a Canadian-born patriot-type individual.

While CAP does not endorse violence, we believe that every Canadian-born patriot-type has every right to despise Justin Trudeau. In no manner do we believe this person should be the prime minister of Canada.

A proverbial search on the internet using keywords “Trudeau Assassination” brings up just one article– published in the National Post, as well as several local media outlets.

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In other words, there is no “big splash” regarding a four-gun toting Canadian busting a move in Rideau Hall to allegedly knock off our prime minister.

Why not? It appears the giant splash has trans-itioned to a major belly-flop. The CBC sure took it easy on “boss-man” Justin–then again, that’s the post-modern role of the state-funded broadcaster. Cover-up, spin, obscure, downplay– everything needed to keep the globalist agenda intact.

If it were not for this protective shell CBC place around Trudeau, the perception of the man would be a whole other “ballgame.”

Hurren “did knowingly utter a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or convey a threat to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or cause Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to receive a threat to cause death or bodily harm to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,” the charge sheet says.

Facts are facts–right, fellow patriots? Fair and true– except for one thing– facts and truth are not a Trudeau “speciality.” We are talking about a PM working to transform Canada for all-time.

Yes– this is the “trans” movement. Not so the trans-gender movement Mr. Trudeau supported in full [age 6-60, to be exact– Ed.] during his first four-year term in office. Seems his handlers told him to ease-up on his Transgender flag-waving in the town square move. Must have a been a drop in voter support there.

Still, “transform is a transform does”— a move from democracy to pseudo-dictatorship is a good call. So is the death of Christianity and corresponding rise in Islamic religious power in Canada. Trudeau is the man who made this happen.

Transition to state-controlled media, socialist-style? Done like dinner. Censorship in alternate and social media. Erosion of Parliamentary power, rise of PMO power.

Here’s a big one– an elimination of the public will, and the will of the majority. Within a true democracy, the will of the people is fundamental. Within Justin’s Canada, this is 100% meaningless.

Hence, the quasi-communist government of the ruling Liberals. Take a slice of socialism from Cuba, a chunk of communism from China. Next, mix in Soviet Union-derived propaganda, a touch of totalitarianism, and simmer to a slow boil.

For CAP, this is Justin Trudeau’s Canada. No wonder the odd Canadian wants this “eliminated.” It would be more–millions more-– if a pre-mediated globalist media agenda was not put in place to protect a unique, unprecedented aspect of present-day Canada:

A prime minister of Canada who hates the identity, heritage and history of the nation he has been elected to lead. The hatred is so deep, this ersatz King just had to transform the entire affair into the Justin Trudeau-Liberal-Globalist-3rd World Road Show, 2020-2030.






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  1. Had this Leader been relevant on the world stage his life or death might have been noteworthy but as it is, it will remain, Justin who? never heard of him, or I’m trying so hard to forget:(


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