Media in Canada Bury Western Europe’s Rejection Of Transgenderism

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In February 2022, the government of Sweden made a decision to bring an end to hormone therapy for minors. Later in the year, their National Board of Health mandated that mastectomies for teenage girls wanting to transition should be limited to research settings only.

As reported by Canadian media– not.

Denmark Joins the List of Countries That Have Sharply Restricted Youth Gender Transitions”

“Most youth referred to the centralized gender clinic no longer get a prescription for puberty blockers, hormones or surgery—instead they receive therapeutic counselling and support.”

As regurgitated in the Globe & Mail? Not a chance in Hades.

Mainstream media in Canada have developed a nasty habit of pertinent news omission. It well appears that if the ruling Liberal government want a socio-political trend to be suppressed,  the press follow orders in puppy dog-like fashion.

Earlier in the week, CAP wrote of media’s suppression of a critical piece of social transformation in the United States. Turns out that a plethora of state governments have plugged the plug on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion training, drawing a conclusion that it actually results in  an increase of racist sentiment.

“In April 2023, North Dakota became the first state to ban diversity statements and mandatory DEI training in educational institutions. They were promptly followed by Florida, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.”

Toronto Star offer not an inkling regarding the development. We begin to comprehend a  tacit understanding between the Feds and the media they fund by way of billions of dollars. In basic terms, policies enacted in the United States and other western nations that stand in contrast to Liberal government social policy are to be sublimated.

“In the course of less than a decade, like every other Western country, Denmark experienced an exponential increase in the number of young people presenting with gender dysphoria.”

“In 2014, there were only 4 documented pediatric cases who requested gender reassignment. By 2022, the number of referrals grew by 8700% to 352, similar to the several-thousand-percent increase in less than a decade witnessed by a number of Western countries.”

How fortuitous for our Liberal government. A pre-meditated burial of these developments means that CBC and the rest are relieved of addressing what can be considered the most critical issue within the annals of debate on transgenderism.

Organic, or conditioned? What’s the truth regarding an explosion of trans-converts within western society? Is it really a matter of a suppressed segment of people who all of a sudden caught “trans-fever?”

Or, as can be speculated, is the movement a social construct designed to “convert” citizens to the cause? After all, there’s huge money in this game. Giant profits for Big Pharma. Boosted revenues for high fashion, cosmetics, in addition to “rainbow-coloured” copyrights on everything from hats to socks to flags.

Why is it that media never speak of any of this? As with so-called “anti-racism” DEI education, it’s all about the “suffering” of those being prevented from trans-conversion— children in particular.

“The authors can hardly be accused of being armchair critics. They are the very clinicians responsible for assessing youth and approving them for gender transitions in Denmark.”

“Realizing that their well-meaning intentions were based on insufficient evidence, and seeing the growing evidence of harm, they sharply reversed course.

Legacy media in Canada wouldn’t print this in their papers if it was the last piece of newsworthy information on earth.

Woke Rule #1: Globalists never reverse course. Think about it. Every piece of PM Justin Trudeau’s woke propaganda campaigns exist as they did from day one. Upon which media refer to the Liberals as a “progressive” government.

In reality, it’s another piece of deception. When it comes to social issues “near and dear” to the heart of Liberalism– Abortion, Euthanasia, LGBT, Transgenderism– they’re as cast-in-stone as the Rock of Gibraltar.

“In England last year, the National Health Service announced that gender identity clinics will have to operate under stricter eligibility guidelines after a review cited a lack of research-based evidence.”

Not to worry–CAP didn’t know either. The source article exists as a aberration. In typical fashion, eight-years of an LGBT passion play took place in Canada before an article critical of transgenderism appeared in our media.

It’s just one of the things that drives us mad about the relationship between government and the press. By the time understanding of nefarious government policy becomes general knowledge, the agenda is deeply entrenched within society.

Immigration, Multiculturalism, Abortion– and no doubt one day, Euthanasia. It’s only through major social upheaval– copious hand-wringing and consternation–  that a light may come on at the end of the media tunnel.

In Norway, “the Norwegian Healthcare Investigation Board has established guidelines stating that minors 16 and older can receive medical treatment without parental consent, including puberty blockers. Potentially irreversible hormone therapy, however, does require parental consent.”

Holy Cow– these guidelines are a dead-ringer for Premier Danielle Smith’s transgender proposition in Alberta. The very proposal that was branded “hateful and destructive” by Trudeau’s pro-transgender gang of Liberal MPs.

Is this now the case? In Canada, 40 million citizens are to become aware of what government want them to become aware of. Just as it is in China, a country so virulently admired by the prime minister of our country.

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  1. why can’t Brad name the tribe but blames everyone and everything else except them….

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  2. Photo: (From the left) Quebec’s Premier LeGoat isn’t quite sure what he’s doing there. (Apart from being a fellow authoritarian.) Trudeau is actually raising his middle finger of defiance against the majority of people who aren’t with his “program.” Trudeau’s compromised (green dress) girlfriend has her hand where her non-existent heart would normally be placed. Loony May; green head bowed in unholy reverence; is praying to the climate change gods. This is what risibly; insanely; passes for “government.” Bunch of dangerous; delusional jackasses. As Barry McGuire’s 1965 song predicted; We’re on the “Eve of [world] Destruction”. Trudeau is merely setting the stage for our role in the final act.


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