Media In Canada Bury Refugee Intake Crackdown, Deportations In Europe

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If ever concerned voters doubted mainstream media’s dedication to Canada’s Liberal government,  the time has arrived to bury the hatchet.

Often it is that what the press refuse to report on is as relevant, or more relevant, than the actual presentation of news events. While Canadians spend their time micro-managing daily food budgets, news outlets in Europe are wringing their hands over a ground-breaking development:

“The European Parliament adopted its Pact on Migration and Asylum on April 10, 2024, clearing a major hurdle on its way to becoming European Union law. The package of regulations and directives seeks to update EU policies on migrants and refugees.”

As reported on by the CBC? As disseminated by the Globe & Mail? Blink, and you missed it–because it hasn’t happened.

According to France24, “The EU parliament adopted a contentious reform of Europe’s asylum policies that will harden border procedures, a sweeping reform nearly a decade in the making.”

“German Chancellor Olaf Scholz called the new rules a historic, indispensable step for the European Union.”

CTV called it “nothing at all.” Canada’s “wokest” news publication, Toronto Star, must have been out-of-office when the story broke. What do these omissions tell us about the state-of-our-nation, and beyond that, the condition of the Canadian press?

Old school Canadians may recall a popular T.V. show called “Get Smart” from the 1960’s. When time came for private meetings between Agent Maxwell Smart and his boss, down came the “cone of silence” to insulate them from being over-heard by their nemesis organization, C.H.A.O.S.

The same can be applied to PM Justin Trudeau and his team of post-modern cabinet ministers. If they could, they would implement a woke “cone of silence” to insulate Canadians from comprehending all news they don’t want us to know about.

The Liberal’s don’t want Canadians to know about the developments in Europe because, devoid of public approval, Trudeau and team have transitioned our country to “Salvation Army Of The World” status.

As with general immigration policy, in addition to its “sister” policy Multiculturalism, the people of Canada have had no say in these matters. Polls consistently show that the majority of Canadian voters want these policies scaled-back. In typical fashion, Trudeau couldn’t give a damn.

“This is a major breakthrough and a very important step towards a common, and therefore more effective, management of the migration challenges of our time.”

No wonder legacy media has sublimated the development. Who among them– publishers, editors or leading journalists– would dare to bite the woke hand that feeds them? Even if a writer did so, it would be shot down by the editorial board.

Result? Canadians are informed of what the Liberal government want them to be informed of. End of story.

“Outside the Brussels parliament building, dozens of demonstrators protested against the vote, echoing criticism from more than 160 migrant charities and non-governmental organisations who view it as a betrayal of European Union values.”

The same dynamic exists in Canada. A holy host of non-profit organizations, immigration pundits, DEI advocates and diversity-mongers would do the very same.

Cultural Action Party[est.2016] has a message in this regard– ignore them all, and here’s a reason why:

What is consistently overlooked in this regard is the degree to which the woke globalist contingent in Canada exist as an industry. There are literally tens of thousands of individuals employed by government and NGO’s who put food-on-the-table based on employment in these sectors.

These people want to keep their jobs. Their bosses want to continue to receive funding from the Feds to pay their salaries. Beyond this, there exists a plethora of political appointments based on dedication to refugee intake. For example, Trudeau-appointed Senator Ratna Omidvar worked her way up the political ladder based on her ability to effectively whine and complain about refugee intake numbers.

These people are insatiable, and for good reason. Under a Liberal government, immigration and refugee policy advocacy exist as a pathway to power. Just because media never mention it doesn’t mean it isn’t the case.

Upon which we drop the media bomb:

“The United Nations Refugee Agency, has endorsed the reform, drawn up by the European Commission since massive inflows jolted the bloc in 2015.”

Holy Cow– the United Nations are in favour of the agreement, And still Canadian media remain mum.

How many Canadians voted for our country to transition to a state-of-society in which government ignore public opinion, defy democratic principles(confidence and supply agreement), and censor critical news information to their heart’s delight?

The answer is no one. As it exists in Trudeau’s hero-nation of China, the Liberals continue to morph our nation into their vision of what they want Canada to be. This in itself constitutes a breach of authentic democratic governance.

“The pact’s measures are to come into force in 2026, after the European Commission sets out in coming months how it would be implemented.”

In neo-communist Canada, silence is indeed golden.

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  1. Guess Trudeau and his boyfriend Emmanuel Macaroon will be spilling tears onto their White Stilton Gold cheese @ $420/pound. The new Pact. Such a tragedy to bear.


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