Media in Canada Bury France’s Move From Liberalism To Nationalism

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Difficult to say whether a shocking story in late 2023 set the tone for realignment in political approach recently taken on by France’s ruling government.

“Six teenagers have been convicted in connection with events leading to the beheading of their teacher Samuel Paty in 2020, in a case that horrified France.”

“Abdoullakh Anzorov murdered Samuel Paty after messages spread on social media that the teacher had shown his class cartoons of the prophet Muhammad from the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.”

One has to wonder what would motivate a posse of teenagers to behead their teacher over a set of cartoons. Such is the insular ways of radicalism within certain segments of society.

Whether the incident served as a catalyst for radical change within the French government, it certainly didn’t help those who place archaic religious belief above the value of human life.

As late 2023 unfolded into early 2024, Emmanuel Macron’s government began taking steps toward every woke Liberal’s nightmare– the rebirth of nationalism.

In Canada, no one hates nationalism more than our nation’s leader and his composite of half-citizen and foreign-born MPs empowered by PM Justin Trudeau.

“France will ban children from wearing the Abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes worn by some Muslim women, in state-run schools, its education minister said on Sunday ahead of the back-to-school season.”

“France, which has enforced a strict ban on religious signs in state schools since 19th century laws removed any traditional Catholic influence from public education, has struggled to update guidelines to deal with a growing Muslim minority.”

Myopic special interest communities responded in typical style: “Islamophobia” is the call, as community leaders call for special treatment within France’s pluralist society.

It appears it’s only a beginning to what may be a major-about face within French society. As part of a globalist collective of left-wing propagandists, media deliver the following take on contentious moves by government:

“Macron Sparks Uproar With Call To Revive France’s Birth Rate”

An uproar, eh? Since when does attempt to rejuvenate birth-rates qualify as an egregious act? Cultural Action Party take a stab at it: since western media began to serve as a landing page for the erosion of national sovereignty among western nations.

As agents of border erosion and cultural disintegration, media in Canada are keeping their collective mouths shut. For what reason is not difficult to discern. As paid agents of Trudeau’s Liberals, they don’t want Canadians getting any “funny ideas.”

The Liberal Party of Canada hate nationalism. For Canada, that is. As for China, Iran, Pakistan, India and other leading source nations for immigration to our country, it’s all well and good– but not for us. No way, never, end of discussion.

“During a press conference on Tuesday, Macron said France needed to pursue what he called demographic rearmament”.

The president pledged to offer a better parental leave and combat infertility – which he called “the taboo of the century”.

Holy Crow– would you look at that? No wonder news of the new “French Revolution” is blocked in Canada. Our fertility rates have dropped like a nuclear bomb. In their stead, millions of migrants from 3rd World countries.

Canada’s abortion statistics should have been presented by media decades ago. If it was to occur, our citizenship would come to understand that a giant depletion of potential Canadians has resulted from decades of government-sponsored abortion policies.

The numbers amount to 80,000 to 90,000 abortion procedures per year, for the past 40 years. That equates with approximately 2.5 million cases of fetus destruction. CBC say nothing. Globe & Mail print nothing. Obviously, they want what government want– a burying of knowledge as related to the “burying” of millions of potential domestic births.

Over in France, globalist media propaganda begins to flow. The reason for Macron’s “hard right” turn is that if he doesn’t do it, hard-right political opponent Marine Le Pen will become prime minister of France.

It well appears that general society in France are entirely fed-up with political “wokism” and its manifestations– immigration being front-and-centre in this regard.

“The centrist government put forward a much tougher, right-wing bill which reduced access to welfare benefits for foreigners, toughened rules for foreign students, introduced migration quotas, made it harder for the children of non-nationals born in France to become French, and ruled that dual nationals sentenced for serious crimes against the police could lose French citizenship.”

A beautiful piece of work it is. It’s just what Canada needs. Therefore, forget about reading about it in Canada while sipping your morning Tim Horton’s coffee.

Chances of these directives occurring under the iron-clad control of Justin Trudeau? Nothing, and continue downward from there. Hell— he couldn’t do it even if he wanted to. So locked into zombie-like World Economic Forum affiliation is he. Add to it the government of China, political Islam and Sikh-Khalistan political ambition.

We come to recognize what can be colloquially referred to as “a hosing of a nation.” Team Trudeau has striped away all public influence on federal government policy.

With assistance from his direct competitor, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh, a globalist lock on Liberal governance until late 2025 comes in the form of a “supply and confidence” agreement signed by the two leaders.

Canada needs what the French government are now implementing. A return to nationalism, concern for our domestic demographic, rejuvenation of pride in country.

Every stitch of it diametrically opposed to Justin Trudeau and his ersatz “woke revolution.” Make no mistake though, the task is formidable.

Liberal cabinet and caucus contain a motley collective of environmental assassins, Quebec-centric politicians, LGBT-pushing power-players, and uber-ethnocentric members of Parliament.

Remove them from power, and Canada may stand a chance of survival as an authentic western democracy. As long as the Liberals remain, society will continue to implode until nothing remains of Canadian culture, identity, history and heritage.

This is what Justin Trudeau wants for our country, and he even coined a term for it:

“A post-modern society with no core identity.”

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  1. Trudeau
    Needs to step down.
    He has done so much destruction to Canada!!
    Many of the liberals and Singh should be ashamed of their behaviour and step down too!!

  2. Trudeau is a communist idiot !
    The sooner he goes the better off Canada will be.
    But who are all the brain dead people that vote for him.

  3. “One has to wonder what would motivate a posse of [Muslim] teenagers to behead their [genetically French] teacher over a set of cartoons.” As Trudeau would say; “it’s understandable.” My; How the Western times have changed–Finding it necessary to make a distinction between “genetically” French, and all other other foreign born; non-French descended citizens/residents. Whew. Simply describing him as as their French teacher might mean he taught French; but was Australian.

  4. After the next election in Canada, trudeau will no longer have identity in the country. Canadians will encourage him to move to another country, in another country.


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