Media In Canada Bury Anti-LGBT “Revolution” In United States

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The legislature in the state of Louisiana recently approved a bill prohibiting in-state healthcare providers from providing gender-reassignment surgeries, puberty blockers and hormone therapy for anyone under the age of 18.

Over the past two years, state legislatures in the USA have passed the same, or similar laws focused on prohibiting sex-change surgery and puberty blockers for citizens under 18.

Then there is Canada. Is it hyperbole to state that, against the will of the majority, our Liberal government is transitioning our country to the “trans-capital” of the western world?

Or more accurately, capital of the entire world. There is no LGBT revolution in China. Nor Pakistan, Nigeria, India, Iran, or other non-democratic nations and authoritarian states.

CAP take a wild guess as what government is up to. Without the consent of Canadians, PM Justin Trudeau has transferred our country into an international LGBT/Transgender repository.

LGBT refugees constitute a fair percentage of Canada’s overall refugee intake,  and Trudeau intends to keep it this way. Not because Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Orilla, Ontario want it to be the case.

No– the motivation comes not from Canadian voters, but rather what our citizenship should understand constitutes “big brother” to the Trudeau government– World Economic Forum.

To be sure, the trans bills are found in decidedly conservative states. No New York, no California, as can be expected. The Republican-Democrat dynamic is similar to the Liberal-Conservative relationship found in Canada.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said she “wanted to introduce legislation that would block federal funding for gender-affirming services because the Republican Party has a duty to be the party that protects children.”

Justin Trudeau has a duty to protect children as well. Only problem is, he doesn’t do it. Throughout a multi-year period in which the rise of LGBT and transgender politics has proliferated, not once has the PM implied that any form of age limitation should exist for Canadian children who want to transition sexually.

Meaning that, in effect, his silence stands as an endorsement for sex change and hormone therapy for Canadian children of any age. A disgrace it is, but you won’t being hearing this tune being played by mainstream media.

Speaking of the sounds of silence, we come to a profound realization:

Canadian legacy media– CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and the like, are hiding the anti-LGBT “revolution” currently occuring in the United States of America.

This is no fringe movement. As mentioned, 19 out of 52 American states have passed legislation banning sex-change surgery for minors.

CBC say nothing. For what reason? In a sense, it isn’t that complicated. Establishment media are being paid by the Liberals to cover-up a major societal overhaul currently taking place in the United States.

They are doing this because Justin Trudeau wants it done. Truly, this man is an odd duck. From day one, our PM has been on fire over LGBT rights in Canada, inclusive of the woke liberal mantra of transgenderism for citizens of any age.

Additionally, Trudeau’s Liberals are funding LGBT indoctrination throughout society. Have you heard the news?

“The Trudeau government is funding sex change surgeries for federal public service employees who are transgender and Canadians have taken to Twitter to express their disapproval of the new health benefit.”

“Starting July 1, 2023 each transgender employee receives a health benefit of up to $75,000 for gender affirmation procedures, such as sex reassignment surgeries.”

They love it. What to say other than the fact that PM Trudeau and the Liberals are obsessed with transgenderism, and are working to promote the phenomenon in an active and aggressive manner.

And Now, The Bomb:

“Earlier this year, former President Donald Trump said he would assign federal agencies to stop healthcare providers from giving gender-affirming care—which he said was child abuse and child sexual mutilation—for minors if he was re-elected.” 

Canadian media sharks go on a woke feeding frenzy. In truth, this is all the ammunition they need. Don’t you know? All push-back against the trans-industry can be put down to a case of “Trump-isms.” 

Naturally, the next step forward for woke liberal pundits from the press would be to associate anti-LGBT protests with “white supremacy” and neo-Nazism. It’s the way media roll in post-modern society being forced upon 40 million Canadians.

Louisiana. Kansas. Alabama. Florida. Arkansas. Arizona. Nebraska. Texas. Missouri. North Carolina. Oklahoma. Montana. North Dakota. Indiana. Utah. South Dakota.

Getting the picture, fellow patriots? Glad you are, because 98% of Canadians likely have little idea of the magnitude of the anti-LGBT phenomenon going on south of our border.

Justin Trudeau wants it this way, and as Canada’s media purse-string holder, this fellow gets what he wants.

An orchestrated government-media sublimation of a critical social development in America is what the people of Canada now have on their hands.

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  1. “Starting July 1, 2023 each transgender employee receives a health benefit of up to $75,000 for gender affirmation procedures, such as…surgeries [to cut out womens’ wombs/cut off their breasts; cut off mens’ weenies and testicles, and much more!]…..” That’s some “benefit.” [They’re] On the road to Shangri-La. Send us a postcard.


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