Media Hiding Justin Trudeau’s Support Of Sikh State Independence

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Most Canadians who follow federal politics are aware of a so-called “confidence and supply” agreement signed by PM Justin Trudeau and New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh.

Many Canadians remain unaware of a related agreement intentionally withheld from exposure by Trudeau’s paid-off press corps. An article published by media in India alerts us to the situation:

“An organised challenge to Indian sovereignty is emerging from distant lands. These are mainly Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, where the Sikh diaspora reside in large numbers.”

“Canada is in focus this time because of the June 4, 2023 event in the city of Brampton, Ontario, where a tableau rolled down the streets during a parade depicting the assassination of late Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It clearly exposed that Khalistan separatists have gained roots in Canada.”

Canada is the number one destination in the world for Sikh migrants. In support of the community, in addition to a return favour for Jagmeet Singh, PM Trudeau is silently supporting the Khalistani state independence movement back in the motherland.

Unbeknownst to Canadians, Mr. Singh has put major time and energy into support for Sikh state independence. That it’s not his job doesn’t seem to make a speck of difference. If Canadians became wise to the scenario, they might wonder why Mr. Singh is able to dedicate himself to non-Canadian causes devoid of criticism from media.

The reason is two-fold. First, we have media obfuscation. CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail— none have said a word against Singh’s indulgence in foreign nationalist politics.

The second reason relates to personal ethnicity. We must understand the Canada we live in. Jagmeet Singh is privileged because condemnation of his behaviour will by default be rendered an act of racism. This way, the NDP leader is free to do most anything he likes, while remaining outside the scope of media condemnation.

A luxury it is. The degree to which legacy media “go light” on criticism of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is one of federal politics greatest farces.

They’re a bit tougher on Trudeau, but not by much. Meanwhile, the foreign press has a different take on the matter.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “is critically dependent on the support of the New Democratic Party headed by Khalistan supporter Jagmeet Singh, who has 25 members of Parliament with him. This explains the compulsions of the ruling party for not being vocal against Sikh separatists active under the banner of Khalistan.”

Translation: Justin Trudeau supports Sikh-Khalistani independence, and Jagmeet Singh supports a prime minister hanging onto office by a political thread.

Media say nothing about the dynamic. Nor will they allude to the most powerful of political partnerships. Within the spectrum of federal politics, Liberalism and Sikhism are indelibly linked. The same applies to Liberalism and Islam.

Understanding that 3rd World migrants are the future of Canada, the Liberals jumped out early in the game to pander for the immigrant vote. Justin Trudeau kicked the process into high-gear by prostituting himself out to these communities via Sikh Bollywood outfits and religious Muslim garb.

The Liberals knew decades in advance that the immigrant would become the key to political success. Failing to inform general society of the fact, they silently went after the immigrant vote.

The result being a realization of former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau’s deepest dream: a globalist, borderless international repository powerful enough to eventually displace our Anglo-European communities. With the exception of Quebec, of course. “Like a rock” being the Liberal Party decree toward maintenance of French-Canadian culture.

“The statement by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly came after External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar yesterday said that India had asked partner countries like Canada, the UK and the US not to give space to extremist Khalistani ideology as it was not good for relations.”

It might not be good for Canada-India relations, but it’s good for one thing. In fact, by way of the Trudeau-Singh pact, it’s the only issue that matters: a maintenance of power for Justin Trudeau, as well as NDP Party leadership for Jagmeet Singh.

Let’s level with each other right now: all that Trudeau and Singh care about is maintenance of power. How it happens, whether honest, truthful or otherwise, matters not one iota.

Political opportunists lacking a loyalty to the people of Canada is what they are. Not only this, rather than democratic governance, political orientation for both is found in the socialist-communist arena. As a result, Canada is today stuck in a rut of neo-communist control.

“Trudeau is treading a thin line, heading a minority government backed significantly by Jagmeet Singh, who is crucial for his political survival. Though the 2019 elections had sealed the bond between them, Singh is now seen as someone who is his trusted partner supporting him whenever he is attacked by opposition on issues.”

Hear ye, Hear ye: Federal politics in Canada includes a leader of the NDP Party who now works for the Liberal Party. How plainly can it be stated? Does it even matter?

It will be on a balmy winter day in Nunavut when establishment media position the Liberal-NDP pact as a covenant of selfish convenience. If they did, 40 million Canadians might come to see the reality of the Trudeau-Singh partnership plan.

What Jagmeet Singh has done is to serve as  guarantor that Justin Trudeau will remain prime minister until late 2025. The voting public may not want him, and likely less so as time heads toward that late date.

Because of one man– Jagmeet Singh– no recourse exists to remove Canada’s most hated politician from office. In return for the gift, as well as to gain the Sikh-Canadian vote, Justin Trudeau silently backs Sikh state independence.

If any readers still doubt that Trudeau is Canada’s ultimate political hypocrite, consider this take on reality:

Our prime minister loathes nationalism. So too did so-called father, Pierre Trudeau. Brother Alexandre Trudeau has publicly stated his personal animus toward nationalism.

For Canada, that is. In regards to our top source nations for immigration, it’s a completely different ball-game. Nationalism in China? Perfectly fine. Patriotism in Pakistan? You’re good to go. Khalistani state independence? Justin comes running wearing rainbow-coloured sneakers.

But nationalism for Canada? Forget about it. Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and politicians like them should all go jump in Lake Ontario, and stay there.

More than ever, our nation needs a cleansing of its political house. To rid our political arena of its greatest hypocrites would be a wonderful start.

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