Media Hiding Canada’s Conversion To Authoritarian State

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According to standards for Canadian drivers, there are six basic road sign shapes every person who gets behind-the-wheel must be able to recognize.

If a driver cannot recognize the shapes, chances are high that they will crash their car in an unfortunate accident. Applying the metaphor to contemporary Canadian politics reveals our society’s most poorly understood political concept.

The signs are there, but due to the incremental nature by which they are being applied, our citizenship is unaware of Canada’s pending socio-political crash.

Contingent on a signature to lock-in Justin Trudeau as prime minister until late 2025, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh demanded the Liberal government implement a universal dental care program.

“The Canada Dental Benefit was negotiated as part of a Supply and Confidence Agreement between the Liberals and NDP. Starting with children under 12, the program will cover dental care expenses for families with incomes up to $90,000.”

In other words, an application of socialist-style governance for dental care.

In late 2021,  a government bill was introduced to establish Canada’s first national framework for an unconditional Guaranteed Livable Basic Income.

“Universal Basic Income (UBI) is what it sounds like — a payment from the government that everyone would receive, no matter an individual’s income level or need.”

Also known as an additional socialist-oriented government proposal for Canadian society.

Bill C-18 Bailout: Government Announces Plans to Pay For 35% of Journalist Costs for News Outlets as It More Than Doubles Tax Credit Per Employee

“We’re pretty close, by my estimation, to a 50 percent wage subsidy on journalist salaries up to $85,000 per year,” said Rudyard Griffiths, executive director of The Hub.” 

The move is an example of socialist conversion of Canadian media, but why for what purpose would media expose it as such?

Cultural Action Party bring together the ties that bind. PM Trudeau and the Liberals are playing “the long game.” Drawn from socialist revolutions of history-  China’s conversion to communism in particular– our federal government are in the process of incrementally transitioning Canada to a socialist state.

Non-elected back-room strategists at Liberal Party headquarters borrow from the best. For example, the government of China maintain a strict animus toward  Christianity. As a key weapon of attack on traditional Canadian society, the Liberals follow suit.

“It’s not the stuff of headlines, Christianity having been tossed into the toxic oppression dungeon by decolonialist studies,” wrote Canadian journalist John Robson in a recent article published by the National Post.

There it is. A woke weapon of warfare called “colonialism.” This is the ticket by which the Liberals are leveraging the colonial founding of Canada to destroy its democratic foundation.

CAP has often contemplated the post-modern phenomenon of dedication from the Feds to all-things-Islamic in Canada. Can one element of motivation be found in the following?

The more Islam, Sikhism and general 3rd World religious presence, the more government and media will ramble on about colonialism, and the so-called “punitive” element it directs toward non-Christians in Canada.

This month, Conservative MP for the Ontario riding of Sarnia–Lambton Marilyn Gladu introduced Bill C-369, the Christian Heritage Month Act, to the House of Commons.

“The bill lands as the Conservatives press a petition campaign against a Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) paper that described statutory holidays marking Christian religious dates as discriminatory.”

It will be a steaming hot day at the north pole when the Liberal caucus vote “Yes” to this bill. Why are they so down on the Christian religion? Could it come down to an understanding of how Christianity remains antithetical to socialist revolutionary spirit?

The same may be applied to Anglophones and other Canadians of European heritage. In general terms, white Canadians have a history of animus toward non-democratic forms of governance.

What to do? How about the idea of branding Anglo-European society racist against 3rd World peoples, in addition to First Nations communities?

Is this the line that Justin Trudeau and side-kick socialist Jagmeet Singh have been towing for years on end? See how the sneaky democracy-haters roll.

To piece together the puzzle and expose it to 40 million Canadians is not an insurmountable task. To cut-off the concept at the knees, Trudeau’s scheming neo-socialists came up with a plan to control mainstream media output in Canada.

A list of recipients currently receiving billions of dollars totals over  1500 media companies in Canada.

Everything from Western Horse Review to Canadian Punjab Times has been included. From Alaska Highway News to Niagara-On-The Lake Daily, the list covers every corner of media from coast-to-coast.

Small market, large market, food market– you name it, and our Liberal government are funding it. First Nations, Quebec, as well as Ethnic media spring forth from list.

As is government-media structure in Canada. How easy it would be for legacy media to elucidate the Liberal policy of covert revolution. But why would they, when the entire structure is to their benefit?

CAP deliver a series of  shots-to-the-arm in terms of systemic transition from democracy to neo-dictatorship. We explain reasons for Liberal animosity toward the Christian faith, as well as how government utilize Canada’s “racialized” communities to help them achieve nefarious goals.

But does it even matter? So what if a few thousand people read what we have to say. 98% of the country are reading or listening to what CBC, CTV, Globe & Mail and Toronto Star deliver to the public.

Why did Jagmeet Singh sign on the dotted line? With a dental care plan as distraction, the likely answer is that Mr. Singh wants exactly what Justin Trudeau wants.

Step-by-step, in incremental fashion, our country is being converted to communism. Borrowing liberally from totalitarianism, the Liberals understand that “too much at one time is a bad thing.” Thus, the piece-meal application.

Can anything prevent the stealing of our country away from its rightful owners, “the people?” A darn fine question it is.

What worries CAP is the manner in which media portray their competitor– the only competitor– the Conservative Party of Canada.

Breaking the problem down to basic terms, here’s how we see it:

Jagmeet Singh provides the Liberals with a two-year window for the Liberals to turn polls around in favour of his political competitor, Justin Trudeau. This provides enough time for a bounce-back.

Working together, the Liberals and mainstream media relentlessly pound away at Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives. Leveraging the “race-card,” colonization,  “Islamophobia,” xenophobia and homophobia, establishment media grind the CPC into the dirt.

Thus, the fundamental problem: A future election pits two forces against one. The Conservatives versus  Liberals and Media. Add to it powerful global forces deriving from 3rd World diaspora communities.

Add to it the World Economic Forum, government of China, World Health Organization, World Sikh Organization, and political Islam.

Talk about a “David and Goliath” situation. We stand witness as the woke globalist behemoth steamrolls over the Conservatives, and in the process, preserve the survival of Justin Trudeau’s “woke socialist revolution.”

A hi-jacked nation we are. Whether or not anything can stand in the way of Canada’s pre-conceived political transformation remains to be seen.

CAP wouldn’t count on it for all the white rice in China.

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  1. Trudeau is a Traitor. He has a growing Hate for Canada and will do whatever he can get away with to destroy our once proud Nation. He and his comrades need to be exposed for what they are. Wake up CANADA!!

  2. We need a petition to restore the clause which made false news a criminal offense.

    Put the clause. Removed in 2019 back in the criminal code of Canada.


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