Media Hide Trudeau’s Funding Of Islamic Non-Profits In Canada

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An article published in the New Delhi Times states that many mosques in Canada are Muslim Brotherhood platforms acting as places of worship, which then receive tax-payer funded status as charities.

An example is found in Imam Aly Hindy’s Salaheddin Mosque in Toronto. The Imam has referred to the 9/11 attacks  as a joint CIA operation, and described the Toronto 18 terrorists as “good people.”

The founder of the mosque, Hassan Farhat, left Canada to join an Al-Qaeda-linked group in Iraq, where he allegedly commanded a squad of suicide bombers. Ahmed Khadr, a senior Canadian Al-Qaeda figure, visited the mosque when he was in Toronto while his family worshipped there.

“Canada allows receiving grants and donations to religious organizations, but then these organizations transfer the money to Muslim Brotherhood-associated accounts. For example, the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) is listed as a recipient of a grant worth $125,000.“

The grant was given to MAC in spite of the fact that this organization is known to transfer  money to IRFAN-Canada, fund-collector for Hamas in North America. IRFAN’s financing of a terror organization led Canada to remove its charity status.

The same Muslim Association of Canada also received grants through the Community Spirit Donation Grant Program adding up to more than $250,000.

The beneficiaries of Canada’s funding for Islamic centers and mosques submitted financial statements to Canada Revenue Agency, along with MAC.

“This organization has transferred funds to IRFAN, even after CRA revoked IRFAN’s charity status for having links to terrorists organization Hamas. Estimates say that over a 5-year period, the organization transferred $14.6 million to Hamas.”

Other organizations have lost their charitable status besides IRFAN-Canada due to  alleged terrorism connections. For example, the Canada Revenue Agency revoked the World Assembly of Muslim Youth’s charitable status because it:

“Shared a common director, contact information, and a bank account with the Benevolence International Fund in Canada, and provided $50,246 to the Benevolence International Foundation in the United States in 2001. Both BIF branches have been associated with Al-Qaeda.”

Another example of the CRA revoking charitable status is the World Islamic Call Society, established by Muammar Gaddafi in 1972. WICS-Canada has been linked to various terrorist activities around the world.

This month, Ottawa-based Muslim non-profit organization Human Concern International(HCI) asked a top court to review the Federal Court of Appeal’s refusal to freeze a government-imposed suspension which prohibited the charity from issuing tax receipts.

The revenue agency accused HCI of improperly issuing donation receipts totalling over $307,000 on behalf of organizations administering the six projects in question, a practice known as “third-party receipting.”

We move to the macro-level. Each year, the federal government of Canada ships nearly a billion taxpayer dollars to Middle Eastern nations. Multiple reports say that hundreds of millions of dollars are misappropriated, never reaching the intended recipients.

The King of Jordan is reported to have spent $800 million of these dollars on luxury real estate around the world. An 2017 article from the Ottawa Citizen reported that the Trudeau Government “stand by aid to Afghanistan as World Bank investigates fraud allegations.” 

The investigation focused on whether funds were being misappropriated(stolen) from the country’s largest education program. In 2018, Justin Trudeau approved a transfer of $254 Million Dollars to the country of Afghanistan.

Rounding out the top five recipients of Canadian foreign aid are:

Ethiopia, $140 million; Lebanon, $122 million; Sudan, $110 million; Iraq, $108 million.

Perhaps it all comes down to knowing how to work the system. If so, fundamentalist religious organizations are the kings of charity dollar extraction. Witness as hundreds of millions of Canadian tax-dollars are funnelled to the Middle East each year in the name of  “charity for the poor.”

What lingers under-the-surface should be understood by all Canadians: there exists in this world an organized, systemic financial vehicle to extract billions from western nations and ship the funds to so-called “developing” nations. The bulk of the recipients are Islamic countries of the Middle East and Africa. The industry has been thriving for decades. The fundamentals are simple: draw as many dollars out of western nations as possible– all in the name of the “suffering peoples of the world.”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau plays this game better than most anyone. Presently, our PM is working a totalitarian conversion program on behalf of globalist behemoths like the World Economic Forum. At the heart of the movement is the fine art of human suffering.

In Justin Trudeau’s Canada, suffering results in political empowerment. Feigning poverty is big business for foreign governments:

“If we keep our citizens poor enough gullible western nations will pay their expenses, while we focus on strengthening our cultural and religious identity.”

CAP suggest a motto for the phenomenon: “When Victims Rule.” The paradoxical nature of the situation is unveiled: the more an identifiable community complains about prejudice and racism, the greater the political power attained.

Into the foray prances Justin Trudeau. Upon election in 2015, our PM increased foreign aid dollar amounts to over three dozen Middle Eastern nations.

“A national charity that describes itself as Canada’s largest grassroots Muslim organization is launching a Charter of Rights challenge against the Canada Revenue Agency, claiming that a years-long audit of the charity has been tainted by Islamophobia.”

Canada desperately needs a comprehensive review of all 3rd World charity and Foreign Aid initiatives. Unfortunately, it will never happen with Trudeau’s Liberals controlling society. Dedication to fundamentalist Islam is fundamental for Justin Trudeau, as it was regarding Pierre Trudeau’s devotion to communist China.

No one seems to understand why. No media organization attempts to explain it. The Liberal government is anti-democratic, pro-communist, and pro-Islam– and that’s the way it is.

5 thoughts on “Media Hide Trudeau’s Funding Of Islamic Non-Profits In Canada”

  1. “A national [sponge group] that describes itself as Canada’s largest grassroots Muslim organization is launching a Charter of [Muslim only] Rights challenge against the Canada Revenue Agency, claiming that a years-long audit of the [terrorist/money laundering group] has been tainted by [the bogus, ‘bludgeon Whitey’ term] Islamophobia.” Hmmmmm–I wonder what the auditors found? A more detailed; forensic examination is in order. Prison time, and deportation awaits. (Dream on. Trudeau’s minions will cower before the moon god people.) These parasitical; anti-Western sponges can shove their “Islamophobia” up their noses.

  2. All religions should be audited from time to time to ensure compliance with CRA rules & regulations for Charities so I don’t feel that this is an infraction of any sort. It’s business as usual for CRA – period.

  3. Include enviro-fascist and enviro-terrorist groups. Makeway, Dogwood, Tide,s and a whole list of others. Makeway donated to Dogwood and gets a deduction. Dogwood doesn’t claim to be a charity, but in reality, is a political arm of the Liberal party. They campaign illegally against the Conservatives and even brag about it. Illegal foreign funds from Soros? A simple Google search including Soros, Trudeau, Freeland and the Liberal Party makes us sick.

    Search “Vivian Krause” to find a lot of very dirty information on these Canada-hating cults.


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