Media Hiding The Fact That Justin Trudeau Is A Quebecois Supremacist

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Cultural Action Party wonder if other concerned citizens have noticed the “coincidence.” Over the course of seven years with Justin Trudeau as prime minister, Canada has steadily gained a reputation as a racist society.

That the notion came not from Canadian citizens themselves, but rather by way of PM Trudeau, is a social development worthy of serious discussion. That media in our country has never articulated the fact speaks of premeditated government-media coordination.

Among the accusations of racism, the “white supremacy” card rings loud in CAP’s ears. Readers know how we feel about the accusation: it’s a lie, and the opposite is true.

Consider the following concept: among identifiable communities in our country, how many are sanctioned to be on the receiving end of racist rhetoric? There’s only one: Anglophones, and other Canadians of European descent. Establishment media–comprised mainly of these citizens– has not a word to say about it. How strange it is.

The world of racial supremacy is a curious phenomenon. Within Canadian society, it has been rendered a one-way street. There is no such thing as racism against Caucasians. There is no such thing as Sikh, Muslim or Chinese supremacy. Even the most abrasive preachers of Middle Eastern origin remain devoid of the supremacy tag.

Why is this? Is it not self-defeating to limit such vile racism to one specific community?  Yes, it is– which stands as the reason the phenomenon exists in Canada in 2022.

“Now is the time for all Canadians, but especially non-racialized Canadians, to listen, learn and reflect on how  white privilege and systemic racism contribute to injustice and inequality in this country.”

— PM Justin Trudeau

CAP want to be very clear about this statement. It represents the singular verbal reference from Justin Trudeau toward white Canadians. Apart from this, the PM has not once made explicit verbal reference to English Canada, or our Anglophone communities.

In other words, the only time Mr. Trudeau has ever mentioned white Canadians is when he branded the community as bigoted racists. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Trudeau.

As opposed to Justin Trudeau’s treatment of Quebec. Away from the media spotlight, our PM has been propping up Quebecois culture for the past seven years. Never has media expressed as much. Not once has CBC, Globe & Mail or the rest of the press demarcated the difference in approach to these two distinct communities.

Why not? The names of our leading journalists include: Coyne, Ivison, Selley, Glavin, Scoffield, Ibbitson and Fife. All appear to derive from “Old Stock,” Anglophone roots.

Yet not one has a line on this critical discrepancy An odd-ball occurrence, is it not?

In truth, it’s not odd in the least. The mainstream press in Canada qualify as pro-Liberal puppets. They seem to enjoy the eradication of English Canada, while French-Canada preserves its cultural and linguistic identity.

“On December 8, 2022,  all the parties in Quebec’s legislature unanimously adopted a law that abolishes the requirement that elected members of the legislature swear an oath of allegiance to Canada requirement.”

See what’s happening in our country? While English Canada degenerates into dust, Quebec is working toward–dare we say it– separation from English Canada and the British crown.

Now it’s true that PM Trudeau did not create this motion. This falls into the hands of Quebec premier Francois Legault. Yet, never does Trudeau defy his will. Pourquoi? Because Justin needs the Quebec vote to remain prime minister.

Thus, the outcome: Justin Trudeau, Quebecois Supremacist. A light-bulb moment occurs. Quebec supremacy gets the thumbs up. Muslim, Chinese, Sikh supremacy? Not a problem in the least.

After which Justin Trudeau, Liberal Cabinet member MP Ahmed Hussen and others brand our society “white supremacist.” Naturally, it’s a lie. Fact is, at this point in Canada’s historical trajectory, Anglophones are not supreme–and the future looks even worse.

By the year 2038, Anglophone-Canadians will transition to a minority community. Based on current ideological positioning of government, media and academia, chances are strong that Anglophones are headed for second-class citizen status. Media say nothing.

Justin Trudeau wants this oh so badly. He is not alone. The vindictive nature of so-called “Multiculturalism” should be understood by all Anglophones. Because of media, it isn’t.

In truth, Justin Trudeau is the worst kind of supremacist. Arrogant, elitist, communist– our PM would just as well see English Canada relegated to the doghouse of society. The way politics are rolling at present, he will likely get his wish by the year 2038.

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