Media Denial: “No, Justin Trudeau Did Not Convert to Islam”

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A viral post claims that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has converted to Islam.

“After meeting thousands of Syrian Refugees and learning more about their faith, I have learned to love Islam.” 

“Islam promotes peace and is in fact more peaceful than Christianity. Islam is the religion that I identify with.”


Did Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, actually UTTER these words? Many political observers believe that he did.

According to a Vatican Enquirer report, Trudeau made the claim while addressing a 13-minute-press conference on 26 August 2016.




3 thoughts on “Media Denial: “No, Justin Trudeau Did Not Convert to Islam””

  1. When refugees are NOT vetted , then any chance of success is doomed ! Why did this non-vetting idea ever occur to be aa good idea ? This was just plain stupid and ill thought about !


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