Media Defend Islamic Terrorist Convicted Of Toronto Bomb Plot

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With each passing day, Canadian society becomes more surreal. Those of us who can recall media presentation before Justin Trudeau baptised society with woke globalism can comprehend the madness.

Can it be that an Islamic migrant convicted of terror plots of Canadian soil is being touted by media as the greatest thing since sliced bread?

Well, not quite. Still, the wording within a recent National Post article is entirely suspect. In truth, it sounds as an article written by Adrian Humphreys actually defends the behaviour of an architect of the Toronto 18 terror plot to blow up the Canadian Parliament:

“Shareef Abdelhaleem can be hard to stop once he starts talking. He’s brash, sometimes angry. His voice is loud. He can look intimidating. That doesn’t mean he is dangerous,” he said.

But it does mean that it is likely the Middle Eastern import is an unrepentant religion-inspired terrorist. National Post doesn’t seem to care.

“I’m being completely honest. You should appreciate the honesty,” Abdelhaalem told board members.

No doubt PM Justin Trudeau appreciates it, along with former Immigration Minister, Liberal MP Ahmed Hussen.

“Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder scores of Canadians. Thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate this week, Amara will soon be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.”

Charmed, I’m sure. Seems the federal government has a “sweet spot” for these types.  Mr. Trudeau certainly does:

“Amara was the ringleader of a sophisticated terrorist cell known as the Toronto 18. He recruited, trained and groomed fellow Islamist extremists and worked towards a deadly terrorist plot.”

Amara wanted to detonate bombs in downtown Toronto, and coordinate shooting sprees at the CBC and the Toronto Stock Exchange. He planned to siege Parliament Hill in Ottawa, and carry out executions and beheadings of politicians, including the Prime Minister.

Middle Eastern terrorists, come on down. Your passport and welfare check await your arrival. What a strange   government we have in the form of Trudeau, half-citizen Hussen and the Liberal caucus.

“He wanted to mass murder Canadians. And even more so, he wanted to shatter our sense of safety and security. It would have forever changed Canada.”

Another disciple of Zakaria Amara named Saad Gaya is also on the receiving end of positive treatment from a Canadian institution. In March, 2022, “he was deemed presently of good character” by a Ontario Law Society tribunal, allowing him to become a licensed lawyer in Canada.

Let the good times roll. How such a set-up can exist in our country without significant push-back should be unfathomable. It isn’t. In fact, Canada has been pretty darn good to a gang of ideologically-based Middle Eastern terrorists.

Simply put, it’s the Trudeau way:

In 2017, Justin Trudeau argued that some returnees could “turn into powerful voices against violent radicalization within Canada.”

“We are going to monitor them. We are also there to help them to let go of that terrorist ideology,” Trudeau said.

In other words, you are going to coddle them, provide poetry and art classes, and keep them in Canada. Some will go on to have lucrative law practices. Luxury homes await their purchase as they fight “Islamophobia” in Canada.


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How sad it is. The fact that our media in any way condone and/or endorse this behaviour from Justin Trudeau is disgraceful Yet, if one cuts the mustard, one can conclude terrorist coddling is here to stay.

Rule # 1: On an ideological basis, the Liberal Party of Canada will never change. Justin Trudeau is hell-bent on bringing our society to its future status. From Canada to Canadastan? CAP recommend readers do not count it out.

It’s all very sad, and so very real.

“Abdelhaleem, 46, has been on day parole living in a halfway house in Montreal for more than 14 months. He hasn’t caused problems, even when another parolee purposely splashed sauce across the screen of his laptop while he was trying to complete an online course.” 

Now that’s a real man, eh? All hail the architect of the most devious terror plot in Canadian history. It’s all so pathetic as media work the will of their controllers– which obviously reside outside parameters of Canadian geography.

What kind of government backs bomb plotters and aspiring murderers? How about one controlled by those who share ideological beliefs with these convicted criminals?

Is this Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen and the rest of the Liberal Caucus? How about the government of Iran, or Saudi Arabia. Are Canadian media working the will of governments of the Middle East, or what?

It’s all so sketchy as Canada transitions to what is likely our ultimate fate. A pro-Islamic, anti-Christian socialist society, you say?

It certainly cannot be counted out. Justin Trudeau is a serious odd-ball of a prime minister. His affinity for 7th century religion is entirely suspect. So is that of establishment media.

Working as a neo-communist team would, Canada continues to transition toward a social condition not a single Canadian asked for, or voted for.

Media call this “democracy.”

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  1. “Abdelhaleem, 46, has been on day parole living in a halfway house in Montreal for more than 14 months. He hasn’t caused problems, even when another parolee purposely splashed sauce across the screen of his laptop while he was trying to complete an online course.” Sauce splasher–Be afraid–Be very afraid. You are now on Abdul’s beheading list. BTW–A sword happy lunatic recently beheaded a woman; relationship to the murderer not yet known–In the middle of an American street. “Man arrested after beheading young mother in middle of San Carlos street: law enforcement sources.” Coming soon to the streets of Trudopia?

  2. It is now at the point in Canada where it is almost impossible to determine which faction is more corrupt…the prime minister and his corrupt cabinet cabal or the Canadian mainstream media!!!


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