Trudeau Government Using Covid-19 To Set Up PSEUDO-DICTATORSHIP In Canada

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Just look at those poll results. According to Nanos Polling, PM Justin Trudeau is benefitting big-time from the misery China disseminated throughout the planet by way of a global pandemic.

Nanos Polling–a Liberal-Globalist oriented Canadian pollster– informs our nation that our ruling government are in the best polling shape in several years.

CAP find this fascinating. It is reasonable to state that due to Mr. Trudeau’s ubiquitous dedication to billionaire banker George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation,” this man can be considered the Canadian “most responsible” for bringing Covid-19 to Canada.

Result? CBC, CTV, National Post, Toronto Star and Calgary Herald position “neo-king” of Canada as a hero of the pandemic assault upon western nations. Outcome? His poll numbers increase. 

How CBC position this development: PM Justin Trudeau’s poll results have risen substantially.

How CAP position this development: Covid-19 is being utilized to further entrench a pseudo-dictatorship in Canada.

CAP EDITORIAL: How Justin Trudeau Has DAMAGED CANADA More Than Any Canadian In History

Remember, a Canadian PM can remain in office indefinitely--meaning, in simple terms–“forever.” For CAP, this has been the agenda from the very first minute Trudeau placed the crown of Canada upon his head.

Media intimate nothing of the sort. Don’t you know? Everything Trudeau and his gang of cultural assassins do is for the benefit of the people of Canada. Forget $10 Billion big ones Justin has ear-marked for Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria and Somalia, and at least two dozen other 3rd World nations.

Hey Canadian media reader– do not think twice about Trudeau’s never-ending dedication to the United Nations, Communist China, Saudi Arabian Oil, American environmentalists, Sikh Nationalists, and a multitude of African and Middle Eastern dictatorships.

Don’t think twice, it’s alright if you overlook the fact that Justin Trudeau is the most atypical “inversion” of a dedicated national leader since Canada was founded in 1867.

Looks as if the man is here to stay– perhaps forever. 

“The number suggests that there’s going to be a window, at least if you’re a Liberal strategist, to potentially win a majority government,” said Nik Nanos,  founder of Nanos Research, in an interview with The Hill Times.

What Nanos the puppet-globalist omits is that under the auspices of Mr. Trudeau, no tangible difference exists between Justin’s post-modern “minority” government, and a majority government.

What does this say to astute political observers? Try the concept that in 2020 Canada, our federal government are a nascent form of covert dictatorship. Over the next several decades, CAP predict Canada’s historical political structure–namely that of democratic governancewill fall to Liberal Party-endorsed socialism.

“Mr. Nanos said that thanks to the effective management of COVID-19, Prime Minister Trudeau’s brand has recovered from the SNC-Lavalin and blackface scandals, and other controversies in his first mandate.”

CAP Interpretation: The government of China’s biological warfare dissemination has resulted in an ability for Trudeau’s 3rd World-Globalist Party to return to a majority government.

After three consecutive terms of the “Trudeau-Globalist Follies” Canadian democracy will be dead. One million 3rd World migrants every 2-3 years will ensure the Liberal Party take control of 95% of federal ridings in Canada.

Did you know? One of the final decisions made by Justin Trudeau’s  ex-immigration minister– a half Somalian GTA MP named Ahmed Hussen– was the establishment of the “Rural Immigration Pilot Program.”

This will result in a steady, incremental replication of the federal political dynamic within the Greater Toronto Area(GTA). Let’s look what went down there after the 2019 Federal Election:

Liberal MP Winners In Greater Toronto Area(GTA):

 Ahmed Hussen, Omar Alghabra, Maryam Monsef, Salma Zahed, Iqra Khalid,  Majid Jowhari, Arif Virani, Navdeep Bains, Bardish Chagger, Yasmin Ratansi, Ramesh Sangha, Ruby Sahota, Ali Ehsassi, Randeep Sarai, Raj Sahani, Jag Sahota, Faycal El-Khoury, Anju Dhillon, Anita Anand, Zaid Aboultaif,  Kamal Khera, Sonia Sidhu, Sumeer Zubari, Ramesh Sanga, Maninder Sidhu.

Regarding the above Liberal-Globalist victory, the long-term plan is to emulate  this urban political landslide within rural Canadian society. Remember that fascinating profile on CTV News which spoke of the use of immigration to create a dictatorship in Canada?

No worries–CAP missed it as well– because nothing of the sort will ever emanate from establishment media in Canada.

A return for Trudeau to a majority government may well “seal the deal” for our nation’s pre-meditated transformation from democracy into a dictatorship. 

All the signs are there–if a Canadian by-passes CBC, Globe & Mail, journalists Andrew Coyne, John Ibbitson, John Ivison and Chantal Hebert to understand the  “method in the madness.”

Canada’s days as a free and democratic society will one day come to an end. The founder of an erasure of democracy in Canada is communist-admiring ex-Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau. The present-day facilitator of the demise of democratic governance in Canada is current Liberal Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

Media breathe not a word as the Liberal-3rd World-Globalist assault incrementally consumes the dying “Great White North.”








6 thoughts on “Trudeau Government Using Covid-19 To Set Up PSEUDO-DICTATORSHIP In Canada”

  1. Regarding “Remember, a Canadian PM can remain in office indefinitely–meaning, in simple terms–“forever.” I would be grateful if you could cite the legislation that makes this possible. This is an extremely important point if accurate.

    • Yes it is an extremely important point. Check for yourself– as far as CAP understands, there is NO LIMIT to the number of terms a Canadian PM can remain in power. The United STates has a two-term limit which exists to PROTECT democracy in America.

      Canada is susceptible to a shift to a dictatorship due to a lack of term limits–if wrong, please let us know. Brad

  2. Thank you for posting these articles Brad. You have been pushing these beliefs to open peoples eyes to what this transition to a communist style country is doing. I agree whole heartedly with your opinions and do my best to explain this to as many people as I can. Unfortunately in this country our opinions don’t matter to the leftists that have voted Trudeau back in as our leader. He is taking us down the rabbit hole and there are too many people that cannot or refuse to see this. If western Canada wants to remain demacratic, the only way to do that is to separate from our communist federal government. God knows I do not want to see Canada break apart but I DO NOT accept communism and see no other way to remain a democracy. Our votes in the Federal Election do not count since the election is decided before our votes are even counted. This is because of the total unbalance of seats to represent our interests. Trudeau is trying to seed every riding in the country to win him a lifetime title of king of Canada. He is NOT my king or pm and is working to KILL OUR DEMOCRACY, to the detriment of ALL CANADIANS. I expect that if the West does separate, there will be a large exodus of LOYAL CANADIANS from the East to the West. Leaving the remaning “Canadians” to the insurmountable task of paying off the ENORMOUS DEBT INCURED by Trudeau and the Liberal, NDP and GREENS parties. The West should refuse immigration of any of these Trudeau loving immigrants to enter our provinces. Lets at least keep WESTERN CANADA DEMOCRATIC. We didn’t have a hand in voting this seudo dictatorship in at all. I only wish that the East were a little smarter but apparently NOT. Keep pushing these articles Brad, hopefully people in this Country will wake up to the decimation we are facing and the West won’t have to separate.

    • You are most welcome. CAP exist as a representative body for Anglophone and European-Canadian peoples and their heritage. In other words, we exist to offset Justin Trudeau’s agenda for the destruction of English Canada.

  3. The Doug says: Westerners and Albertans, don’t care what Trudope does. We will leave that to Easterners to take care of. We are going to separate and say f**k U Canada. Gerry and the Dope can drag everybody down into the dumps. To bad for U guys. U voted those monsters in and U will pay the piper. God bless Alberta and the West.

    • Will Western Canada go down with Trudeau’s agenda to transform Canada from a free, democratic society into a pseudo-totalitarian nation is the question in CAP’s mind.


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