Media Cover-Up “Jihad-Style” Attack At Edmonton City Hall

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“It’s not every day there is a jihadist-inspired terror attack in Canada related to Israel’s war in Gaza that few seem to know about,” extorted a journalist in a Toronto Sun-published article this week.

The seriousness of the attack stands in contrast to mainstream media’s exposure of the incident. At this stage of the globalist game, Canadians should expect nothing less than sublimation of the story.

“This was an all-out Gaza-inspired, jihadist terror attack with gunfire and home-made bombs at Edmonton’s City Hall on Tuesday and not a word out of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about it so far.”

To describe the flaccid response from government and media as “typical” speaks to an enforced transition of government policy toward terrorism in Canada. Once upon a time, Islamic terrorism on Canadian soil would have been exposed, condemned and castigated within society.

Those days are gone. PM Trudeau and team have taken tangible steps to entrench Islam and its vicissitudes within Canadian society. If government were to form a Senate committee to investigate the attack, CAP has a suggestion as to who should be appointed lead investigator.

January 28, 2024:

“The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today announced that the Governor General, Her Excellency the Right Honourable Mary Simon, appointed Mohammad Al Zaibak as an independent senator to fill a vacancy in the Senate for Ontario.”

 Al Zaibak follows a series of 3rd World-born appointments during Trudeau’s eight-year run as prime minister. The freshly-minted Senator is a  co-founded Lifeline Syria, an organization helping Syrian refugees resettle to Canada.

Turns out the fellow is highly skilled at bringing Middle Eastern refugees to Canada. Cultural Action Party[est. 2016] wonder about his skills to deport them back to their homeland. Naturally, the chances are slim-to-none regarding Bezhani Sarvar, charged by police this week for his attack on Edmonton City Hall.

“This was a terrifying incident. Security video shows a man entering Edmonton’s City Hall  carrying a long gun and appearing to shoot it. Police say he was heavily”armed. But no one seems to be talking about it much.”

Beginning with Trudeau, moving to Cabinet, and continuing to legacy media. As it has been since day one of our Liberal government’s push to integrate the fastest-growing minority community into Canadian society. As it is in all western nations, the process has been a bumpy ride.

Nonetheless, Trudeau and the Liberals press on. It appears that come hell or high water– or terrorist attacks– empowerment of our PM’s preferred communities is to continue undaunted.

“What happened here is way more serious than anything that happened with the Truckers Protest. But you would never know that judging from the reaction of the the media and political class.”

We come to comprehend an ominous state-of-society. Canadian-born citizens, exercising Charter-derived rights to public protest, are condemned by media as trouble-making criminals.

In contrast, a radical Islamic terrorist act is omitted by media from coast-to-coast.

What can common sense Canadians glean from such a scenario? How about preference from government for for violent new arrivals intent on committing terror acts in the name of Allah?

Our future is mapped out before us. This is post-modern, “no core identity” Canada in all it’s glory. It’s the future of our society, whether 40 million citizens like it or not. 

Every piece of the transition is non-democratic in origin. No vote, no referendum, no public input or approval. Not one stitch of democratic process exists in an enforced agenda of national transformation. After which media bleat on about “maintenance of democracy in Canada.”

It’s bald-faced lie, to be certain.

“I welcome the appointment of Mohammad Al Zaibak as Parliament’s newest independent senator. His business and philanthropic experience, along with his community leadership in diversity and inclusion, will only make the Senate better. I look forward to working with him and all senators to grow the middle class and build a strong future for everyone.”

— The Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

No long-term reader of our material would expect CAP to refrain from scoffing at this announcement.

In addition to new appointee Mohammad Khair Al Zaibak, Justin Trudeau has appointed a most “eclectic” group of independent Senators over the course of his eight-year run.

“Senator Mobina Jaffer represents the province of British Columbia in the Senate of Canada. She is the first Muslim senator, the first African-born senator, and the first senator of South Asian descent.”

Another, Senator Ratna Omidvar, is best described as a “professional refugee pusher.”

This week, Omidvar spent heer time fussing over Canada’s ban on adoptions from Muslim nations, supporting an effort to spark a court challenge.

Ms. Omidvar is notorious for anti-Anglophone sentiment, including an incident where she busted into a corporate office, demanding to know why there were so many white people in the room.

In 2016, PM Trudeau appointed Yuen Pau Woo to the Canadian Senate. Mr. Woo, former executive with Asia Pacific Foundation, is arguably Canada’s greatest China-pusher.

“After years of developing a reputation as a leading thinker on international economic issues and Canada-Asia relations, he became the president and CEO of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada in Vancouver, a think tank on Canada-Asia relations from 2005 to 2014.”

“In this leadership position, he spearheaded the National Conversation on Asia — a three-year campaign to get Canadians talking about why Asia matters for the country. In response, the organization launched a program to boost Asia competency in high schools and beyond.”

What the press release omits is the fact that Woo made a proposal to the Liberal government for every public school in Canada to teach Mandarin or Cantonese to our children.

“Sen. Salma Ataullahjan is an advocate for the Pakistani community; she has served on the executive board of the Canadian branch of The Citizens Foundation, an international organization that since 1995 has built 730 schools for Pakistan.

Can you get to that? Sen. Ataullahjan is working her Butts off on behalf of Pakistan. Under the spell of Justin Trudeau’s “woke revolution,” working for Canadians is just so “2014.”

Naturally, Ms. Thang can’t get make it through to dinner-time without playing the race-card:

“Islamophobia is an acute threat to Canadian Muslims and urgent action is needed,” said committee chair Sen. Salma Ataullahjan.

“We must commit to building a more inclusive country and to better promoting our Muslim relatives and friends, neighbours and colleagues,” she said at a press conference on Parliament Hill.

Not good enough, must be more “inclusive.” You know what this word really means? Canada is going to be so gol-darn inclusive that one day Anglo-European Canadians will be excluded from the inclusiveness– if it hasn’t occurred already.

Another China-fanatic is found in Senator Peter Harder. Mr. Harder entered the Upper Chamber in April 2016, as appointed by PM Trudeau. Sen. Harder is a former President of the China-Canada Business Council, our country’s number one China-pushing not-for-profit organization. 

“In 2016, Senator Victor Oh was the head of the Canadian parliamentary delegation at the 24th Annual Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF) held in Vancouver, British Columbia. On this same year, he joined the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank & International Monetary Fund.”

Appointed to the Senate in June, 2018 is Senator Mohamed-Iqbal Ravalia:

“Senator Ravalia is an Executive Member of the Canada-Africa and Canada-NATO Parliamentary Associations. Ravalia is a founding member of the African Canadian Senate Group, a coalition devoted to fighting anti-Black racism and discrimination, and engaging with Canadians while advocating for their priorities. He is also a member of the Parliamentary Black Caucus.”

Ever get the feeling that while you were sleeping your country was stolen from “the people” and transitioned to a global think-tank and repository for 3rd World immigration and refugee intake?

What does it mean to reside in a country in which government and media hide away religious fundamentalist terror attack occurring right under Canadian noses? Not an ominous condition, eh?

“However things are spun about what happened in Edmonton Tuesday, this was clearly as dark and concerning as something can ever get. In addition to the horror of security video showing the armed man during his attack, a taped manifesto which included Arabic greetings was also discovered.”

As reported by the Toronto Sun– the singular media outlet(searching the web thoroughly) that has covered the criminal act. As for Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi— former member of Trudeau’s Liberal Cabinet– thus far he remains silent as the lambs.

Done like dinner– without so much as an iota of approval from general society or the voting public. That’s not democracy– it’s a systemic stealing of a nation by a rogue globalist government.

Then again, with a Trudeau-family member in control, 40 million Canadians should expect nothing less.

3 thoughts on “Media Cover-Up “Jihad-Style” Attack At Edmonton City Hall”

  1. “This was a terrifying incident. ” ………. Wow ………… Can we actually print that sort of comment in Canada ? Not anywhere that far too many Canadians read.
    And YES, the incident in Edmonton was a terrorist attack ………. plain & simple.
    Months ago when the media started ( the Canadian legacy media ) saying that the young white male from Southern Ontario committed a terrorist attack for the killing of a family in London, Ontario.
    That’s right ……… the legacy media was QUICK to start suggesting that this young teen was a terrorist when his truck killed a Muslim family. and in the true legacy media style of this Country, the media was doing it’s best to write so many different angles to put in reader’s minds that he was guilty. The CBC does this type of reporting all the time. Here’s an example after they tracked down one of the family’s relatives:
    ” Hina and Ali Islam don’t say the name of the white nationalist who drove his large pickup truck into members of their family. ”
    A ” white nationalist ” ? Would the CBC ever print a ” Muslim nationalist ” ?
    I doubt it very much.
    When I kept reading story after story about a terrorist act, I just couldn’t believe this young man actually woke up that morning and started planning a terrorist attack. According to Wikipedia: ” The attacker stated that his motives were “100% political”, and that he took no personal pleasure in the attacks in what he described as a terror attack. The first was retaliation to what he perceived as “minority on white crime” and Muslim child exploitation gangs in the UK, a common trope on white nationalist sites ”
    Was this young man just sick & tired of reading how Muslims around the world are getting away with real terrorist attacks ?
    Before it was deleted I watched the online video of Bezhani Sarvar, and even that brainless Trudeau/Singh duo should recognize his actions at Edmonton City Hall……… were a terrorist act. Where’s the integrity of Canada’s government funded media………… this is terrorism………. and if you keep ignoring it, don’t come crying when your journalists or even your building is targeted by terrorist.
    Trudeau/Singh stop playing politics with my safety and stop destroying this Country.
    Pierre Poilievre needs to put an end to immigrants crying discrimination and wanting everything for free ……………. as in all these useless appointments by the feds and at the trough Governor General Simon.

  2. “This was a terrifying incident. Security video shows a [pretend he’s unidentified] man entering Edmonton’s City Hall carrying a long gun and appearing to shoot it. Police say he was heavily armed. But no one seems to be talking about it much.” Man. Those duck hunters and farmers are at it again. Good thing Trudope has launched an all-out assault on gun ownership. It would have been “much worse” without disarming; [injecting] private citizens. Those terrorist farmers/toxic-male duck hunters are a threat to democracy.

    Can’t take much more of his foul-odor agenda. It’s getting too hard to hold my nose. After eight years; my thumb and forefingers are tired. How much longer until this jibbering baboon leaves? Drastic times require drastic measures. MAiD! Will have to slip the mortal coil. (Joking. ) Or move.

    • My question Brian Dougan is, “Move where?” Will you go to the other end of the spectrum if Trump gets elected (as seems more and more possible each day)?


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