Media Cover Up Case Of Somalian Migrant Who Attempted To BLOW UP Canadian College

23-year-old student Nasradin Abdusamad Ali was arrested and the Vancouver Police Department (VPD) have announced  he has been charged with one count of arson and one count of possessing incendiary material.

Why are Canadians UNAWARE of this incident, which took place in an upper-middle community on Vancouver’s tony west side? Arguably a case of TERRORISM, mainstream Canadian media STUCK THEIR COLLECTIVE HEADS IN THE SAND, refusing to expose the case on a national scale. For media outlets who picked up the story, only ONE– CTV News, included the fact the alleged perpetrator is a migrant from Somalia.

It is most interesting to witness who media–and in turn government– protect on behalf of Canadian society. Once again, it is NOT  average Canadians, but rather an allegedly dangerous and violent immigrant. Other cases come to mind in this regard–for example, the murder of 13- year old Marissa Shen(Syrian Refugee) as well as the killing of two teenage girls by way of a  militant Islamic in Danforth, Ontario.

Working for the best interests of GENERAL SOCIETY? Not a chance. Clearly, the Trudeau government and their media puppets have an entirely different agenda in mind.


12 thoughts on “Media Cover Up Case Of Somalian Migrant Who Attempted To BLOW UP Canadian College

  1. In my opinion, it is the duty of public institutions to report news fully and honestly to the society they serve. To withhold information for political reasons is manipulative and dishonest. public safety trumps political correctness.

    1. The CBC is no longer a credible source of information. They are the powerful media arm of the leftist movement and demonstrate regularly, their disdain for the average taxpayer – you know, the ones who pay their bills.

  2. We still don’t have the name of the individual who stabbed the priest in Montreal or the name of the driver of the van that hit two people at the entrance of parliament hill last fall.

  3. This is an insult to all Canadians. Dictatorial censorship is illegal, another nail in Trudeaus coffin. Free speech is our right under our constitution.

  4. I have been blocked from using Facebook for 3-days for sharing this story! I am going to scream it from the rooftops!

  5. Mr dressup should be held responsible for letting these people in to our country.Canadins have to find a way to make him pay for all the damage he has caused and all his lying why is he still in power????????????

  6. “Other cases come to mind” – The Woman in Windsor. Cop said it was the worst beating(rape) he’d ever seen. Somalian migrant. She was in a coma, now it’s murder.

    1. Nothing good EVER comes out of Somalia–especially Canadian Immigration Ministers who hate English Canada.

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