Media BURIED Fact That Trudeau Govt Altered Criminal Code To Protect SNC-Lavalin

The Criminal Code of Canada was QUIETLY ALTERED  to allow for what’s called a “Deferred Prosecution Agreement,” a special plea deal for the well-connected. The Liberals did their best to KEEP IT QUIET by burying a clause allowing DPA’s in a last-minute addition to their 582-page Omnibus Budget Bill.


4 thoughts on “Media BURIED Fact That Trudeau Govt Altered Criminal Code To Protect SNC-Lavalin

  1. Until such time the media rake Trudeau and his radical liberal gov over the coals for what they, liberals, have and still are doing against Canada on a regular basis, everyday, every minute, until such time, the media still belong in the back pocket of the liberal party.

  2. This is what 595 million buys, a Media that is completely bias, when it comes to the liberal party, when the Trudeau liberals break the law, the bias media covers it up for them, according to the useless bias fake media The Trudeau Liberals can do no wrong.

  3. in a slimy way by inserting the criminal code changes into, of all things, the budget bill. what a crooked criminal bunch.

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