Maxime Bernier’s PPC Have 60 More MP Candidates Than Trudeau’s Liberals, But BLOCKED From PM Debates

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While Maxime Bernier’s start up People’s Party of Canada has signed up 301 MP candidates, Justin Trudeau’s  Liberal Party has 241 candidates nominated across Canada.

As the Liberals continue their search for to fill 97 vacant slots to run a full slate, the New Democrats are in an even tougher predicament: as of the beginning of this week, the party still needs to find 189 more candidates.

Yet, it is Bernier who is blocked from participating in the upcoming federal election debates. As it happens, the PPC are the fastest growing federal party in Canadian history. At present, the fledgling party has 60 more nominated MP candidates than the ruling Liberals.

So why is Maxime Bernier being excluded from the debates? According to the rules, to qualify a party must have at least one MP who was voted in as a PPC candidate. This “populist” party does not have one–Mr. Bernier was elected as a candidate for the federal Conservative Party.

In CAP’s opinion, Trudeau, Scheer and Elizabeth May are fortunate this is the case. Of course, it is arguable the “committee” refused Bernier for at least one of the following reasons:

Reason 1 — PPC platform calls for a reduction in immigration quotas and refugee intake, as well as a call for the Multicultural Act of 1988 to be repealed.

“Shocking!”, cries NDP immigration critic, MP Jenny Kwan.“Appalling” moans Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.  As if multiculturalism is  a sacred cow for all Canadians. Hardly. The point government and media perpetually eschew is that multiculturalism in Canada is decidedly anti-democratic. No vote, no referendum, no public approval.

Nothing but Pierre Trudeau-brand Liberal-Globalism. How many nations on the planet earth have government legislated multicultural policy? No more than 3 nations out of just under 200 countries on earth. Hardly a global standard, now is it?

Reason 2— The chances of Mr. Bernier performing very well in the debates motivated the committee to disallow his approval. CAP believe it. 

Bernier has a giant resume of government and NGO-related employment. On August 14, 2007, Bernier was appointed as federal  Minister of Foreign Affairs. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal, completed his law degree at the University of Ottawa and was called to the Quebec Bar in 1990, which he is still a member. For 19 years, Bernier held positions in law, several financial and banking fields, such as working as a lawyer at McCarthy Tétrault.

All this while Justin Trudeau was teaching drama and snow-board instruction. No wonder the Globalists have blocked him from the debate. He may just come across as competent, logical and lucid.

Liberal Conclusion? We CANNOT have this. Justin Trudeau is an under-educated, pampered ideologue. Bernier is likely to clean his clock in a debate–so say no-go to that. Perhaps he will squeak in at the last moment– who knows at this point

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As it happens, Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives lead the race to establish a full-slate, boasting 329 candidates. Remember these guys? They are the party Justin Trudeau and Gerald Butts are attempting to beat by way of branding conservatives– the party as well as the people–racists, bigots and homophobes. Quite the politically-correct strategy, eh?

Now, let us take a gander at establishment media’s depiction of the candidate shortfall. CTV headline: Liberals have more candidates to name than days left before election.”

Quite. See how media drain the issue of its vitality? Witness the MSM water-down the impact of the situation. The fact is even a start-up party who have never participated in a federal election have 60 more candidates lined up than the incumbent Liberals.

Sounds significant to CAP. Yet, because CTV, CBC, Global and Torstar have dedicated themselves to advancing Mr. Trudeau for the win, they downplay the negatives associated with the MP candidate head count. Such is society within Justin’s pseudo- dictatorship.


According to Post Millennial News, Caley called the national electoral emergency clause an “administrative provision”, it allows the party’s national chair to waive rules governing notice periods and other instruments that override an EDA’s authority and autonomy in selecting their preferred candidate.

The “national emergency clause?” We can see this applying to Justin himself, for he is Canada’s premier national emergency.

Headline: “National Emergency As PPC Party Dwarfs Liberal MP Candidate Numbers.” In a patriot’s dreams, yes. In media reality–forget about it! This is “post-modern- no-core identity” Canada. Media’s role is to massage, spin and twist Liberal inequities and general idiocy for the benefit of Justin Trudeau, Ahmed Hussen,Gerald Butts, Iqra Khalid and the rest of the Liberal-Globalists.

So onward we head toward the fateful day of October 21st, 2019. When we say “fateful” we really mean it. Keep in mind that four more years of this Trudeau character means an additional four years of globalist assault upon Canadian culture, identity, history and heritage.

This is agenda carved out for the re-imagining of Canada as a non-democratic, anti-Christian nation.











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