Maverick Party Call For Official English Language, Nation Status For Alberta

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Maverick Party leader Jay Hill has sent a notice to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe demanding they introduce legislation to entrench English as official languages, as well as designate nationhood status to their provinces.
 The impetus comes from Bill 96, a Trudeau government initiative to transition the province of Quebec from a “distinct society” to a status of nationhood.
 Long term readers of Cultural Action Party’s media output can easily guess our take on this development. Just in case there is doubt, CAP decree this to be the  greatest political concept in recent history.
Not that it is done deal, or anything close. Last week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney revealed his sense of urgency surrounding an accumulation of political autonomy for his province:
“All I can say is, Justin Trudeau having acknowledged this means he’ll acknowledge it for Alberta, should we ever decide to make a unilateral amendment in an area under our jurisdiction.”
“We are plotting out a longer term strategy to build a stronger, more resilient and more autonomous Alberta within the Constitution,” the premier said.
In other words, Premier Kenney will not leverage the momentum which exists at this moment. Instead, he will “think about it.” In other words, there is no urgency. Thus, the benefit goes to the Liberal government, Eastern Canada, and Quebec. 
Not only does the UCP party leader promote a unilateral benefit for Ottawa and the East. Turns out that Jason Kenney’s attitude is right up the alley of NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh, who believes nation-status according to the our constitution should apply to Quebec but not Alberta.
Holy Crow. Witness this bi-lateral endorsement of unique privilege for Eastern Canada. Not only from the eastern-centric elements of our political arena–but from the west as well.
 Self-defeating as a summer day is long in Nunavut this is. The surprise should be minimal. Since Justin Trudeau came to town, self-deprecation has graduated to a staple of post-modern society.
 Will the western-centric Maverick Party succeed in bucking the trend? CAP certainly hope so, while at the same time recognizing the monumental task at hand.
When it to winning and losing in federal politics, astute political observers must recognize the dynamics at play. It is not a matter of East versus West, Liberals versus Conservatives, or any other form of duality.
 The battle is one of the Liberal Party and media against the Conservatives. It is Eastern Canada and media against Alberta and Western Canada. To elucidate, think of the degree to which the Maverick Party has thus far penetrated mainstream media.
 Pretty darn minimal, is it not? Without question, this is 100% intentional. You see, our country is no longer one in which democracy is held as standard of society. All this was tossed in a waste bin upon Justin Trudeau ascension to the throne of Canada in 2015.
 If it were otherwise, nascent political players such as the Maverick Party and Maxime Bernier’s PPC Party would be reasonably represented within media coverage. If democracy truly existed as a pillar of Canada’s nationhood, the incredible bias shown by establishment media toward the Liberal Party would not exist.
 Is Alberta Premier Jason Kenney about to remain idle by while a timely opportunity to rectify eastern versus western power dynamics pass him by? One thing CAP can state with confidence: we are very good at predicting future political trends, goals and objectives.  On this basis, we make our prediction.
 Jason Kenney will indeed let this opportunity for political empowerment in Alberta slip through his fingers.
— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder ( Est. 2016)

1 thought on “Maverick Party Call For Official English Language, Nation Status For Alberta”

  1. Jason Kenney came out strong against the Great Reset and then Alberta had another lockdown.
    Was he genuine in that stance and could it have been a ‘flush-out’ to engender and expose those of us not wanting any part of it!
    Curious it is that such bias is in concert with his ties to an elitist agenda in which nation states as are extant are antithetical to globalist directives of a New World Order.


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