Matching Ethnic MPs With Ethnic Ridings Trudeau’s Winning Formula

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Call it ground zero, or epicentre for Liberal Party control of Canada’s federal political arena. At present, the Greater Toronto Area(GTA) contains a total of 46 federal constituencies, also known as federal “ridings.”

As a result of media obfuscation, millions of Canadians may lack comprehension of the political value of these ridings, in addition to strategies used by the Liberal Party to control them in perpetuity.

CAP has written about the phenomenon on previous occasions. Analyzing the ethnic make-up of a particular riding, Liberal strategists run candidates certain to resonate with “new arrivals” and 3rd World migrant voters. Religious identity plays a critical role.

Take Brampton, Ontario as an example. The current incumbents are:

Brampton South: Liberal MP Sonia Sidhu: Brampton North, Liberal MP Ruby Sahota. Brampton East: Liberal MP Maninder Sidhu. Brampton Centre: Liberal MP Shafiq Ali.  Brampton East: Liberal MP Vic Dhillon.

Extent of exposure from media regarding the degree of ethno-centricism deployed by the Liberals in this capacity? Try nothing at all, and go south from there. In this scenario we witness the back-room machinations of Liberal Party strategy. And because media live in the pocket of the Feds, they refrain from elucidating the effectiveness of the political strategy.

Another commonwealth nation, Australia, has taken a stand:

“Beginning in July, 2017, the eligibility of several members of the Parliament of Australia was questioned. Referred to by some as a constitutional crisis, fifteen sitting politicians were ruled ineligible by the High Court of Australia. The Australian constitution prohibits parliamentarians from having allegiance to a foreign power, especially citizenship.”

“On that basis, the High Court had previously held that dual citizens are ineligible for election unless they have taken reasonable steps to renounce the foreign citizenship before nomination.”

Liberal MP for Scarborough North, a hijab-clad politician by the name of Salma Zahid, is not a dual citizen. She is, in fact, a triple citizen, holding passports from Pakistan, Britain and Canada. Ms. Zahid was elected to office on October 19th, 2015, the same day Justin Trudeau became prime minister.

“Scarborough’s emergence as a renowned multicultural spot can be attributed to its diversity in population. The suburb’s multicultural community has created a welcoming environment that celebrates different cultures and traditions. If you’re looking for a diverse and welcoming community, Scarborough is the place to be.

Quite. It’s also the place to be if you are an aspiring Liberal politician with a background in ethnic-based social activism. Liberals recruit MP candidates who are high-profile in their communities. Competency remains secondary; personal popularity is what counts, typically accomplished by working for federally-funded Multicultural non-profit organizations.

That the entire phenomenon has been buried by legacy media in Canada is worth a closer look. Why do they do it? One idea is that to expose the dynamic would promote racism within society.

Another explanation, far more plausible, is that the Liberal government have for the past 30 years instructed the press in Canada not to expose the Liberal-3rd World methodology for winning elections.

Ever heard of the term “majority minority” riding? It’s the kind of drivel media throw around, all the while ignoring a “flip-side” to the equation.

In the land of the logic, “majority minority” means an Anglophone, or white-minority riding. It will be a balmy winter’s day in Nunavut when establishment media utilize the term “white minority.” They never have and never will, even when white Canadians officially transition to a minority community, an inevitability driven by immigration policy.

“When Ally Wong recently launched her website, or ‘Chinese-Canadians Go To Vote,’ her intent was to mobilize Chinese-speaking voters in her riding of Richmond Centre.”

“The B.C. municipality is renowned as perhaps the ultimate Canadian ‘minority-majority’ city, with nearly three out of four Richmond residents speaking a language other than English or French at home.”

Ethnic groups in Richmond, British Columbia: 60.1% Chinese, 17.2% White, 6.1% Filipino, 4.9% South Asian, 1.8% Japanese, 1.3% Southeast Asian.

Richmond B.C. is a minority-white Canadian city. A walk down main street functions as a  replica of a stroll through the streets of Hong Kong. Chinese public signage dominates the business district, while Mandarin dominates conversation on the street.

“China’s former consul general in Vancouver, Tong Xiaoling, boasted in 2021 about how she helped defeat two Conservative MPs, Kenny Chiu in Steveston Richmond-East, which was won by Liberal Candidate Parm Bains, and longtime Richmond Centre MP Alice Wong, who lost to Liberal candidate Wilson Miao.”

Mr. Chiu told Postmedia News that he wasn’t surprised by the claim that the 2021 election campaign was manipulated by interference from China’s consul in Vancouver.

“Chiu characterized Beijing’s efforts as weaponizing nationalism and potentially harming our multicultural fabric in Canada by manipulating diaspora communities in Canada.”

Wunderbar. From the GTA to Richmond B.C., and back to Brampton again. Ethnic identity politics in Canada have progressed to the point where individual ridings are controlled by globalist forces such as China. Given its extremity, one could argue that the phenomenon has become powerful enough to skew the results of federal elections in Canada.

Is this how Trudeau and the Liberals won federal elections in 2015, 2019, and 2021?

“Go ask your mother,” tweeted the CBC. Media will never address the Liberal schematic responsible for the rise of ethnic power-politics in Canada.

The wool continues to be pulled over the eyes of the Canadian people. It’s a condition that Justin Trudeau loves. Pseudo-communist dictators can be like that.

The greater the tendency toward sheep-like adherence to government policy, the happier is Canada’s current prime minister. It’s the way government roll in China, and as Canadians should have recognized by now, Justin Trudeau is a major fan of both robotic political voters, and the communist nation so admired by his family.

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  1. Multicultural spot? The following altered quote is likely closer to the truth. “Scarborough’s emergence as a renowned [Muslim] spot can be attributed to its [decreasing Anglo] population. The suburb’s [“]multicultural[“] community has created a [Muslim] welcoming environment that celebrates [Mohammedan] culture and traditions. If you’re looking for a [mosque on every street corner] and [a] [Christian-free] community, Scarborough is the place to be.” And don’t forget who brung ya to the land of milk and honey! Vote Liberal! A mosque on every corner, and *halal* meat in every pot. (*Cruel; inhumane slaughtering* is “A-okay” in Trudeauland.


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