Massive In Scale, Trucker Convoy Forces Trudeau Into Hidden Location

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As a result of security concerns, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family were moved from their home to an undisclosed location on Saturday afternoon, CBC News has reported.

“These demonstrations are national in scope, they’re massive in scale,” Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly told media, expressing concern about the possibility of violent “lone wolf individuals carrying out violent acts.”

There is no question that acts of violence are to be discouraged. Cultural Action Party do not endorse physical aggression, regardless of circumstance. We will support what is sometimes referred to as “just desserts.”

“To receive the appropriate reward or (more usually) punishment for one’s actions.”

Buddhist philosophy refers to it as Karma. Physicist Albert Einstein theorized on “cause and effect” in his principles on relativity. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” says a biblical prophecy.

CAP deliver the message in less sublime terms: Justin Trudeau deserves what he is receiving. As such, the circumstances now pivot to a new dynamic:

Can Trudeau survive as prime minister? Nostradamus we are not. While survival is possible, in the long term it is unlikely. Observing  PM Trudeau’s six-plus years in office– as CAP has done with diligence– a unique observation can be expressed.

No matter the circumstance, Trudeau’s reign as national leader always delivers an aura of the “orchestrated.” Each major decision accompanied by a shadowy sub-plot rooted in ideological goals.

For Trudeau, being prime minister is an out-of-body experience. The bodies who pull his string are elusive in nature. So much so that countless conspiracy theories emanate in the man’s wake.

If one is to distill the situation down to its essence– the monstrosity that is the trucker protest, public anger toward the PM– let’s ask a fundamental question:

Has Justin Trudeau been good– or bad– for our country? Based on the truckers rally, as well as scandals such as WE Charity and SNC-Lavalin, the answer is not a chance.

The reason why Trudeau has survived for six-years is mainly due to Canadian media. Based upon a delivery of billions in taxpayer dollars, establishment media has done all they can to advance Trudeau’s legitimacy. Like the poor trucker who missed the rally, they may well be out-of-gas.

The past has caught up with Justin Trudeau. Canadians will have to wait and see whether this  man can withstand the storm. In this regard, Trudeau is as hard-headed as they come. Whether due to years spent inside a protected bubble, or for purely cognitive reasons, it always seems that Justin just doesn’t get it.

Will security-enforced hiding of himself and his family open his mind to an ultimate truth? Perhaps Justin Trudeau has finally made a left-turn on the road of politics from which he cannot escape.

13 thoughts on “Massive In Scale, Trucker Convoy Forces Trudeau Into Hidden Location”

  1. My father raised us to step toward trouble rather than to step away from it.

    Justin Trudeau

    Another Trudeau lie.

  2. come on no one can tell thinking Canadians that justin trudeau was fairly elected…much like joe biden. he was place in the position of pm………….canadians aren’t stupid. we just need to find out who is pulling his strings. at any rate he should be charged with crimes against humanity and soon

    • Absolutely agree! He is the biggest threat to Canada’s freedom. How do we get him charged with Crimes Against Humanity? Poor baby’s hiding.

  3. Shameful behavior for the s called leader.
    He should step down. He would be more respected for that than any respect he would not get in the future.
    He is acting just like a entitled spoiled child having a tantrum.
    Shane shame on him.
    What a poor example as a father for his children. 😡😥👎

  4. Defacing Terry Fox statue and an upside down Canadian Flag 🇨🇦 ….
    Stomp & Walk all over
    “The Uknown Soldier”
    grave ….
    You’ve lost your Focus & my Support !!
    Bunch of POS’s

    • I saw that video. That was a young man waving his arms up in the air and shouting to someone to take his photo at this special place. He was excited, but that doesn’t mean he was defacing or dishonouring the monument. It’s too easy to say this, just to put a bad spin on things. I’ve seen lots of people having their photo taken in front of this monument. People in Ottawa who hate the “peasants” will latch onto anything to criticise, and the media, well, they just have to get a sensational story. I never heard of one of them having interviewed the young chap.

  5. I think Trudeau should step down, and for the defacing of all the properties of respected people . I think it was someone doing this to cause trouble on purpose.

  6. Where are the Sunny Ways? Trudeau would look better if he came out and faced the people and said his piece and then listened to what the truckers and others have to say, and give some answers. Instead he hides away like a coward. Shameful. Speaks volumes.

  7. They did not deface the statue of Terry Fox. They put a cardboard placard under his arm. At least it was a Canadian Flag and not another kind. No paint was put on the statue. What have you got to say about a mob of Canadians pulling down statues of the first Prime Minister of Canada? No punishment. Are you “Proud” of them?


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