Trudeau Govt Ruined Her Health Says Mark Norman Trial Consultant

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As the Conservatives hammered the Liberals for the second night in a row, a woman at the centre of the drama surrounding Vice-Admiral Mark Norman was hammering the actions of the Trudeau government.

Kelly Gabie was the lead federal representative in negotiations to award a supply ship  contract to the Davie Shipyard in Quebec. In a letter to Conservative MP Michelle Rempel, Gabie thanks the MP for her support of Norman but says he hasn’t been the only one hurt.

“The Liberal government has not just hurt (Vice-Admiral) Norman; there has been so much collateral damage affecting every member of the integrated team that worked on that file, either DMs retired out early, ADMs promoted quietly out of Ottawa,” Gabie stated.

“All the stress over this file and just doing what was asked of me, according to my doctors, has contributed to why I am now battling breast cancer, also all of the trauma and PTSD from the anxiety of being perceived to have done something wrong by my colleagues and future supervisors,” Gabie writes.

Sunny ways, eh? Don’t think so, folks. Turns out team Trudeau are a nasty, vindictive lot who stop at nothing to achieve their goals. SNC-Lavalin, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Jane Philpott, Mark Norman, Kelly Gabie and many more have found themselves railroaded by Justin and his virtue-signalling deceptions.

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The health of Ms. Gabie has been seriously damaged by government. Of course, our government is not the only one indulging in this behaviour. Many are far worse. However, this situation cannot help but conjure up images of totalitarian states of history –KGB interrogations being a prime example.

The longer Justin Trudeau remains prime minister, the more government morph into a repressive, fascist-like institution.  If he manages to win a second term, expect more of the same. Why? Because o matter what occurs within Canadian society, Justin Trudeau NEVER CHANGES.

Is this a sign of dedication to democratic principles and  will of the majority? Of course not. Those behaviours are reserved for democratic governments who actually care about the people that voted them into office.


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