Dying Democracy: Majority Want Immigration Quotas REDUCED, Trudeau Increases by 30%

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Will Of The People:

Recent polling numbers suggest a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should limit the number of immigrants it accepts.

63%–nearly two-thirds of Canadians– of respondents to a recent Leger poll said the government should prioritize limiting immigration levels because the country might be reaching a limit in its ability to integrate them.

Just 37%  said the priority should be on growing immigration to meet the demands of Canada’s expanding economy.

Decision By Trudeau Government:

Canada will take in 40,000 more immigrants in 2021 than it plans to accept this year. The target for new arrivals in Canada will rise to 350,000, which is nearly one per cent of the country’s population.

The figures were announced as part of the Trudeau government’s updated multi-year immigration levels plan, which covers the next three years. The target rises annually from 310,000 this year.

Stop the press. Are Canadian patriots reading this correctly? The collective will of the majority of Canadians wants to reduce immigration intake levels. The Trudeau government’s response is to dramatically increase immigration levels.

What does this tell informed, sensible(must be non-snowflake to qualify) Canadians about our ruling government’s approach to the general public. Simple–they do not give a flying frack.

Under what form of governance does the leadership holistically ignore public opinion? Again, simple as pie– the answer is a communist, totalitarian-oriented government.

Making a connection here, fellow patriots? Good thing someone does– because by way of Canadian establishment media one would never discover this breach of democratic protocol.

Definition of Majority Rule, Miriam Webster Dictionary:

“A political principle providing that a majority usually constituted by fifty percent plus one of an organized group will have the power to make decisions binding upon the whole.”
What can a patriot glean from this definition? For CAP, it is entirely apparent that Justin Trudeau and his Sunny Gang of Cultural Assassins give not a care in the world what the majority of Canadians desire for their nation.
At least King Justin comes by it “honestly”–his father Pierre Trudeau was the exact same. Perfect Example:  Anglo-Canada destroying “multiculturalism.” No one asked for it–and no citizens approved it— the policy was unilaterally forced upon our society by Trudeau Sr.
CAP Conclusion: Justin & Pierre Trudeau are a tag-team of pseudo- totalitarians who have masqueraded as believers in democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Anyone recall that fascinating documentary on these social developments on CBC? How about the most excellent piece from Andrew Coyne in the Globe & Mail?
Think about it– have you ever seen a single sentence regarding any of this by way of mainstream Canadian media? The answer, of course, is never.
CAP Theory maintains the following. With Pierre Trudeau as the catalyst, the Nation of Canada is steadily and incrementally  being trans-formed from democracy to dictatorship.
The agenda is covert, media are on-board, and Canadian academia exacerbates the entire affair by way of brain-washing Canadian youth into hating their own country. This opens the door for a smooth trans-sition away from democratic governance and into the arms of socialist ideological forces presently  stealing our nation away from its right owners–the people.
As it turns out there are around 25 million Canadians who comes from the background Justin Trudeau is working to eradicate. So how do the Liberal-Globalist destroyers prevent these people from pushing back against the whole sordid affair?
This is how it’s done, brothers and sisters:
First, obscure the entire affair by way of media, communist-style. For those who happen to see through the agenda, play the mighty “race-card” to shut them up. Who has leveraged this to greatest effect?
Why, it is the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau. How odd-ball is this? Media say nothing. Add various ethnocentric MP’s to the mix– Ahmed Hussen, Iqra Khalid. Brand any and all criticism of Muslims as “Islamophobia.” Additionally, inform the nation that white Canadians hate Sikhs(Komogata Maru), Chinese(Head Tax), and every other Third World community in Canada. Oh, and let’s not forget to label whitey as “genocidal” against Aboriginal Canada.
Who did all this–some subversive from Somalia hell-bent on vilifying Anglophone Canada? Nope–these are the actions of the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.
Talk about a bizarre, surreal state-of-affairs within the fading “Great White North.” Media say nothing. Are Canada’s media — publishers, editors and leading journalists migrants from the 3rd World? Not at all-they are Old Stock Canadians– Anglophone, Francophone, Christian, Jewish.
CAP Salient Question Of The Day: Why does the prime minister of Canada, as well as establishment media in Canada, side with an agenda to decimate the communities from which these media people derive?
Would  this not be referred to as an “unnatural,” pre-conceived agenda? Yes, indeed it would– the very reason why media utter not a word about any of the ideas opined within this article.
Why does both Canadian government– as well as  Canadian media– work toward deceiving their own people in this manner?
For CAP, this is the question of the millennia.  For media, the scores of last night’s NHL Hockey games have greater relevance. Obviously, the Canada revealed to the general public is not the reality of our nation in any way, shape, or form.
Against The Will Of The People: The Sordid Tale of  Post-Pierre Trudeau  Globalist Nation-State Of Canada.
Fellow Canadian patriots–you have been hoodwinked.

6 thoughts on “Dying Democracy: Majority Want Immigration Quotas REDUCED, Trudeau Increases by 30%”

  1. The problem is that he is not doing anything about I creasing immigration quotas.
    He is, as always, confusing his pet projects of bringing in unvetted refugees as well as allowing unvetted criminals to just walk across our borders.
    That is not immigration.
    Immigrants that have had to endure the hardship of the process, get no special treatment and they are the ones we want in our country
    People wanting to come here to make a new life and work hard at contributing. Some even bring with them education, skills and certification.
    The village idiot’s cornucopia of misfits may or may not want to be here and may not hold any thing that would indicate they could easily integrate into our society.
    That needs to stop.

    • YUP. in fact it is LONG PAST TIME as we slide further and further down third world sewer status and soon we canadians are going to be culled by TRUDEAU AND HIS INVADERS!

  2. you should be on stage — in a comedy club … an average Canadian audience would howl at your talent to twist facts and cherry pick statistics while you maintain a straight face … they probably wouldn’t tolerate your sleazy bigotry, so your exit would more likely be to avoid beer bottles rather on the wave of adulation you expected … the Trudeaus are responsible for Canada going from democracy to — to dictatorship? Seriously?

    But then, your audience isn’t the average Canadian, is it? You say what you need to so the uneducated, white males whose oil industry gravy train derailed feel like their plight can be laid at the feet of, well, anyone who doesn’t agree with your madness …

    And just so you know, ‘Great White North’ refers to snow, not a ‘real’ Canadian’s skin colour … you’re a fucking idiot, and an insult to journalism …

    • SO, i guess that means you voted for him?? well then good luck in the coming year and enjoy everything that is coming . canada no longer is a nation but rather a border-less, lawless, leaderless, terrorist/criminal/freeloader filled third world dictatorship because of trudeau and fools like you!
      you surely will reap what you have sewn!


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