Majority Polled Say “Canada Is BROKEN Under Justin Trudeau”

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A new survey by Ipsos provided to Global News reveals a deepening sense of our society breaking down under the Trudeau Liberals. According to the poll, 52% of Canadians say “Canada’s society is broken.” In 2016, 37% said the same, showing the number has grown dramatically during Trudeau’s time in power.

As noted by Ipsos, “It is clear that the election will be fought amid a backdrop of fear, disappointment and discontent, and the party leaders will be responding in their own way to either stoke or allay these feelings for their own purposes.”

Yes–Justin Trudeau is absolutely responding “in his own way”— by not responding period. Canada’s King Of Kings has announced he will not participate in two televised debates which all other major party leaders have already committed to.

In the words of social conservative journalist Spencer Fernando, Trudeau “promised ‘Sunny Ways’ and said he would bring Canadians together. Instead, our society is breaking down and our country is more divided than ever before.”

“This will be a big election issue, as it fits in with the growing sense of it being tougher and tougher to get ahead, and a sense that our nation is coming apart at the seams.”

As CAP has alluded to since day one, Justin Trudeau’s finest skill in math is division. That is, dividing our society into compact identifiable communities. Step two– pit these communities against each other.

This is how our PM sows the seeds of socialist degeneration within our nation. East against West. Alberta versus Quebec. Corporate business versus environmentalists. Christianity vs Islam. Gay against straight. Pro-Life versus Pro-Fetus Destruction. Nationalists vs Globalists.

Ever heard of the term “divide and conquer?” This is Justin Trudeau, MP Ahmed Hussen, Advisor Gerald Butts, United Nations, geo-political Islam, LGBT propaganda Communist China and the rest of the shady international forces Mr. Trudeau happens to work for.

What percentage of Canadians at present agree with the ideas posited by Mr. Fernando, as well as Cultural Action Party of Canada? One can only guess. We will state, however, that what ever this percentage happens to be, it would be double if the truth of Trudeau was properly presented to Canadian voters.

In other words, in our opinion, there is only one force which is keeping Trudeau in the running for another term as prime minister– establishment media in Canada. When media and government function as a single entity, you have communism–Pierre, Justin and brother Alexandre’s favourite form of governance.

What a giant coincidence, eh? Not. Every element within the Liberal-Trudeau-Globalist agenda is pre-meditated, and pre-planned. It is a globalist assault upon freedom and democracy within western nations, and as far as Canada goes, PM Trudeau is the designated leader of the decimation.

In this capacity he has done an absolutely stellar job. Having followed issues of this nature for decades, CAP will safely state we have never seen so many comments along these lines:

Dear CAP, “I am a 60 year old Canadian, and up to this point I really never hated anyone until Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada.”

We have received dozens of variations on this theme over the past few years, as well as reading this countless times in social media commentary. Look–its perfectly simple– this Trudeau individual is the most hated person  in the history of Canadian politics.

Another example–this time personal. So the writer is walking through downtown Vancouver, when a Liberal MP campaigner asked if I would vote for Justin Trudeau. She looked to be a 25 year old East Indian lady, as a guess. Her English was perfect.

Said writer turned to her and said “I think Justin Trudeau is the most awful and disgraceful Canadian politician who ever lived.” Witness her face as it fell like a bomb from smile to frown. The gal was shocked–she could not believe what I just said.

Point being the divergence between what she assumed was a Canadians attitude toward King Trudeau, and what I stated. This is a microcosm for the whole affair. Liberals and their supporters have little clue how much Old Stock Canada(that’s me) despise the political charlatan, Comrade Trudeau.

Hence, Canadians are divided. A 58-year old Salzberg would destroy the entire Liberal Party if he could do so. Yet, these social justice warriors are running around Canada believing Trudeau is a popular, righteous, moral human rights advocate.

Conclusion? These are the people who are buying the lies and deception of CBC, National Post, Toronto Star, and the rest of the media rot.

What a sad state of affairs for Old Stock Canada. Trudeau has tied our hands by branding all dissent an act of racism, bigotry and zenophobia. This is not an original thought from the specious brain of the king of political superficiality– these are instructions from on high– Butts, Soros, United Nations,Open Society Foundation, fundamentalist Islam, global Sikhism and the rest.

Same thing applies to societal division, the growing lack of social cohesion, and the pitting of community against community. All pre-meditated, with either an aware or unaware King Trudeau pushing the agenda forward.

Want an additional four years of division and social decay? Easy–it’s all yours–just vote Justin Trudeau into office for a second term, and sit back while four additional years of cultural decimation lead the way toward the decimation of freedom and democracy in the former “Great White North.”

Additional text from Spencer Fernando.





3 thoughts on “Majority Polled Say “Canada Is BROKEN Under Justin Trudeau””

  1. Justin trudeau is an abomination
    He is absolutely the worst human being in canadian history
    He must go
    Canada needs to go back to being canada
    Our sovereignty is whats most important .

  2. Trudeau, his merry band of Liberals and many of his catered to, entitles chiefs, band councils and their sheeple have ruined and continue to ruin Cnada as we knew it on the world front. We have lost all integrity and have become the laughing stock of the world. Who would want to invest in a divisive, broken country?? Even tourists don’t want to come here!!!


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