Majority OPPOSE Immigration Increase, Trudeau Moves From 310,000 To 340,000 Annually

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Leger Poll issued by the Canadian Press recently reveal that nearly two-thirds of Canadian citizens want to limit the number of new immigrants to Canada.

Justin Trudeau’s policy regarding immigration intake explicitly states that federal immigration quotas will RISE from 310,000 to 340,000 annually for the year 2020.

Democracy in action? You be the judge.The term ‘public opinion’ was coined by philosopher John Locke in the 17th century. According to classical liberal theory, public opinion is important in a democracy because the people are the ultimate source of political power. In theory, a government official has to take public opinion into account whilst deciding on a future course of action.

A state is built upon the consent of the members of society. A constitution is drafted by the collective will of the people. Just as the state and the constitution are vital organic constructs, so is the primary method of informing them: public opinion.

Justin Trudeau follows these principles to the degree of zero.  CAP theory postulates that classical liberalism has nothing to do with Trudeau-Liberalism. These two political philosophies exist in completely separate silos.

Trudeau- brand liberalism is a bastardization of true liberalism. How do we know this to be a fact? Taking a brief look at immigration and multiculturalism in Canada–  the most trans-formative policies in Canadian history, we find not a drop of input from the general public.

No public approval, no referendum– no democracy. Who is the irrefutable “father” of multiculturalism in Canada? This would be former Liberal Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau.

Who is the greatest political proponent of diversity within the past three decades? This would be Justin Trudeau. Getting the picture?

Another poll finds that Canadians have stronger negative feelings about immigration in 2018 than they did in 2017– an Ispos poll  found 54 per cent of respondents feel that Canada is currentlytoo welcoming to immigrants.

Trans-lation? Once again, the Canadian majority oppose Trudeau government policy. What impact do these findings have upon the decision-making of Justin Trudeau? Why, this would be nothing at all.

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When yet another poll reveals a majority of Canadians believe the federal government should limit the number of immigrants it accepts, ex- Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said he found the results “concerning.”

Not valid, but rather “concerning.” Meaning he has no intention of allowing these little tid-bits to affect government decision-making. Not a surprise. After all, that’s the way they do it in his home-nation of Somalia.

Is CAP spouting conjecture here? Is there as lack of evidence supporting the idea that the Trudeau government is today a pseudo-communist institution?

Not a chance. Rather, this is the Trudeau-brand of fake and false democracy. Of course, Justin learned from the best– father Pierre. This father and son tag-team of democratic decimation should ultimately be exposed for what they truly are.

No airports should be named after Pierre Trudeau. No glorification of the Trudeau family should exist in Canada. If righteousness prevails, Justin Trudeau will go down as the saddest example of a prime minister in Canadian history. Only time will tell if the Trudeau myth will  be buried in the sands of political time.



3 thoughts on “Majority OPPOSE Immigration Increase, Trudeau Moves From 310,000 To 340,000 Annually”

  1. We wish to have a chance to ask PM Trudeau personal questions about our case when Canadian family were physically attacked in Bavaria, Germany by locals, police and 12 years old, who did born in Canada, Canadian was kidnapped and forced to german foster home for 6,5 months by corrupt german social workers, who demanded the extortion 4,500 euro a month! for daughter freedom. Canadian parents were bagging Trudeau, Canadian Embassies, Global Affairs to get involve, help. The answer canadian couple received:
    pay this extortion money just to keep the case quiet. It took multiple emails and about 6,5 months before Canadian Authorities decided to get involve and only because the parents did involve 5 other countries to put the pressure on Ottawa, Canadian Government. By time Canada decided to do something about it, it was too late, as child was sexually assaulted, abused,destroyed in german foster homes and Her parents did lost all theirs savings.
    Now 12 years old child back in Canada. But Journalists, the Judges are telling Canadian Family that They need just to move on, not allowed to complaint, blocking this case.
    Question to PM, to Canadian Government:
    If Our daughter was born in a 3rd World country to a different religion
    (beside the christian or catholic) or parents would be a terrorists, only then
    canadian child and Canadian family could be safe?

  2. The Soros lap dog that slithered into the PM’s office on a pack of sunny way lies is a classless born again communist. Classless because his mother was so sick of Pierre she was a tart with every rock star she could get her hands on and heaven only knows who else. They loved to vacation in Cuba on our dime and adored Fidel Castro especially mother Margaret hmmm wait a minute could JT have come by his communist ways honestly? Many of us old stock Canadians think so and a picture does say a thousand words in this scenario both for JT and mother Margaret, go ahead google images of Margaret Trudeau sitting on a curb you’ll get the picture.

  3. Where is the MAJORITY that are opposed to the immigration policies? Everytime I commented on any forum, the “majority” of the comments in reply were “You’re a RACIST”! Well, yes I guess so, if you consider the fact I’m a European Canadian whose parents were members of the Canadian armed forces and served our country and also became POLICE OFFICERS! As did my uncles, brother, cousins and other family members! We also Came from GERMANY, in 63! But we didn’t run around DEMANDING things from anyone! We never pushed any religious or political agenda on others, as well! We always respected and adhered to the laws of CANADA AS THEY ARE! So, yes, I must be a RACIST when I speak out about people that come to Canada and are FREELY GIVEN MONEY, CLOTHES , HOUSING, lawyers and RIGHTS, the REST of us dont have! I’ll continue to be a RACIST (ie. Canadian) until everyone comes to their damn senses and realizes these people are a CULT, hiding behind laws that protect them and allow RELIGIOUS EXCEPTIONS to facility their EVIL AND VILE WAYS! Mark my words people, if we continue allowing these people to come here unfettered and change our country to suit them, then this country will need a NAME CHANGE, because it will not be CANADA any more! Live and let live needs checks and balances Not SHEEPLE willing to lead the rest of us to the SLAUGHTER!


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