Majority Of Immigrants Happy While Government, Media Brand Canada Racist

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“Immigrants who arrived within the past five years commended Canada’s “fair treatment” of all groups by a wide margin, 78%.”

So says Blacklock’s Reporter-– no doubt an organization our Liberal government and media could live without. Talk about defying a publicly accepted social standard.

Since the day Justin Trudeau became prime minister in 2015, government and media have walked an ethnically-obsessed warpath As readers know, Canada is racist, bigoted, xenophobic and homophobic. The circumstance is hard-wired into society. The liberal left call it “systemic racism.” To ensure the cap fits, Justin Trudeau and NDP Party leader Jagmeet Singh have branded Canada genocidal regarding Aboriginal communities.

All to discover that racialized Canadians are satisfied with their treatment as new arrivals. What gives? Having followed these patterns since day one, Cultural Action Party offer an educated guess:

It is not reality–but rather re-orientation– that motivates Canada’s ruling institutions. For media in particular, racism is revenue. CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail— all understand that from a sociological point of view, nothing stirs up the brain cells like racism. Except for sex, that is.

As a result, racism and bigotry have transitioned into an ersatz industry. On the political side, this is capable of moving mountains.

A quote from Fox News host Tucker Carlson explains it best: “the quickest way to control a society is to turn it against itself.”  In 2021, it is Canada’s “progressive” modus operandi.

Fact is, all Canadian could discover this– but they won’t. Media’s job is to conceal the evidence, which they will do for all long as humanly possible.

“Immigrant respondents, 63%, were more likely than Canadian-born respondents (43%) to be proud of Canada’s treatment of all groups in society,” said a Statistics Canada report.

This makes good sense. Why on earth would white Canadians be proud of their country when our prime minister just spent six-years beating into our brains how awful we are:

There are stories of us scapegoating minorities in this country that, unfortunately, is a part of our past — to leave aside the shameful colonial history that we’re trying to reconcile.”

“There are many institutions that we have in this country, including that big building across the street from us, Parliament, that has and is built around a system of colonialism, or discrimination or systemic racism.”

So says three-term winner, Justin Trudeau. Yet, the simple truth is that Canadians have a choice. We do not have have to despise our country as Mr. Trudeau does. The only problem is, the propaganda is so ubiquitous that citizens continue to buy into it.

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Leaving the biggest question of all for astute Canadians to ponder: why does government and media– along with academia– promote the hatred of our nation?

There must be a reason. We are forced to turn to speculation. CAP’s best guess is that a fundamental national transformation awaits 38 Million citizens. Based on granular-level observation, our instinct tells us the following:

Canada’s days of democratic governance are numbered. In its stead will be political authoritarianism. A neo-communist society, if you will. Justin Trudeau knows this, and  promotes it accordingly.

After all the media consternation, it turns out new immigrants are by-and-large happy with our country. Why is it that government, media and “multicultural” non-profit organizations constantly say otherwise?

— Brad Salzberg, CAP Founder(Est. 2016)

3 thoughts on “Majority Of Immigrants Happy While Government, Media Brand Canada Racist”

  1. If you watch the pathetic video of Trudeau pretending he cares, try to count the goon squad protecting him. I estimate 13 or 14. Why is he so terrified of Canadians?

    My God he is so pathetically shallow. Where is our Opposition?

  2. As we all know that EVERYTHING that a Liberal proclaims against Canada is the exact opposite. It means that Justin Trudeau along with Jagmeet Singh are a racist, bigoted, xenophobic and homophobic.

    However, they want everyone to believe the exact opposite. Trudeau also needs to be reminded that his own father was one of the ones behind the difficulties with the Indigenous, since by this time the government had taken of the residential schools and were responsible for everything that was happening there.

    Instead they just keep throwing taxpayer dollars at them hoping it will all go away. Of course, that is not going to happen. It is just going to get worse and worse.

    Which can also be said about CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail. They have all become Propaganda machines, and are no longer sources of real NEWS.

    If they themselves are not happy with Canada, they WE THE PEOPLE of Canada ask them and their families to please leave the country permanently with the greatest of haste. Canada was a pretty great country until these 2 came into politics. And since they both think communism is such a great thing I suggest they move to China or Cuba, I am sure they would be much more comfortable there. They should take CBC, CTV, Globe and Mail with them.

    If Canada wasn’t such a great country, then why would people want to immigrate here? The only problem is the government.


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