Majority of Canadians REJECT Justin Trudeau’s Third World Refugee Program

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More than THREE QUARTERS (76 per cent) of respondents to a survey by Public Square Research and Maru/Blue agreed that Canada should do more to encourage skilled labourers to immigrate to the country, while 57 PER CENT SAID CANADA SHOULD NOT be accepting more refugees.

The results come as no surprise to immigration experts and advocates, who point to a negative shift in tone on migration around the world, especially when it comes to refugees.

How does the Trudeau government respond to the desires of Canadians regarding refugee policy? No surprise– they do the exact OPPOSITE of what the majority want for our nation.

Rejecting majority opinion is something of specialty of Justin Trudeau and drop-in, fair weather Canadian and Immigration Minister, MP Ahmed Hussen. Multiple polls inform us the majority do not want increased immigration quotas. Trudeau does it regardless.

Other polls inform the Liberal government citizens do not want illegal refugees pouring into our nation to live off Canadian tax dollars. MP Ahmed Hussen permits it anyway. Citizenship for terrorists? Canadians LOATHE the idea–Justin does it regardless.

Is there a lesson to be learned here? Of course–one that media refuse to spell it out in simple terms. Therefore CAP will do so right now: the current government of Justin Trudeau has ZERO INTEREST in public opinion, or the will of the majority.

The agenda of Trudeau and Hussen is wholly INDEPENDENT of democratic process. They are not managing our nation, they are hi-jacking our country for the purpose of establishing a globalist nation-state devoid of European-Canadian identity.

Canada has the highest per-capita immigration quotas ON THE PLANET. In no manner have Canadians endorse or approve this unique “privilege.” Additionally, in 2018 Canada took in the largest number of refugees–legal and illegal– of any nation ON EARTH. In NO MANNER have the people of Canada endorsed or approved this.

In both cases, the public REJECT the agenda of the Trudeau government. In both instances, government does not GIVE A DAMN. They want their post- English Canada nation-state.

Most interestingly, tax-payer funded immigration and refugee non-profits are blaming MEDIA for the situation, stating their tribulations are being  stoked by media coverage in  asylum seekers crossing our country’s border with the U.S.

In other words, for the social justice warrior mindset, media shouldn’t write about refugees–the whole process should be occurring UNDER THE RADAR. This solves nothing, except to continue to permit illegal, tax dollar-sucking fake refugees to waltz into our country.

Then again, this is the business of SUCCESS Immigration Services, Muslim Council of Canadian Women, and the thousands of other not-for-profit globalist organizations whose jobs would not exist if not for Pierre Trudeau forcing multiculturalism upon our society. Add to this the fact that Immigration lawyers make BIG BUCKS from importing Third World families into Canada.

Thus, the refugee industry in Canada cling to the multicultural status quo. These groups DO NOT want the financial diversity gravy trend Pierre Trudeau established for them to end.

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For decades organizations like Canadian Council of Refugees have been receiving large sums of tax-payer dollars. An entire nation-wide diversity infrastructure exists on this basis, the root of which is found in the Liberal-Globalist ideology established by Pierre Trudeau in the late 1960’s.

It is Pierre’s vision for the future of Canada which lies at the heart of the present-day conflict between government and the people. It is Justin Trudeau’s vision for Canada which has led to this TRANS-formation of public opinion. Previous to Trudeau Jr., Canadians were for the most part accepting of immigration/refugee policy.

Speaking of establishment media, have they EVEN ONCE pointed out the culpability of Trudeau in this regard? Not a chance. Rather, the fault lies with the Canadian people–Anglophone people in particular. The problem is to be found intrinsically racist and bigoted attitude of Old Stock Canada, they proclaim–and Justin Trudeau AGREES. 

“Racists,” screams King Justin. BIGOTED SOB’s, says Somalian half-citizen MP Ahmed Hussen. How pathetic this man is. Did you know? Hussen is a refugee from Somalia. In Somalia multiculturalism does not exist. His nation is one of the most ethnically HOMOGENOUS nations on earth. There is no Christianity in Somalia. They also have the highest rate of female genital mutilation on the planet.

Yet, for Hussen, Canada is a racist, bigoted, xenophobic and genocidal nation. Be off with you, hypocrite trouble-maker! Hussen and boss-man Trudeau are delivering to Canada what the majority of citizens DO NOT WANT.

This is the Trudeau-brand of democracy as founded by Papa Pierre, and enforced by son Justin against the will of the people. Under King Trudeau, Canada has functioned as a democratic nation for ONE DAY out of the past four years— voting day, 2015.

Apart from this, we may as well be living in the China that the Trudeau family so admire.



3 thoughts on “Majority of Canadians REJECT Justin Trudeau’s Third World Refugee Program”

  1. Giles Duceppe alluded to 70% of us were not in favor of more immigration back during the first last Federal election debate. No other candidate acknowledged it at the time and the other parties still don’t. With simply not EVER mentioning it most us were led to believe we were a minority and many of us still do. VERY effective means of manipulating the public.

    • And that’s because all parties are actors for the same corporate theatre. They don’t open their mouths until they are given the script.

  2. The lesson to be learned is that you do not run a corporate government if you want change because you are a corporate slave. Yet we keep complaining and keep going back to the same corporate government month after month, year after year.

    Until we install a Constitutional Republic in every province, we will be enslaved. Why in every province? Because evidence shows Canada was never confederated…it was just another big lie.


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