MAJORITY Of Americans Take Pro-Life Abortion Position Say Polls

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Gallup found 60% of Americans take a pro-life position on abortion. That 60% figure is the highest percentage of Americans espousing a pro-life position since 2009 and a dramatic rise in pro-life attitudes since the 53% figure Gallup pound in its polling last year.

The poll found just 38% of Americans take a pro-abortion position wanting all (25%) or almost all (13%) abortions legal. That is down from the 43% pro-abortion figure Gallup found last year.

In Canada, no-limits abortion is much more acceptable. Among those in favour of abortion rights in Canada, just over half (53 per cent) said the procedure should be permitted whenever a woman decides she wants it, while one in four (24 per cent) favoured some limits.

CAP are of the opinion that in a similar manner to transgenderism in Canada, the more awareness citizens have of the details of abortion, the less they would support the open abortion policy Canada has maintained since Pierre Trudeau forced abortion policy upon or nation.


Within Canada,  a pregnant woman can have a abortion at any time during the pregnancy, including at full term. Some folks refer to abortion at full term as MURDER. It is difficult for a common sense Canadian to believe otherwise. Then, we have Justin Trudeau and his liberal-globalist domestic population control agenda.

What  can be learned from the current abortion debates in Canada? First of all, government and media do NOT want an abortion debate. Secondly, we come to understand that Canadians are victims of a four-decade propaganda campaign regarding abortion-related issues.

Fact: Canada has the most open, permissive abortion laws in the western world. Opinion: The majority of Canadians are not aware of this truth. Why? Because the government does not want the people to understand--same thing for transgenderism. 

Is it NOT highly relevant that in a nation screaming out for young blood– young people to fill the employment gaps due to an aging demographic– abortion policy has resulted in MILLIONS of fetuses being destroyed over the past four decades?

Question: Why would a succession of federal governments, beginning with Pierre Trudeau, through Brian Mulroney, Jean Chretien and then back to abortion-monger Justin Trudeau, want to eliminate millions of Canadian born fetuses?

Answer: Because they planned to fill the void with Third World migrants, and their children. Some folks refer to this as “population replacement.”

February polling data from Marist shows one of the biggest pro-life shifts in history. Americans moved towards the pro-life direction on abortion by a 17% margin in one month after Democrats defending allowing babies to die in infanticide and legalized abortions up to birth in the state of New York.

Amount of space dedicated to these findings with establishment Canadian media: somewhere in between zero and nothing.  But of course– Canadian government and media are in the fetus-destruction business. There is no way in hell the propagandists are going to lend momentum to the Canadian Pro-Life movement by exposing these most pertinent facts.

There is no question that Americans, and Canadians to a lesser extent, are supporting the Pro-Life movement more than at any time since Trudeau no-restriction abortion policy became the flavour of the month within  society.

What degree of input did the general Canadian public  have in all of this? None at all. No referendum, or major public opinion poll preceded abortion policy. What degree of public input did voters have regarding immigration policy? Nothing. Multiculturalism and Diversity–again, nothing. How about open season, any-age support for Transgenderism? You guessed it–frack-all.

Are these issues NOT CRITICAL within society? Are these not social policies which go to the very heart of Canadian identity, values and personal moral belief systems?

And the big one: How can Canada be referred to as democracy when the public had ZERO SAY in all this? Talk about a social TRANSFORMATION! And yet, media approach this as being as natural as the drinking water at the Banff Springs Hotel

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Never does CBC, Globe & Mail, Torstar or the rest reveal details of abortion numbers. Nor are details on the nature of the recipients? Are these women from our First Nations communities? What percentage of abortions occur in the 3rd trimester?

The public do not know. It is all kept hush-hush by way of government, media and the medical industry. Same for transgenderism. We don’t know the percentage of Canadians who have gone through the transformation. The general public has no idea of the percentage who are under the general age of consent16 years old. What do studies tell us about the safety and welfare of the post-operative trans people? NOTHING--because in Canada, there are no studies.

CAP espouse a general theory that the Liberals area pseudo-totalitarian government which masquerades as one believing in true democracy. At the very least, the contents of this article show us our nation is far more socialist than Canadians dare believe.

Full control of all elements of the citizens within a nation. This, folks, is the way society is structured within communist nations.  The longer Justin Trudeau remains prime minister of Canada, the farther our nation moves along a pre-meditated trajectory to trans-ition from democracy to dictatorship.





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